This is my first and hopefully not last attempt at a Bones fic! Hurrah!

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Chapter 1:

It was four in the morning, but Temperance Brennan wouldn't know that because she was fast asleep, tucked into her comfortable bed surrounded by half a dozen pillows and sheets and blankets scattered near and far. In her nightmare she was being chased by a hundred skeletons who were determined to rip her apart. As always she felt like she was running through water because she was going so slow. In her state of panic and desperation she was pulling on anything around her to help her move faster when she grabbed something that was vibrating in her hand. Confused, she stopped and stared at the banana that was shrilling at her. Finally, she woke up when the realization hit her.

"Brennan," she choked out.

"Bones?" Booth's voice came over the phone. "Are you alright?"

"What's up?" She forced her voice to regain its cold calmness, but it didn't fool her partner one bit.

"Fine, be that way. Your expertise is needed at the New Jersey State park."

"Booth, it's – " she turned to look at the large digital numbers on her night stand, "four in the morning."

"I'll swing by to pick you up in ten minutes. Pack your bags for a couple days so we can get enough samples for your squints and collect your bones."

"BOOTH!" She whined while throwing her head back into her soft pillow.

"Nine minutes, Bones." He hung up in hopes that she would get the point.

And she did. Grunting with effort she pulled herself up from her bed and began assembling a duffle bag with some khaki Capri's and tank tops, because the weather had been especially warm as of late. She barely had time to throw her hair into a sloppy pony tail when there was a knock on her door. Throwing her duffle over her shoulder and grabbing her cell phone she opened the door to see her partner who looked as if it could have been three in the afternoon. He was smiling brightly at her heavy frown and pointed glare.

"I thought for sure you were the morning type, Bones." He grinned at her.

"Shove it Booth, it's too early to deal with your playful banter." She walked past him and left him to shut her front door and catch up.

"I'll brief you on the drive and that means you'll need to stay awake."

She nearly growled at him as she climbed into the passenger side his black SUV. Waiting inside was a tall cup of her favorite cappuccino and a few bagels that she knew she loved. Booth may be an evil partner, but he was a very thoughtful and evil partner.

For the first half hour of the trip they drove in silence as Booth sipped his tall coffee, and Brennan ate a bagel and drank her cappuccino. When she was finished she was significantly more awake than before.

"So, why am I needed?" She began.

"Because, we found some bones." Booth stated, as if it were obvious.

She glared at the side of his head until she was sure she had burned a hole through his thick and seemingly empty skull.

"Two sets of bones were discovered in a barn by a couple of teenagers who were looking for a place to the horizontal mumbo. The agents on site are being very vague as to the details, but it looks as if they were burned.

"They didn't move the bo – "

"None of your bones have been moved Bones, relax."

She nodded curtly before taking another sip of her drink. The remainder of the trip was made in silence with Brennan paging through a few files that Booth had brought along.

When they arrived it was seven in the morning and the sun was beaming above the horizon and they were both wide awake. They climbed out of the SUV and instead of Brennan putting on her normal uniform she opted for the clothes she was wearing just rolled up to relieve herself from the extreme heat that was already ruining the day. Throwing a bag of tools over her shoulder she began the march behind Booth who led her to a small clearing where there were two perfectly maintained skeletons, barely unearthed. Around the two sets of remains there were several agents and crew people talking on phones and taking notes. A gray haired agent glanced up from his notepad to see Booth approaching the scene.

"Special Agent Booth," the man glanced over Booth's shoulder and saw Brennan. "Did you bring the squint?"

Booth stepped aside so Brennan could pass and glare at the other agent. "Agent Haslleby, I'd like you to meet Dr. Brennan of the Jeffersonian."

Brennan was stretching some latex gloves on her hands and already crouching low over the bones. "Judging by the span of liac crest these are both women between the ages of 11 and 15. The lack of fibers suggests that the victims were both naked and most likely raped, but I will need to do further testing to determine whether there was sexual activity."

"Couldn't it be natural fibers?" Booth asked, remembering when the case of Cleo and the Senator's lawyer.

"The state of the coccyx suggests otherwise." Brennan began brushing some soil samples into a bag for Hodgins to inspect later. Stepping back she brought out the camera that Zach usually used and began taking pictures of the bodies and around the area.

She went through the normal routine of bagging bones and stashing them away safely for her to analyze later. When she was finally finished it was three in the afternoon and her stomach began to growl incessantly.

