Authors Note: Honestly it sadens me to finish this, The Night's End has been my longest ongoing story. Also one of my first, it helped me realize the whats and what not to do in a story. I never looked forward to finishing it, wishing I could make it going on forever. I have had so many great reviews and awesome people who stood beside me, just waiting to find out what would happen next. This story has meant a lot to me and I'm happy I was able to share it with all of you. All of your reviews have meant a lot to me and everyone of them taught me something. :)
My Epilogue will have three parts, then I honestly hate to say it, but that's the end. Enjoy.
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The Night's End



Part One

"Sasuke" Sakura smiled as she met him at the door of the mansion "Your home" she sighed happily and wrapped her arms around
"Yeah, home" he smirked and raised his hand to her cheek capturing her lips with his
Sakura helped Sasuke bring his few bags inside their house, both soon retired to the bedroom considering it was way past 2am. "Sasuke I've been meaning to ask you something.." she said as she propt herself onto her arms to get a better look as his face as they layed on the bed together
"Hn?" he mumbled opening his eyes to glance at her
"Well it's just everyone has kids now, and well I kinda..." she trailed off
"You want one?" he smirked taking his hand and brushing some of her pink strands away from her face

"Please" she smiled sweetly
"Alright" he smirked quickly pinning her underneath him and captured her lips passonitly

Sakura slightyl wiggled under Sasuke and giggled as he kissed down her cheek bone, leaving love bite marks as he went along. Slowly he pushed the bottom of the short pink lacey night gown up and over her head, exposing her naked body in full view to him. He quickly removed his boxers and climbed back on top of her capturing her lips again with his mouth. He brought his fingers up her stomach lightly causing her goosebumps, he grasped her breast with his hand and began to massage it gently, then bringing his mouth down towards it he slightly began to suck on the pink mound, he pulled back lust filled his eyes as he examined her face and body. Slowly he positioned himself at her opening and pushed in quickly not waisting anytime (he had also been gone for a year, his hormones where out of whack)
"Sasuke" she gasped shocked by his quickness
"Hn" he mumbled in reply as he began to pump himself quickly in and out of her, sweat quickly began to roll down his face and drip onto her chest, she arched her back towards him allowing him to go in further.
"Ahh" Sasuke moaned as he quickly felt his need to release come
"Not yet" Sakura begged as she too felt close to her releasing point "Come together" she breathed out heatidly
"Hn" Sasuke moaned in return trying his best to hold himself back from releasing to early.

"Sasuke. Now" Sakura begged and moaned at the same time, Sasuke also quickly releasing inside of her. Both panted as they fell together onto the bed, casualy starring at one another.

"Pease never leave me like that again" Sakura said as she stared deeply in Sasuke's eyes
"I wont" He answer back and pulled her into his chest 'I never meant to hurt you' he thought to himself as he ran his fingers through her hair
"I love you" Sakura mumbled into his chest, he smirked and kissed her ontop of the head 'I love you too' he said inside of his head

The next morning the woke up Sakura had decided she wanted to invite everyone over for breakfast, so she quickly got ahold of Naruto and Hinata, and Ino and Shikamaru who all agreed to come.
An hour later everyone had arrived and were currently sitting around the Uchiha's dinner table, scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, sasuages, and rice with fresh juice and fruits sat ontop of it
"What's the ocation?" Naurot grinned
"We're trying for a baby!" Sakura was unable to hold it bakc any long
"Oi, good luck man" Naruto smirked "Kids can be a handful"
"Congratulations" Ino and Hinata said together
"I get to plan the baby shower!" Ino yelled "It's mine I claimed it"
"Alright, alright you can do it" Sakura giggled

Sasuke eventually walked out towards the deck, none of the girls took note, each to busy talking about a baby shower. Naruto walked out after him "Are you ready for this?" he asked seriously
"I'm worried Naruto" he turned towards his best friend "What if Itachi..."
"He wont" Naruto cut him off "You have all of us" he grinned "We will continue to look for him, and while we're gone we'll have Ino or Hinata move in with Sakura for the time being"
"What about their kids"
"They have grandparents... well Ino's does. Sakura can just go stay at mine and Hinata's place as well"
"Alright" Sasuke nodded in agreement as both him and Naruto turned to see a shooting star
"You know, they say if you make a wish on a shooting star it will come true" Naruto joked as he walked back inside
"Hn" Sasuke mumbled as he turned back to it 'Please keep her safe' he knew it was silly to ask something of a star, but the moment he thought it the star twinkled as if it heard him "I need to get more sleep" he sighed shaking his head and heading back inside

-Two weeks later-

Sasuke and Naruto were at the gate waiting to depart for there search for Itachi, apparently Sakura had some important thing to tell everyone. Sasuke sighed annoyed as she was over ten minutes late.

"Hey!" Ino yelled and waved her hands as she ran towards them "Sakura told me to tell you she'll be running a little late, just had to run home and grab something but should be right here"
"Hn" Sasuke rolled his eyes

"Sasuke! Naruto! Ino!" they heard Sakura yelle as she also ran towards them panting a little once she reached them
"What's up?" Naruto asked
"This" Sakura smiled as she held up a pregnancy test and it said positive
"What?" Sasuke smirked and glanced at Sakura who flew at him and wrapped her arms around him happily "We are going to have a baby Sasuke!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and down
"This means we probably can't spend as long when we go out looking, three months and we should come back" Naruto said towards Sasuke
"Hn" Sasuke nodded in agrement he turned back to Sakura and smiled "I will be back in three months"
"I know you will" she smiled "Ill be waiting"
"Hn" Sasuke smirked and kissed her passonitly before fliging his bag over his shoulder and taking off with Naruto

-Three Months Later-

"God dam hormones" Sakura shouted from her room "Ino, I reeeeally want some ice cream" she whinned
Her friend Ino had spent much time at Sakura's house, helping her get by the months when Sasuke was away "Yeah no problem" Ino said annoyed, oh she couldn't wait for Sasuke to return and have to deal with him, it would be comical to her and would enjoy it thoroughly.
"Here" Ino said as she passed Sakura the container of strawberry icecream.

