Cursed? Pt. 5: Admission

Warning: Slight OOC-ness

"I'm surprised you didn't try to disembowel Cyborg for that "count" comment." Raven said wile walking with Beast Boy to her room.

"I actually thought it was kinda cool." He replied holding their sack of new clothes. "Here's yours." He added handing her a bag of the items she bought. "I'm going to the kitchen. I'm kinda thirsty, if you catch my drift."

"Why go to the kitchen?" Raven asked pointing to her neck.

He just stared at her for a few seconds. "Raven... I... don't wanna hurt you or anything..."

"It doesn't hurt. It kind of stings at first, but you don't really feel it after a while." She decided to leave out the 'it feels kind of good' part.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yes! Now hurry up before you're seen." Raven said eager to feel the sensation again.

"All right." Beast Boy said before walking up close and lightly sinking his fangs into her neck. Immediately, waves of pleasure began to course through Raven's body. Small at first, but they intensified the linger he kept drinking. She soon lost her rational mind and wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh, Gar..." she moaned, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. Beast Boy began to feel something to. He seemed to get warmer the more of her blood he slurped. He wrapped his arms around her body. Neither one of them cared if anyone came down the hallway; right now they were the only two people in the entire world. He retracted his fangs and then sucked hard on the two little puncture wounds. This pushed her over the edge.

"Oh, God!" Raven yelped in pleasure. She quickly fazed herself and Beast Boy inside her room.

Right when they landed, He quickly pulled back his head. They looked at each other for a second, and then quickly and passionately pressed their lips together. Beast Boy quickly rewrapped his arms tightly around his goth goddess. Raven placed her arms behind her vampire prince's neck and began to ruffle his hair. Beast Boy's tongue ran across Raven's lips, begging for entrance, towhich she gladly admitted.

"Raven," The vampire changeling began, breaking apart the kiss. "I love you. I've loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. You were a beautiful enigma that I wanted to figure out so badly. Iknow you think I was in love with Terra, bet thinking about it it was just a simple attraction. I think I got it now: You're a stunning, amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, caring, dark in a good way, and defiantly not creepy."

She looked at him with joyous tears in her eyes. "Oh, Garfield... From the moment I saw you I felt an attraction to you. I thought it was a simple schoolgirl crush, so I ignored it. That's why I jumped to Malchior. But, after that bastard got his comeuppance and you came to me, I knew that you and I were destined to be. You are handsome, selfless, courageous, dashing, and so perfect, that I am happy to call you my dark knight in shining black armor."

He looked at her, on the verge of teas as well, and smiled the happiest smile that he had smiled in a long time. They leaned in and began to kiss again. After a few minuets of just enjoying one another's embrace, the dark, gothic, and, most importantly of all, happy couple laid down on Raven's bed. Soon, after another long kissing session, Raven blissfully fall asleep in the arms of a loving and shape shifting vampire. Beast Boy then, too, succumbed to sleep with pleasant and hopeful dreams of his future with Raven.

The next morning...

Raven's alarm clock played "Whisper" by The Last Dance. She quickly went to turn the volume a bit, liking the song.

"Uhg... I was having the greatest dream." Beast Boy said groggily. "And you were there. And so were alotta little us's."

"Don't get your hopes up." Raven said snuggling closer to the green Titan.

"So... were not gonna do it?" He jokingly asked. She looked up at him and gave him a death glare. "I'monlykiddingpleasedon'thurtmeIloveyou!" He screamed quickly.

She laid her head back down. "You're lucky I didn't just twist your balls off. Now were waiting 'till your thirty!"

"Aw, c'mon! Eh, I can wait as long as you want, Rae. I swear I'm not like those sex crazed pieces of shit like on TV." He said smiling at her.

She sighed. "It's too bad there aren't more guys like you."

Beast Boy laughed a bit. "You want the world swarming with green-skinned shape shifting vampires?"

Raven smirked at this. "Sounds like a party."

"Well! Then I wish all girls were like you!" Beast Boy retorted.

"You really want pre-menstrual princess emoting away and blowing every thing up?" (A/N: What song & band did I just reference?)

"That reminds me, Raven," Beast Boy stated. "I must've been right. You can feel!"

"I guess... negative emotions cause me to go haywire." Raven reasoned. "Whenever I got angry or sad, thing went a bit crazy. But I have smiled before and nothing happened."

Beast Boy smiled and held her close a little longer.

"Maybe I should go ahead and take a shower." Beast Boy said, starting to get up. "I haven't had one since I was bitten."

"So that's what that smell was." Raven said with a smug smile. "Should we tell the others?"

"Nah. Let 'em figure it out for themselves. It'll be fun!"

After Beast Boy put on his new clothes, he went to look at himself in the mirror in his room. Even though he was semi-transparent, he saw that they fit the new him perfectly. He spun around and his cape flew around him. His new leather shirt made him seem a bit dangerous with his spiked choker and bat-shaped sunglasses. The baggy pants... well, they just looked cool. "Hmm, maybe I should grow my hair out..." He pondered. He then saw Raven standing behind him.

