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Love in the City


We all know that there are many twists in our life… we don't know what it is but what we know is that they are all destined.

It's been two months since Sakura started putting letters in Sasuke's locker.


"Yes… wow! I can't believe it! It's been two months I'm slipping letters inside his locker. I'm happy that he always answers." Sakura said, heading to her classroom but little did she know that there's someone who's hiding behind the door across Sasuke's locker, looking at her, smiling.

As she reached her desk, she found her friends talking.

"Hey girls!" She greeted.

"So how's my Sasuke?" Ino asked. Sakura smiled and replied. "Don't worry; I think he's falling for you now."

"Really? Is the letters working?" Ino asked again and Sakura nodded. "Oh my god… Thank you so much Sakura." Ino hugged her and she hugged her back.

As always, Sakura will be the matchmaker, the bridge for her friends' success. Tenten and Neji were dating now just because of her. Hinata and Naruto were dating now just because of her and now, it's now Ino's turn. Her plan is to write Sasuke a letter everyday and it's not that bad because he always answer. Even she doesn't know why. They all know that Sasuke doesn't like Ino but why now? Why is he always replying?

Sakura was a sophomore and same as her friends and the others. She was a seventeen year old gal and just an average girl. She never forced herself to get what she wanted when she knows she can never have it. She's just like that, a simple girl with a simple dream—to have a successful life in the future.

Sometimes, many people wondered why Sakura hasn't had any boyfriend yet; even her friends can't believe it. She is a beautiful girl and many boys like her but she only treated them as a friend. She once told them why. She said, "I don't want to find love because I know love will come and find me." This confused people. They thought that Sakura is very prideful but no. What she meant is that, love is patient and it's wrong to find a guy because you don't really find it, you fall for it and your heart will just feel different as this guy enters your life. Still, people don't understand Sakura but for sure, someone is out there and totally understood her.

As the reality snapped, the pink-haired girl started writing what the teacher told them to do.

Sigh. I wonder if Sasuke likes Ino. Oh well, It's my job to hook them up. What's wrong with that right? Nothing's wrong. S'all good. Well, at least Sasuke considered me as a friend.

In the middle of her trance, Ino nudged her because the teacher was calling her name to come up and show her work. Good thing Sakura finished her work before she got lost in her trance. As she showed her work, Ino formed a weak smile on her face.

She knows that Sakura liked Sasuke before but Sakura just denied and denied and denied it. At least Ino was still happy because as the thought of Sakura just having a stupid crush on Sasuke, she thought that she can have Sasuke since Sakura said that she doesn't like him anymore… but they have no clue that not everything is what it appears to be.

It's not that easy to reach the happy ending because we still have to face countless trials in life but they didn't know it. All they know is that whatever they want, they will get it. But there are only few people who know that it's wrong because there's always trouble in lives of people. As what most people believed in, they thought that everything is easy but little did they know that everything is easy just in the beginning because as you step farther, it'll be harder before you reach your happily ever after.

As the present flicked, the bell rang and the teacher dismissed them all.

Sakura went straight to her fake locker; she found a letter from Sasuke and went directly to her locker. As she put her stuff inside, she run to the bathroom and opened the letter.

It says:

You know… you're beautiful. You shouldn't waste it.

Sakura blushed when she read it. Wait! Why am I'm blushing? It's for Ino not for me. As she picked a pen and a folded paper in her Jean's pocket, she replied back.

Oh shut up! But no offense, you're handsome.

Sakura ran to his locker and slipped it in. Ino doesn't know what the two are writing but all she knows is that Sakura is doing her a favor and the fact that Sakura told her that she thinks that Sasuke is falling for her. But still, Sakura was wondering why all of a sudden?

At the canteen, Sakura met up with her friends.

"I'm starving guys." Sakura sat beside Tenten.

"Here Sakura, Pizza. Just what you wanted me to buy for you." Ino said, passing the pizza to her. Sakura thanked her.

"So Tenten, how's your boyfriend?" Sakura asked. Tenten blushed.

"He's good and he said that they're eating here, with us." Tenten plainly said.

