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The Nights End

Chapter One

Darkness was all they saw during their final moments on earth; lifeless bodies staring up at the sky. Bodies covered the ground, the everlasting war had ended, but they were not victorious.

"We lost," was everyone's last thought, "How could we lose?"

The rain was heavy; it washed the blood off of the solders faces. The smell of rotting corpses littered the ground; it was strong enough to make anyone who breathed it in gag.

Two years it had taken, two long years the battle had continued.

"We're in position," a man's husky voice could be heard on one end of a communicator.

"Good," went the chuckle of a much older man. "Attack," he said calmly.

Konoha was still young. The ruler was a wise old man who was named Konoha, and he foresaw the battle. He also saw that Konoha would be rebuilt. It would be protected by ninja's, and would not be a kingdom but a small village. Another premonition he saw was 'them', three young children with extraordinary powers, they would bring Konoha back to the old ways.

"Old man."

"Why do you hate Konoha?" the king asked. He sat calmly on a great chair that stood alone in a huge room covered with gold and red banners lit by candles. He was not frightened by them.

"We don't hate Konoha," one of them men answered

"Then why are you doing this?"

"Because it's this we hate." He raised his hands and looked around "And it's you we hate." Both men laughed as they slaughtered the emperor.

The emperor layed on the ground, his eyes going dark and lifeless, a single tear ran down his cheek and his last thoughts were ' They've been misleaded that's all' then there was nothing.

-Two Hundred Years Later-

Two hundred years later something the king had perdicited happened, seven men stumbled upon the ruins of Konoha, curiosity over took them as they walked into what was left of the great kingdom. Some markings were left on the walls. They were able to make some of them out and soon found out that this was not the only kingdom that was destroyed but six others also fell before this one: kingdom of the Hidden mist, Hidden Waterfall, Hidden Sand, Hidden Sound, Hidden Grass, Hidden Rain, Hidden Clouds, and the Hidden Stone. After they found out about this, they started off in search of these six great kingdoms, and when all was found they decided they would rebuild them and split them evenly among themselves.

After two years the men freindship had driffted apart they soon became enemies and fought against one another wanting more land and becoming gready. After twenty years the men did not speak to each other anymore and they each had thriving villages. Deciding they would train there villagers to become ninja's to protect their villages and it was written down on scrolls. Eventually the men died leaving their sons to take over in their place, and it has been like that for five hundred years, the villages have only gotten stronger.

But no one is every happy with what they have, they always want more. Is that not so?

-Previous time in Konoha-

"Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, you will be squad seven," the announcer said. You could hear disappointed girls in the back whining when they found out they were not with Sasuke. "Ahem" He coughed trying to regain their attention

Sakua just looked around and them with a grin on her face.

"Squad 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choji…"

"This is so troublesome" Shikamaru sighed and turned his attention to the clouds outside.

"I'm with Sasuke-kun," Sakura gasped and jumped for joy.

"Better not touch my Sasuke-kun forehead girl" Ino glared at Sakura

Sasuke just rolled his eyes. "Great," he mumbled to himself

"I'm with Sakura-Chan!" Naruto said to himself, a dopey looking boy with bright yellow hair and blue eyes grinned, he had whisker like scars on his face and always seemed to wear bright orange.

"Don't get any ideas." Sakura hit him on the head

"But why?" Naruto whined

"Because I love only Sasuke-kun." Sakura smiled at Sasuke who just rolled his eyes.

"HAH!" Ino started laughing "Like he's interested in you! Of course he would prefer me!"

"Oh?" Sakura glared at Ino "Why do you think that?"

"Just watch" Ino put on a seductive smirk and walked over to Sasuke. "Oh Sasuke-kun" she cooed and flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder.

"What?" Sasuke didn't bother looking at her

"What do you say about coming with me to the dance tonight?"