"Look at how fat I'm getting" Sakura said and motioned towards her stomach
"Your not that big, it's only been three months hun"
"Still" Sakura huffed
"New batch of hormones?" Ino teased
"Oh no you didn't!" Sakura said as she took a spoonful of ice cream and cataploed it at Ino, getting the icecream all over her face
"Bitch" Ino shouted as she reached for a handful and rubbed it all over Sakura's face
This went on for a few minutes until a cough came from the door way, Sasuke glanced down at the two woman soaked with ice cream, he raised his brows in ammusment and smirked
"Sasuke" Sakura smiled
"Don't hug me" he jumped away from her "shower first" he pushed her towards the bathroom
Ino just laughed and left the Uchiha's house all covered in pink strawberry ice cream, and it was sticky "Ill get you back for this forehead girl"
Once in the shower Sasuke overlooked Sakura, he noticed the small bump that started to appear on her abdomn he lightly placed his hand on it and smirked "Thought of any names?"
"Yes" She blushed
"Tell me" he moved closer to her as the warm water sprayed both of them
"Chihiro for a girl"
"Alright, and for a boy?"
"Hn" Sasuke pondered over them "Chihiro Uchiha, sounds alright. Kohaku Uchiha, sounds fine" he smirked at her "I can think of something else I wouldn't mind doing right now" He smirked as backed her up against the shower wall, water dripped down his bands and onto his face, Sakura couldn't look away, he looked extremely beautiful as she glanced over his body, which was perfectly tonned and pale, few scars linned his body but that made it all the more beautiful.
"I love you more then anything" Sakura said softly as she traced one of his back scars while he massaged shampoo into his hair, he turned to rince it out water flowed down his face
"I love you to Sasuke" he said almostly pained then place his hand on her stomach "I love both of you" after that Sakura pulled Sasuke into a heated kiss, which he was more then happy to comply to.

After the shower and a short sex session they emerged "Sasuke" Sakura said sweetly
"Hn?" he turned towards her
"Can you go to the store and get me some more ice cream?" she smiled even sweeter
"..." He glarred at her playfull "Fine but your coming too, go get ready."

-Six Months Later-

Sasuke had left after being home for a few weeks, him and Naruto still seached for Itchai. In the meantime Sakura had grown twice in size, at her last ultra sound she had found out she was having twins and from what the doctor could tell one was a boy and the other wa sa girl. Pefect, Sakura couldn't be more happier. Once back at her mansion she picked out two rooms close enough to hers and Sasuke. She had bought two colors a light blue teal color for the boys and a light purple color for the girls. Ino had promised to come the next day to help paint the rooms so Sakura wouldn't have to inhale the sent.
Naruto quickly entered Kohona running quckily to find Shikamaru "Hey!" Naruto shouted quickly, Shikamaru layed on on his hamik in his back yard, turning to see Naruto he noticed something was wrong
"Whats going on?"
"Sasuke found Itachi" he said panicked
"Then why are you back here?"
"We need help, Sasuke is getting the shit kicked out of him... We deicded I would come back for help, Sasuke is the stronger one and can hold him off better then I can. We need to be quick, fine some more people, meet me in five minutes at the gates. Don't let Sakura find out" Naruto yelled before running off
Kakashi, Neji, Shikamaru, Choji, and Rock Lee were waiting when Naruto arrived "Lets go se said quickly" 'Hold on Sasuke your friends are coming'
A few days later Naruto ran an unconsious Sasuke towards the Kohona hospital, running into Sakura on the way "Sasuke?" she yelled running after them, but being pregant made her slower, when she arrived Sasuke was already in the emergecy room and Naruto sat in the waiting room
"Naruto?" she yelled running towards him "What happened?"
"We found Itachi" Naruto said as he balled his fists
"What happened"
"Itchai is dead" he sighed sadly
"Isn't that good"
"Sasuke risked his life to kill him.. I don't know if he's going to make it Sakura" Naruto sadly said unable to meet her gaze
"He has too!" Sakura said as tears poured out of her eyes
"Im sorry" Naruto whispered

The doctor came out a few hours later "We've done all we can" he sighed "He's still in a coma, but your welcombed to go in now" he said then walked away
"Lets go Sakura" Naruto stood and walked towards Sasuke's room
"Um.." Sakura was nervous, she didn't like seeing him like this. He was always so strong, he wore the weight of the world on his shoulders. She wished she could take away his pain
"Sasuke" Naruto said softly and sat in one of the chairs beside him
Sakura sat in the other just staring at him, so many emotioned ran across her face at once "No.." she started mumbling to herself then she threw herself ontop of him "Sasuke no!" she cried
Naruto sat there watching sadly 'You just have to pull through Sasuke' he thought to himself 'Please'

"We are having twins" she mumbled into Sasuke's chest "A boy and a girl, they need to have their father around"
"Please wake-up!"