This has been a very long journey, for both you and me. How long did this take me to complete? About five freaking years?

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I started Parenthood when I was about fifteen years old. As I matured, the story did as well so I hope everyone got to enjoy it.

As I have said, this is the last thing I will probably ever write for Dramione. It has been fun, and I greatly appreciated all the reviews I've received throughout the years. You guys have been supporting me for so long, and for that I am truly thankful.

Okay, enough jabbering. Hope the epilogue doesn't disappoint. For some reason, they're so hard to write!

Chapter 30: Epilogue

Within days of the final battle being fought, it had come to light that the Minister of Magic had been under the imperius curse for well over a year.

The seasoned wizard had been found at his desk with a long letter addressing the public, revealing all he was forced to do while under Bellatrix Lestrange's curse. His assistant found him at his home, dead.

Needless to say it had no positive effect on the populace.

One after the other, Voldemort's followers were being hunted down by the auroras; with Hermione Granger's help of course.

Right after the Minister of Magic had been put to rest, Hermione Jane Granger was established as Monarch of Magic, of all Wizarding Britain. She took to her position immediately, albeit reluctantly; having never once wished to become a politician. Nonetheless she rose to meet the challenge head on.

After being sworn in she immediately assigned every available auror, in Britain, to investigate the death eaters and their inner circle brethren. Within a week, she learned that the project hosted at Hogwarts was never intent on actually educating students on becoming parents. In fact, it was a whole operation to kick off the prophecy.

Wormtail spilled all secrets without hesitation once he was threatened with the dementer's kiss.

Voldemort had known for a period of time that the twins were to be descendents of the Malfoys. Hoping to make this bout of knowledge useful, he decided to infiltrate the Ministry once more, sending loyal death eaters into the heart of the ruling hand of Wizardry. Under the imperius, the Minister was made to assign the Parenting project. From there, a death eater disguised as a ministry official guard switched Draco Malfoy's vial with a slightly different potion, resulting in Hermione becoming pregnant with twins. Thus then followed the lavender root tea, which concluded in Hermione giving birth to Adrianus and Archemina, the prophesized twins.

The daily prophet was abuzz with this unraveling of events, going as far as to publicize the same article twice in one week (a thing never done before).

Within the chaos of interrogations and man hunts, Hermione and Ginny were hastily trying to plan a wedding before Ron had a chance to commit a very punishable felony: murder. A week after the final battle, Ginny confided in Hermione that she was pregnant. Never one to consider the consequences of her actions, she didn't soundproof the room. So when Hermione yelled in shock 'You're Pregnant?' All the occupants of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place paled.

Harry had instantly disapparated before his hot blooded mate, who as usual sat right beside him, had a chance to castrate him. The ebony haired father-to-be only deeming it safe to return when Hermione promised that 'Ron was so tightly bound in rope even Harry Houdini wouldn't have been able to escape.'

At the end of May, a five month pregnant Ginny Weasley walked down the aisle to stand before Harry Potter. He stood there smiling radiantly, staring at his bride through a black and blue eye (Ron having somehow managed to elude Blaise. Thus creeping into Harry's room, he surprised the jade eyed boy with a fist in the face upon arrival).

Nonetheless, the youngest Weasley son was standing straight as a pier, smile on his face as he watched his sister saying her vows. His mouth broke out into a toothy grin when Harry leaned in to claim his wedding kiss. But when Harry turned to catch his eye, Ron was glaring daggers at him, fist smashing into his left palm to emphasize his displeasure. The boy who lived swallowed hard and crossed himself, hoping he'd be lucky enough to elude Ron's bipolar behavior for a few months longer (not wanting to leave this world without first getting a look at his son).

As the years passed the gang continued to make differences in the Wizarding World. Hermione finally passed the SPEW act, thus ending elf slavery. However, no one (other than Hermione) was surprised to see that the elves didn't bask in their freedom. In fact, they all fell to their feet and began bashing their heads against the floor in protest once every witch and wizard gave them a SPEW sock.

Within two days the SPEW act was abolished.

Hermione found it tiring talking elves out of suicide.