"You could say that again, Bones. Let's get some chow." Booth tugged on her arm towards the vehicle.

They ended up at a local restaurant that served American food. They ordered and said little. Both were exhausted from the day spent in direct sunlight and constant moving. When their food arrived they ate as if they hadn't in days.

"Do you think you have a cause or time of death yet?" Booth asked conversationally.

"Well, normally I would have had help recovering the bones and taking pictures of the site so I would have had more time with the bones, but seeing as how I'm all alone on this one, I won't be able to look at them until you're done with your chocolate shake."

Booth abruptly stopped sucking on his straw to glare at her.

"Fine, we'll be on our way then." He waved the waitress over to pay so they could leave for the morgue. On their way out the door, Brennan's cell phone rang.

"Brennan," she answered curtly. "Did you get all of the x-rays I sent, Zach?" She listened for a while. "Alright, thanks Zach, see if Ang can start to formulate faces for our two Jane Doe's from the x-rays I've already sent. If all goes well I'll be bringing her two skulls tomorrow and Hodgins, some dirt." She hung up with out further ado.

"Has Zach got any information for us?" Booth asked while driving now.

"Yes, there was some discoloration in the bones that suggest beating with a blunt object. There were also minor fissures in the leg bones that might suggest burning or some other type of stress on the bones that doesn't coincide with the bruising in the bones. There is no obvious cause of death, however, that the x-rays can show. I'll need some time with the actual bones before I can tell you anything concrete."

"I would never expect anything different from you Bones," Booth teased.

"What is that supposed to mean? That I like to find hard facts before jumping to any conclusions?" She said sharply, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Easy, Bones, I wasn't trying to pick a fight."

"Are you saying that I am predictable? That I follow a logical sequence – "

"BONES! Will you give it a rest already?" Booth whined, "we're on the same side, or so they tell me."

"Fine." She caught herself before pouting out her lower lip and dropping her chin lower. Instead she tilted her head up as if she had won the argument anyways.

Booth had to bite his tongue from commenting on how sexy she looked when she was pretending to be all haughty and right. Wait – Bones? Sexy? He clearly has had too much sun for the day. He glanced over at his partner and noticed that she had too, because her nose and cheeks were a light pink and the tips of her ear were almost bright red. He reached across her and pulled out a bottle of 30 spf sports sunscreen and handed it to her.

"You're looking a little pink, you might want some of this."

"Oh, thanks Booth." She applied some of the sunscreen on her face, ears, and tops of her shoulders.

Booth couldn't help but glance out of the corner at his eye as he began to become jealous of the sunscreen that was being smoothed over her soft looking skin.


Booth swerved out of the way to avoid colliding head on into oncoming traffic that he had apparently started wondering towards.

"BOOTH! Will you drive already! Maybe you should just drop me off at the morgue and go find a hotel. You could call me when you've found one and I'll take a taxi over when I'm done for the night."

Of course she would come up with some logical reason and plan of action that would separate them. What if something happened to her while they were apart? He's already let her down once, and he swore he never would again.

"Nah, I'll be fine. Let's go look at your bones, Bones." They finished the drive in silence with Booth trying to focus on the road and getting where they needed to be and Bones going through a mental checklist of what she would need to check for and what it might mean.

Once at the morgue, Brennan immediately dove into her work and began slowly analyzing each part, while Booth sat off to the side reading through the files for the second time that day to make sure he hadn't missed anything. About an three hours into the examination Brennan began to narrate what she was seeing and the conclusions she could safely assume.

"Under the weather conditions and the state of these bones I would say that they were cleaned only a month to a few months ago and they were probably dead for only about six months. The types of cracks in these bones suggest that they were burned from the feet up. Also, the victim's shoulders are dislocated – "

"Wait," Booth interrupted, "how can you tell if their shoulders were dislocated if you don't have any remaining tissue or ligament?"

"Do you really need to ask Booth?" She sighed, "the capsule of the shoulder joint and acromion show signs of chipping from being knocked together repeatedly. The victims were clearly struggling despite any pain they were feeling."

"Did they die at the same time?" Booth asked, grimacing at the story that was unfolding before them.

"I can't say, but I do know that they probably died with days of each other." She said smartly.

Booth glared at his partner and gave her the 'you knew what I meant look'.

She smirked playfully at him. Booth was just thinking about he had to make her do that more often even if it did make him look like an idiot, when his phone rang.