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Okay, the setting for this chapter is right after the Titans beat the hell outta Dr. Light… again.

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Cursed? Pt 1: It Begins

"Aww, C'mon!" Beast Boy moaned. "Can't we just let him go? Were just gonna beat him again no sweat!"

"Beast Boy, He ran into an old mine shaft. He's not exactly a chameleon in there." Robin said.

"Fine..." Beast Boy replied. He was tired that day. He wasn't getting much sleep lately. He kept having these nightmares that disappeared from his memory. He made a note to ask Raven if she could use her magic to help him remember.

After entering the cave, they reached a three way fork in the caveroad.

"Titans, separate!" Robin ordered. He and Starfire went left, Cyborg took center, and Beast Boy and Raven went right.

Beast Boy, as a bloodhound, was sniffing the cave floor and raven was walking a few feet behind him.

"Do you even know what he smells like?" Raven asked?

The green shape-shifter transformed back. "No, but I imagine after the beating on him probably piss and sweat."

Raven exhaled quickly (A/N: One of those semi-laughs).

"Did you just--" He said noticing the small laugh.

"No." The goth promptly replied.

"Bull, I heard you laugh, now fess up!" He exclaimed grinning.

"Beast Boy this is no time for..." Raven would have finished, but she heard something in the distance. "Did you just hear something right now?"

"Don't go and try to change the--"

Suddenly an enormous cluster of bats came soaring through the cave. Raven quickly put up an energy shield, but Beast Boy, being caught off guard, was overwhelmed by a torrent of winged foxes.

"AHH!" he screamed and clutched his neck. "It scratched me!"

Raven quickly flew over to the prankster and protected him with her shield. "Where? Let me see." She asked concerned.

"It burns like Hell!" Beast Boy yelled. He removed his hand and showed Raven what appeared to be two tiny scratch marks on his neck.

"Okay, calm down. Azarath Metrion Zinthos." She placed a hand over the marks and quickly healed them. After the bat storm ended, Raven's shield dissipated.

"Jesus! That was weird!" Beast boy yelled. "At least they didn't get the jugular!"

"You okay?" The sorceress asked.

"Yeah." The young man replied.

"That thing could have had AIDS or rabies. Maybe we should get you to a hospital."

"Nah, it didn't bite me."


"Raven, I'm fine." Beast Boy said. "Thank you, though, for the whole heal-y thing."

She smiled "Your welcome, but I can't cure those things. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

Beast Boy got a grin on his face. "Well, now! Where's all this concern for me coming from?"

"Ugh." Raven said rolling her eyes. "Can't a girl be worried for a friend's health?"

"Heh, sorry." Beast Boy said. "Just trying to be funny."

"Keyword there is trying. Let's go. If Dr. Light was down there, he'd have been running up minutes ago." The goth said turning around and walking towards the entrance.

"If we're friends, then why the hell do you keep ripping on me like that?" Beast Boy asked/yelled angered at her attitude.

Raven stopped walking and sighed. "Okay, I'm... sorry."

"And-- ...what?" Beast Boy's eyes widened as she said this.

"I'm sorry I keep putting you down. But you must understand about my powers and..."

"But, you've felt before." He interrupted, remembering an evil Sleeping Beauty dragon parody. (A/N: Is it that or Snow White?)

She was visibly shaken by his comment.

"Oh, God!" Beast Boy put his hands over his mouth, horrified at what he just said. "I am so sorry Raven! I wasn't thinking again! I didn't mean to..."

"No. It's okay." She said trying to regain her composure. "It's been about two years but I guess some scars don't heal. You're right though. I was more outgoing when... he was around, but what if it was a one time thing?"

"Well, you'll never know unless you try." Beast Boy said softly.

"I guess you're right. About everything. I did laugh back there, and we're still alive." Raven admitted.

"So you think I'm funny?" He said, blushing a bit.

"Yes, but don't let it go to your head. Not all of them are slam-runs." She said blushing as well.

"That's slam dunk, Rae. Jeez, your knowledge at sports is like my knowledge, period." Beast Boy joked.

Raven started to quietly laugh. "See, that was a good one!"

"Oh, so self-abuse humor's your niche, huh? You must really hate me!" he said laughing. "Let's head back before the others think we got impaled on one of those rock-spike thingies."

"Well that's not macabre." The goth deadpanned. While walking back she saw him rubbing his neck. "Does it still hurt?" She asked?