"They? What do you mean 'they'?" Sakura questioned. Tenten just pointed behind her. When she turned around, she saw Neji, Sasuke, Naruto, and Shikamaru.

"Oh okay! That's cool!" She said. Ino turned around to look at them but she accidentally first laid her eye to Shikamaru who's looking at her but she quickly turned her head to Sasuke who's smiling at her.

"Oh my god Sakura! Sasuke is smiling at me." Ino told her in whisper.

"Well that's good." Sakura responded but deep inside her, her heart was like losing control. She doesn't know why. She knows that she doesn't like him… anymore.

Just at the time when the guys reached the girls table, they said "Hey!" to them before sitting. Shikamaru was sitting beside Ino who's beside Sasuke who's sitting beside Sakura and on the other hand, Neji was sitting beside Tenten with his arm in her waist and Hinata who's sitting beside Naruto with his arm on her shoulder.

Hinata and Naruto were eating their ramen. Tenten and Neji was talking or more like flirting with each other. Across them, Sasuke was talking to Ino while Sakura and Shikamaru were just quiet, feels like OP-meaning 'out of place'. They don't know what is it but there was an odd feelings inside their hearts.

"So Ino, how's it going?" Sasuke asked.

Ino smiled and said, "I'm good. You?"

"Same. So wanna hang out some time?" Sasuke suggested.

"Really? I'd love to!" Ino delightedly said. Shikamaru and Sakura heard it and excused themselves.

Outside, Sakura was sitting on a bench. Shikamaru sat beside her and looked at clouds. He can see them moving freely. Just staring at them makes him want to fly but he'll do that with someone he's so dear. He'll never do anything just for himself. He's not selfish not like others.

"Isn't it peaceful just looking at the clouds?" Sakura started a conversation. The fresh gentle wind brushed through her face.

Shikamaru didn't look at her. "Yeah!" He deeply replied. His eyes were closed now. He doesn't want to stare at the clouds as they move like there's no obstacle. It's just making him jealous. Jealous that they're free. Shikamaru? His heart wasn't free. It was locked, sealed, guarded and so on. The only way it can have it's freedom is to open it by the only person in his heart… and this person is the only one that has the key and the courage to open it.

"I know you like Ino." Out of nowhere, Sakura simply said. Shikamaru flinched but quickly avoid it.

"I know you like Sasuke." He simply said back. Sakura also flinched. She didn't answer. She doesn't know what she feels. It felt so strange. But one thing she felt sure is that she felt pity over him. She thinks that hooking up Sasuke and Ino, knowing that Shikamaru likes her best friend makes her guilty. But there she was, still hooking them up. What can she do? Stop it? It's already too late besides; she can never sacrifice their friendship over guys, could they? But if ever there is love, love will find the way back to its owner. Shikamaru doesn't own Ino's heart or Sasuke's to Sakura but love is like the wind right? So you just feel it. If it's there, it's there. If it's not, it's not. That's just how it is.

Minutes passed, no one ever dared to talk until the bell rang.

"We better get inside or we'll be late." Sakura said.

They entered the school and headed to their classes. As the time runs, it almost seemed that nothing happened in the afternoon. It was actually boring and seemed so dead.


Sasuke went to his locker and found another note.

It says:

Oh shut up! But no offense, you're handsome.

After reading it, he smiled and wrote back.

Heh! Whatever! Miss beautiful. I bet you're loving me now.

Sasuke slipped the letter inside her locker and went home.

Sakura was just about to go home when she realized that she has to check her mailbox-locker. Yes, she found a letter.

It says:

Heh! Whatever! Miss beautiful. I bet you're loving me now.

Sakura smiled sadly. Maybe she is falling for him… again, but she has to admit that it's not for her as well, because she thinks that Sasuke is writing Ino not her; but the truth is, she's the one who's writing him a daily letter.

Yeah! Maybe I'm loving you…

Sakura almost write her name. She crumpled the paper and wrote another one saying:

Yeah! Maybe I'm loving you…

Sakura folded the paper. She then quickly sent it to him and went home.

How could I almost write my name there? What if I didn't notice that I'm writing my name there? What if Sasuke find out that it's me who's writing him letters? What am I gonna do? I'm so stupid. She thought.