"No" Sasuke looked up at Ino and glared at her

"Hmpf" Ino huffed and walked back to Sakura

"How did it go?" Sakura smiled sweetly

"Shut up!" Ino glared at her "He likes me better, your pink hair doesn't even compare to my beautiful blonde hair" She said and she twirled a hair strand in her fingers.

It was true, Sakura was born with unnatural pink hair that framed a wide forehead it fell to the middle of her back, but she was beautiful to look at. A toned muscular body that had curves in all the right places, and to cover it she had milky white skin and stunning emerald eyes. Ino on the other hand had long blond hair that fell to her lower back and it was always pulled back into a pony tail, she had blue eyes and tanned skin.

"He's so hot!" Two girls giggled in the corner as they watched Sasuke, both Ino and Sakura shot them a death glare.

"It's true" Sakura sighed as she looked at him, his dark raven hair spiked up in the back, and bangs hid his dark coal like eyes that lacked any emotion. Pale skin, high cheek bones and a muscular body that any boy would be jealous of, he was the perfect boy.

"Squad 8 will be Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino…" The announcer's voice was barely heard about the chatter. "Shut up!!" he yelled finally getting everyone's attention "That will be all" he huffed "you may leave, make sure to meet your sensei's in the place we directed earlier and don't forget about tonight dance"

"Why am I stuck with those two?" Sasuke sighed as he watched Sakura tackle Naruto to the ground and threaten to beat him to a pulp.

"But Sasuke-kun-" Sakura started, but was cut off by Naruto yelling.

"Sasuke-teme," Naruto said, pointing a finger at him.

"Dobe," Sasuke said coolly.

"Don't look at Sasuke-kun like that!" Sakura yelled at Naruto.

"B-but," Naruto started.

Sasuke just rolled his eyes then continued his stare out the window, this was going to be a long year he signed to himself.


That night, Konoha was holding a celebration for the new ninja's. Everyone in Konoha was there. Sakura dressed in a cherry blossom kimono, her hair was pulled back into a bun that had two silver chopsticks going through it. The chopsticks were covered in green jewels that also hung from it as well. Sasuke was dressed in a black kimono and Naruto in a light blue kimono with orange circles all over it. Naruto had a goofy grin plastered on his face and a rice ball in hand.

"Now we will start the dancing," someone said out of no where. "Grab a partner!"

"I want to dance with Sasuke-kun!" Girls started to yell.

"Sasuke-kun, come dance with me," Sakura ran over to Sasuke

"No," Sasuke said plainly as he watched Sakura stumble to sit beside him

"Please, Sasuke-kun." Sakura made puppy eyes as she held onto the sleeve of his kimono.

"I said no." Sasuke rolled his eyes as he heard the rest of his fan girls calling out his name.

"Sasuke-kun!" they yelled as they ran towards him.

Sasuke sighed heavily, "Alright Sakura, but just one," he stated only to get away from the rest of his fan girls.

"Great!" Sakura shouted, dragging him onto the dance floor.

"Aw, Sasuke-kun!" his fan girls whined as they saw him dancing with Sakura.

"Hey, forehead girl," Ino yelled. "Better not try anything with my Sasuke-kun!"

-During the dance-

"Thanks Sasuke," Sakura smiled at him

"Hnn." Sasuke watched his 'fan' girls give death glares to Sakura. Shit he thought to himself. They're psycho!

Sasuke was at least a foot taller then Sakura and was able to look over her head. Sakura was debating whether or not Sasuke would mind having her rest her head against him.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura looked up at him


"Why did you dance with me? It's not like you."

"How do you know what I'm like?" Sasuke asked without even looking a faint blush came to his cheeks shit he thought to himself I'm a Uchiha and we never blush!

"Well…I just…I'm sorry."

-After the dance-

The music ended and Sasuke started to walk away from Sakura until he felt a small hand grab his arm. He sighed and turned around to see what she wanted.

"Sasuke-Kun," Sakura began.

"Yeah?" Sasuke replied as he watched her.

"Thank you," Sakura managed to say as she stared at the ground. Sasuke nodded as he walked away.