If they wanted to remain slaves then fine.

Let them be oppressed.

All too quickly, time passed and Draco and Hermione found themselves standing on platform nine and three quarters for a completely different reason.

"Now," Draco cleared his throat, hands coming out of his pockets to rest on the shoulders of his daughter, "Do not talk to any of the older male students. Remember what I told you, they wan–"

"–Want nothing but my knickers," Archemina rolled her crystal blue eyes at her parent, "I know, father. But what I don't know is why boys want to collect them!"

Draco pursed his lips, not comprehending why his daughter was asking such a ridiculous question, "Because they are a bunch of immoral panty thieves."

"I don't understand why they just don't go into the store and buy them if they want them so bad," Adrianus furrowed his brow.


"I've bought knickers with Mina before," the young Malfoy shrugged his shoulders, "Don't see what's so great about them."

Draco winced before letting go of his only daughter and grabbing hold of his only son, "It's not important now. Just remember," he breathed out slowly, grey eyes locking with those of blue, "If any boy tries anything funny with your sister, beat their brains out. I am not there to do it, therefore you have to hand out justice in my place."

"Draco," Hermione crossed her arms as she stared at her husband warily, "Are you teaching our son the art of bullying?"

"N-no," Draco stuttered, suddenly nervous, "Just want him watching out for his sister."

"Oh," Hermione turned away, missing the conspiratory look exchanged between son and father.


The Monarch of Magic turned only to be nearly run over by a petite redhead with shimmering brown eyes.


Harry came to stand next to Draco, a completely confounded look displayed on his finely chiseled face.

"They saw each other last night!"

"Do not try to decipher a witch's mind," Draco drawled as he let go of his son and turned to give Harry his full attention, "I've tried and only ended up more confused then I was before."


At the sound of James Potter's voice, Draco's brows furrowed and his lips thinned further. His eyes turned to focus on the dark haired boy running at his daughter, traveling faster than a snitch.

Dropping his suitcase the young Potter boy grabbed Archemina in a tight embrace, squeezing the chestnut haired girl firmly to his chest. Mina gave a squeal and began berating her friend almost instantaneously.

"Potter," Draco barely managed through grit teeth, "That boy of yours is touching my daughter."

"He's still ten!" Harry sputtered, "Birthday's next week!"

"Get him off."

"He doesn't even know where babies come from yet!"

"Trust me," the platinum haired Malfoy said darkly, "He does."

"For the love of Merlin!"

"Harry," Ginny called waiving her hand, "Don't forget to send mum a telecall! Everyone wants to send James off to Hogwarts!"

"Why couldn't they come?" Hermione asked, puzzled.

Ginny sighed, twisting the corner of her coat in agitation, "Sirus, Lupin, Lilly, Luna and Evan came down with food poising…all thanks to Fred's new experiment." Unable to hold back her displeasure any longer, Ginny growled, "WHO TESTS FOOD ON LITTLE KIDS?"

"Last call for the Hogwarts express!"

Ending all conversations, the four adults assembled their kids and watched as the three young soon to be students walked onto the train. As Hermione and Ginny waived, sending kisses and good luck to their children, Harry and Draco stood idly on the side. Together they watched the train lurch forward and as the big red train took off, Draco turned and whispered in Harry's ear, "If your son deflowers my daughter at any point at their stay at Hogwarts, I will castrate you, him and the rest of your brood."

Harry growled, "As long as Adrianus keeps his paws of my Lilly, I don't see any problems."

"He would never!"

"She's an angel!"

"No, Archemina is an angel," Draco fired, "Lilly is a trollop in comparison!"

Harry's eyes narrowed dangerously, "Why you son of a –"


"One more word from either one of you," Hermione glared, "And I will personally see to it that you don't get tickets to the National Quidditch Games. Ron or no Ron."

Instantly both Draco and Harry tightened their lips. Afraid that any sound uttered from their mouths would be seen as protest.

Satisfied with her result, Hermione turned back to Ginny and continued her previous conversation about Fred's new experiment.

"Truce until after the game?" Harry whispered once Hermione was out of earshot.

Draco nodded stiffly, "Truce."