"Mmm... sexy." She purred, wrapping her arms around Beast Boy.

"Well now! I thought you were forbidding that until I was thirty." He replied with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Well, who knows now?" she joked, before pushing him out of the bathroom with her powers. "Now go, shoo, scram. I need a bath now." The bathroom door shut.

"See ya at breakfast, Ravie." Beast Boy said, adjusting his sunglasses.

When Beast Boy came downstairs, the others were on the couch. "Mornin', Everyone."

"Hey, Beast Boy." Robin said.

"Oh, you're new outfit is... quite spooky." Starfire said, noting his wardrobe change.

"Thanks, Star. That's what I was kinda going for." He said going over to the cabinets.

"You are... welcome?" She replied. She thought spooky wasn't a compliment. Beast Boy got his blood, soy milk, and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and sat down at the table.

"So, have fun in Raven's room last night?" Cyborg asked with a knowing look in his eyes.

Beast Boy choked on the blood he was drinking, and accidentally spit some up on the newspaper sitting in front of him.

"Hey, I haven't read that yet." Robin said.

"DUDE! How the hell'd you find out?"

"We heard Raven scream and we ran to her room." Cyborg explained while Robin and Starfire tried to hold back their ever-knowing smiles. "We were gonna barge in, but then heard you talking and decided to let you plow her." This caused Robin to laugh and Starfire to wonder what kind of plants Raven was growing in her room that required plowing.

Beast Boy didn't think it was so funny ad his eyes began to grow red. Raven soon came in with her hair still a bit damp. "What did I miss?" She asked noticing her boyfriend's red eyes.

"Oh, nothing." Beast Boy said with a fake calm voice. "'Cept that they eavesdropped on us last night."

"...What?" Raven said growing progressively pissed off.

"Yep! Keep it down next time! Some of us wanna sleep at night!" Cyborg said as the other two Titans laughed (Starfire finally getting it).

All of a sudden, Cyborg was pinned to the wall with a burst of black energy. "That is our personal life!" Raven screamed. "What gives you the right to snoop around and pass judgment on us? And we did not have sex!"

"Maybe we should bail, Star." Robin whispered.

"Perhaps you are right." Starfire whispered back as they ran to the door.

"And where do you two lovebirds think you're going!" A big, green, bat like creature appeared and blocked the door. (Think bat-form Dracula from either "Bram Stroker's Dracula" or "Van Helsing")

"Okay! I'm sorry!" Cyborg gasped. "Please don't kill me!" This caused the bat Beast Boy to look over and see his friend about to be torn apart. He then looked at Starfire and Robin, huddled together like Satan just popped up. He looked at his hands and saw they were terrible claws.

"Raven," Beast Boy began, his voice considerably deeper, "put him down." She looked over and saw the regret in his eyes. She felt ashamed of herself and gently set down Cyborg. Beast Boy took a deep breath, and returned to normal as raven landed beside him. "Guys... I'm sorry. We shouldn't have reacted like that."

After Robin noticed he wasn't ripped to shreds, he spoke up. "Yeah, well it's kinda our fault too. We're happy for you guys. Really."

"Indeed. Now it is we who have been clorbags." Starfire added sadly.

"Don't beat yourself up, Star." Raven said. "I haven't meditated since this whole vampire thing started." She admitted. "Are you going to be okay, Cyborg?"

"Yeah. I deserved it though." He said standing up.

"Maybe... I should start meditating with you, Raven. I don't want that to happen again." Beast Boy suggested.

"That would be... nice." She said, blushing a bit. "I think we're going to the roof."

"And then when you two finish, we can celebrate your new found love!" Starfire offered.

"I think after this I'll just wanna nap the rest of the day, Star." Beast Boy said. "But, thanks."

"What was with that bat-thing you did?" Raven asked.

"Uhh... I don't know. Remember that whole 'beast incident'?" Beast Boy asked.

"How could I forget?"

"Well, I could always... feel like he was still in there. But, I guess becoming a half-vampire put him under my control and made him a bit battier."

"Interesting." Raven said when they reached the roof. "Time for your first meditation session."

"Cool! So, how do I do this?" Beast Boy said rubbing his hands together.

"First, calm yourself. Second, sit down and cross your legs." Raven explained

"Okay." He replied as he did so.

"Hold out your hands like this... Okay. Now close your eyes and repeat after me: Az--"

"Wait." He then scooted up right beside her and took her hand in his.

She smiled at this. "Cute. Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos..." Beast Boy soon joined in, and all negative emotions began to purge themselves from the minds of the two goths.

Aww... t'ain't dat shweet? Yep, he's goth now. Deal with it.

Obviously there's a few problems, but for a comeback story, I think it's perfect.

I'd also like to dedicate this to three amazing authors that inspired me to pick up a pencil and write again: beautifulpurpleflame, IrvingZissman, and BlackNapalm. Thanks, guys.