As Sakura entered her house, she found her mom eating dinner already.

"Good evening mom. Why are you eating dinner? It's too early." Sakura said. Her mom looked at her and smiled. "I'm just hungry that's all," Her mom paused. "By the way, I'm going to a meeting tomorrow okay." Mrs. Haruno said.

"Okay…" Sakura said and went upstairs to her room. She placed her backpack on the floor beside her computer and lay on her pink bed.

Uhhh… I'm so confused…That's the last word she said when she dozed off. Yeah, she never ate dinner yet but she just can't bear that fact that her head is aching because of thinking too much.


One day, Sasuke was heading to his locker when he found another note from Ino that he actually knows that's not from her.

He took it and read it.

Yeah! Maybe I'm loving you…

As soon as he finished reading it, he folds it back again and put it in a box. A box that full of letters from that person. He kept it… he always do.

If you only knew… He thought.

Sasuke took a pencil and a paper and wrote back.

If you only knew…

After that, he closed his locker and was about to send the letter when a girl with pink hair passed by. She looked at him, he looked at her. It seemed like eternity but it got ruined when someone shouted and snapped them back out of their reverie.

"Good morning Sasuke!" Ino greeted from a far. She was now walking toward him with Sakura still standing on her spot. Sakura just looked down and continued walking.

As soon as Ino reached Sasuke, he said, "Hey!." Then Ino saw Sakura walking away so she called her.

Sakura turned around and said, "Hey Ino!" with her fake smile.

"Come here." She ordered. Sakura followed.

They all walked together in their classrooms. But because Sasuke isn't their classmate, he went the other way after they passed the classroom of the girls. And so, they bid their goodbyes.

Sasuke was actually not going to his classroom instead; he went to send the letter into the girl's locker.

Lunch came over and all of the students were dismissed.

Sakura went to check if there is any letter and yes, she found one… from him.

It says:

If you only knew…

Sakura has a confused look on her face. She doesn't know what it means. So she quickly wrote back. Again, there's a shadow in the room just across the locker and it's looking at her.

What do you mean? I don't understand.

She finished and slipped it inside his locker and went to meet her friends in the canteen.

While walking to the canteen, she encountered the guy she like? Uchiha Sasuke. He seemed so tired and breathing heavily. Did he run or something?

"Hi Sasuke!." She greeted.

"Hmn." Came his reply.

"You looked so tired. Did you run or something?" She asked concernedly.

"No… it's nothing." He retorted.

"Oh okay then." She said and continued walking.

Sasuke was actually heading to his locker to check if there is any letter. And yes there is as he expected.

It says:

What do you mean? I don't understand.

He sighed and wrote back. He then quickly sent it to her locker.


At the canteen, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten met. There they are, eating their lunch while talking.

"Sakura I'm so happy.." Ino said.

Sakura looked down and said, "I know…"

"Where are they?" Hinata asked.

"Right there." Tenten pointed at the guys and waved at her boyfriend, Neji.

As the guys reached them, Sakura spoke.

"What took you guys so long?" She asked.

None of them answered. They just sat at the place were they used to sit.

"So Sasuke… wanna watch a movie some time?" Ino asked.

"Sure." He plainly said.

"Okay… so when?" She asked.


"How's Saturday, 9 pm?" She suggested.

"Yeah… whatever..." he replied.

Shikamaru and Sakura who was just beside the two of them heard it. Again, they can feel these odd feelings that are forming in their hearts. It was unknown but is it? Is it jealousy?


Briiiinnggg… the bell rang and they are all got dismissed in their afternoon classes.

Sakura check her locker that is more like a mail box before she checks her real locker. She found another note that says:

Someday you'll know…

Sakura once again has a confused look on her face. More letter comes, more confused she gets. It's getting weirder and she knows it. Sasuke knows that the letter is from Ino so why is he saying weird things? She thought.

Yeah, maybe Sasuke knows that the letter is from Ino but that doesn't mean she's the one who wrote it. Well, this is a total mystery.

"I'll just forget this and write another letter with different topic so it will be less weird." Sakura said to herself.

And after she sent the letter, she directly went home, thinking about the weird things that happened. Weird…

To be continued….


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