"It meant a lot."

Sasuke just gave her one more glance before he walked back towards his house. Sakura stood there and smiled as she watched him walk away. Naruto approached Sakura and tried to ask for a dance but she was to far off in her own world she was not able to hear him and just walked away leaving a very confused Naruto.

-Sasuke's house-

Sasuke walked into his manor and sighed as he looked around, always coming home to no one, always alone. Sasuke had already accepted this, but he still got jealous now and then of people who took their home for granted, the love their family gave them. Something he longed for, but never had.

Sasuke got into his bed and glanced out the window as he saw the moon in the sky. He cursed the moon and climbed out of bed to close his blinds, not wanting the light to bother his sleep.

-Naruto's house-

"What's wrong with Sakura-chan? Aw well, I'll just ask her in the morning!" Naruto said as he hugged his teddy bear. "I'm gonna be a ninja! Ninja…ninja," he kept repeating until he fell asleep.

-Sakura's house-

Sakura tried her best to sneak into her home without her father hearing her. Sakura's mother died when she was a little girl, and Sakura was very frightened of her father. She always tried to stay away from him or just never make him mad; after her mother died her father became a drunk and took his pain and anger out on Sakura.

"Sakura!" the man's voice was heard from the living room.

Sakura flinched when she heard this, mentally cursing herself for making to much noise.

"Y-yes father?" she shuddered.

"Come here when I'm talking to you." He sounded angry.

"Y-yes father," Sakura said cautiously and walked towards the living room.

The house they lived in was small; her father was not able to pay the monthly bills because all he did was sit and drink. The living room was littered with trash and empty beer bottles, making the smell almost unbearable. Sakura's father did not mind the smell for he also smelled of old garbage. Only one chair stood in the living room, an ugly brown chair with many burns in it, and a TV the was right across from it. Sakura was embarrassed to live in something like this; she would die if anyone found out how she lived.

"Where were you tonight?" he demanded.

" I graduated, and there was a party, so I had to go," she said quietly as she stared at the ground.

"And you did not invite me?" he shot her a glare and slowly got off his chair and walked over to the frightened girl.

"I-I'm sorry," she started to shake.

"I can't be sure of that," he smiled, "I'm just going to have to pound it into to you to make sure it never happens again."

Sakura fell to her knees sobbing; her father would not pity her of course and just leaned over and grabbed her hair. He had her beautiful pink locks in his grungy hands and he pulled her up to her feet by her own hair. Sakura trying not to scream in pain, frightened someone would hear her got pulled to the bathroom and had her head shoved into the toilet. The night went only slowly for her as her father beat her through, finally leaving a bloody Sakura to climb back to her room.

"M…mother," Sakura whined. "Why did you have to leave me?" The blood fell from her mouth and she whispered this. Cuts went up and down her body, her tears mixing with the blood that was crusting on her face. "I need help, I'm so scared," she cried to the picture of her mother, soon to fall into a deep sleep.

-Sasuke's house-

Sasuke was awakened by a horrible nightmare; he jumped out of bed running to the bathroom to give his face a quick wash.

"Sakura," he said quietly trying to remember his dream. "Ugh I need to clear my thoughts," Sasuke said and decided that he would go for a short walk.

(Sasuke's thoughts)

"What kind of dream was that?" Sasuke thought to him self as he stared at the night sky.

"Sakura's father was beating her?" he said out loud. "I've never had a dream like that."

"But, why would I now?" he squinted his eyes to watch the shooting star He sighed. "It was just a dream, I don't want to think much on it." Sasuke walked back to his home putting the dream behind him and fell back asleep.


At five in the morning, Sasuke was waiting on the bridge to meet his new trainer. He was leaning over the edge watching the water in deep thought and almost didn't hear Sakura's footsteps, but since he was a ninja he caught on. Sasuke turned to Sakura when he didn't get his normal "Morning Sasuke-kun" from her, when he turned around, he found Sakura face and skin covered in bruises or cuts.