"Huh?" Beast Boy was snapped out of his thoughts. "Nah, but it itches like crazy!"

"Well, that's never happened before." Raven said. "It should go away after awhile." After a few more seconds of walking, they found their friends waiting for them at the cave intersection.

"Friends! An entire glitx of winged creatures just flew by! Are you two undamaged?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, they didn't see us." Beast Boy replied not wanting to a) Let the others know the very personal conversation between him and Raven, and b) Not worry anyone about his scratch incident.

On the way back in the T-car, Cyborg was driving, Robin was in the passenger seat, and Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven were in the back row in that order, because he was a dude and wanted to sit between two incredibly hot young ladies.

"So Beast Boy," Robin said breaking the Silence, "It's been ten minuets and you and Raven aren't yelling at each other. Something happen in the cave?" Robin raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Robin you and Star were outta breath back at the mine and your hair was askew! Something happen in the cave?" Beast Boy said imitating Robin's voice at the last sentence. Raven's face distorted as she held back a laugh.

"Oh, burn!" Cyborg yelled, allowing Raven to let out a small unnoticeable giggle under Cyborg's outburst. Starfire and Robin, who were blushing heavily, said nothing the rest of the ride back.

Back at the tower, Beast Boy walked with Raven to her room.

"You didn't have to come with me." She said.

"Just wanted to know if you wanted to... I dunno, hang out tomorrow?" Beast Boy said nervously.

"You want to spend time with me?" Raven asked blushing.

"Well... if you want. I wanna get to know you better. We've been on the same team for a long time, but we've never really... you know, acted like friends and gotten to know one another." He said looking at the floor.

"Okay. And I promise to be a little more expressive." She answered smiling a barley noticeable smile.

"Cool. I'm sure all those little yous in your head are jumping for joy." He joked rubbing his neck.

"Still itch?" She asked.

"A bit." He replied. "Well, goodnight."

"Goodnight." Raven said before closing the door and feeling a warm sensation all over her.

'Hello again, Raven.' A voice said to her.

'Oh, God, not you again.' Raven thought annoyed.

'Ah, the power of me!' The voice sang.

'The last time you showed up, I almost died.'

'Well, that's because you were young and new to the game of love.' The voice retorted back. (A/N: If you don't know by now that it's Raven's Love Emotion, you need to kill yourself.) 'You can trust Beast Boy, right?"

'Well, I doubt he'd put a roofie in my tea. And he is kinda... cute.' She admitted to herself. 'I guess if we have common ground..."

'Oh, happy day!' Love said.

'Did someone say my name?' A familiar cheery voice yelled.

"Oh, damn it..." Raven said out loud as two annoyingly cheerful emotions danced in her head in a "ring-around-the-rosy" fashion. "I need to meditate for the rest of the night to get you two to shut up."

"Goodnight." Raven said, and then closed the door.

"...goodnight." Beast Boy sighed quietly and happily.

"Well, what was that about?" A voice said that yoinked Beast Boy from his thoughts.

"Uhh, Cy! What was what about?" Beast boy said panicking.

"I was wondering why you walked her to her room." Cyborg said slyly

"Dude, do not blab and fuck this up for me, Okay!" He yelled getting in Cyborg's face.

"Don't worry!" Cyborg said a little afraid. Beast Boy only said extreme swear words when he was very serious. "I'm happy for you really!"

"Okay." Beast Boy said backing down. "Sorry, it's just after Terra..."

"Hey, I understand. I was thinkin' you'd swear off love after that."

"I'm no emo wuss." Beast Boy said. "And I am over it. Terra doesn't want anything to do with me or any one of us ever again. It hurt me, but it's probably for the best. I'm over it now."

"It has been a few years. If you weren't over it by now..." Cyborg began.

"I said I'm not emo!" Beast Boy laughed.

"What's emo?" Cyborg asked.

"Oh yeah! You're not white! I'm not a whiny little bitch." He explained getting a chuckle out of Cyborg. "Like Carlos Mencia said, there are different levels of whiteness."

Cyborg laughed a bit before saying, "So... do you like her?"

"I hope so. If I do get to know her better, I hope there'll be potential for a relationship. Plus I think she's really pretty." Beast Boy admitted.

"Goodnight, B. And good luck tomorrow" Cyborg said, walking to his room.

"'Night, Cy."

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