"…" Sasuke raised an eye brow.

Sakura felt his eyes on her and looked away ashamed. "Sasuke-kun it isn't nice to stare."

"…" Sasuke glared at her.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" She was starting to get mad.

"It isn't obvious?" He rolled his eyes "What happened?"

"I don't think it's any of your business." She glared at him.

"No probably not, but I'm curious." Sakura's body started to shake and silently, tears started to roll of her eyes. Turning away in shame and embarrassment, she dashed off.

"…" Sasuke glared at Sakura's back, not wanting to do this at this time in the morning, and he took off after her. No one was left at the bridge when Naruto came, he raised an eyebrow and looked around.

"Where is everyone?" he said to himself.

-Two hours later-

"Wha, I'm bored!" Naruto whined "Where is everyone? Where is our 'sensei', Sakura-Chan or Sasuke?"

-Three hours later-

"I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me," Naruto sang as he stared at the hot sun

"Dobe," Sasuke voice was heard right behind him. Naruto looked up to see Sasuke with his hands in his pockets glaring at Naruto, and Sakura walking besides looking down at the ground.

"Sasuke-teme!" Naruto yelled as he ran up to him "What are you doing with Sakura-chan?"

"Shut up," Sasuke said coolly and glared at him. Then Naruto noticed the marks all over Sakura.

"Sakura-Chan?" Naruto said worriedly.

"Yes?" Her face was riddled with confusion.

"What happen" Naruto asked. Sasuke sighed for a minute, and then knocked Naruto unconscious.

"Thanks Sasuke-kun," Sakura said quietly.

"Hnn," Sasuke glanced at Sakura. "After today we will go get you some clothes and you can come stay with me," Sasuke said without even turning to look at Sakura.

"Yeah," Sakura said looking at the ground.

-Half an Hour later-

Naruto had finally come about, but he would not speak to Sasuke and sat on the ground with a whinny look on his face. Then a poof was heard and a man with silver hair appeared in front of them wearing a black mask that covered his mouth and one eye, he had a very laid back look.

"Yo!" he said as he looked around, Naruto sat on the ground glaring at a tree, Sasuke watched the river flow and Sakura stood beside him staring at the ground. "Why aren't we a lively bunch?"

"You're late," Naruto whined.

"I know, but there was this old lady who needed..."

"I don't care what the reason was," Naruto said rudely. "Who are you?"

"My name is Hatake Kakashi," Kakashi said serenely with a smile underneath his mask as he pulled out his favorite book icha icha paradise.

"Since it's our first meeting, I want to get to know each of you," Kakashi smiled, "and then tomorrow we will start with our first mission." He said without looking up from his book.

"Yeah! Mission!" Naruto jumped up, now excited and his bad mood long forgotten. They all sat on the ground in a circle, Naruto sat next to Kakashi with Sasuke on the other side, and Sakura in the middle of Naruto and Sasuke.

"We'll start with you," Kakashi said as he pointed at Naruto.

"Alright!" he smiled. Sasuke just rolled his eyes. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I love ramen, and I'm going to become the best ninja out there so I can be Hokage," Naruto smiled

"Alright then," Kakashi chuckled. "You're next." He pointed at Sakura.

"My name is Haruno Sakura...uh... I want to prove to…my father that I am worth something," she said slowly.

"Alright," Kakashi said, not want to push the topic any further. "Your turn." He pointed ay Sasuke.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke" he said quietly, "and I'm an avenger."

"Okay," Kakashi said worriedly. "This is going to be great," he thought to himself, "A loser, the Uchiha, and a depressed Haruno girl." he sighed. "Alright squad seven, that's all for today, tomorrow we will start our first mission," he said disappearing a moment after.

"Let's go Sakura," Sasuke said as he started to walk away.

"Right," Sakura ran to catch up with him.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled but was being ignored by both of them. "Don't leave me!" he whined


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