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I Love Teaching

"U-Uchiha-kun…What—ah…are you doing?"

Sasuke smirked. He pushed Naruto's wrists further up the wall behind them with his right hand, stretching out the lewd length of the Naruto's body. Naruto gasped as Sasuke made full use of his free left hand, using it to run a suggestive, ghosting touch down his captive's lean side. Sasuke smirked again at Naruto's heady reaction.

"Sensei. What does it look like I'm doing?"

Naruto blushed but didn't answer. When Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha High's amazingly bright and equally sexy student, had asked Naruto for some after-class help, this was not what Naruto had had in mind.

Sasuke leaned forward and breathed out a hot lungful of air against Naruto's slim neck. Goosebumps prickled up the blonde teacher's throat, reaching his hairline and making the skin there burn pleasurably. Enjoying his sensei's response, Sasuke blew another soft breath onto Naruto's receptive skin. Naruto's breathing grew instantly ragged, and his toned chest started heaving to accommodate his racing heart.

Slowly, slowly, Sasuke leaned forward some more. Ever so lightly, he pressed his lush, famously sensual lips against the base of Naruto's neck. Sasuke was rewarded lavishly—his gorgeous, (apparently) aroused teacher flushed an even darker color and writhed against the wall.

Sasuke kissed Naruto's neck again, harder this time, making sure to run the wet insides of his lips against the blonde's tanned skin. He kissed again, and again. He grazed his teeth against a sporadically pulsing vein. He dipped his tongue into the exposed dip of Naruto's collarbone. Ignoring his teacher's weak protests, Sasuke pressed himself closer and began to nip at Naruto's neck, biting and sucking. Sasuke's mouth pulled up love mark after love mark, each varying in size, color, and texture. Sasuke paused after some time and admired his work. He smirked in satisfaction. Naruto was panting heavily, his bottomless blue eyes were glazed and unfocused, and his neck was covered in extremely visible hickeys. He practically had the words "take me now" stamped across his forehead.

Sasuke wanted to ravish the blonde right there.

Naruto felt something fluttering deep in his gut. A hot stream of blood was rushing straight to his groan. He felt extremely hot. Much, much too hot. Sweat was breaking out along his hairline and around his waist. The air in his lungs felt pitifully insufficient. He was dizzy. He was weak. He really, really shouldn't be in this position.

But, oh God, he felt so good.

Sasuke slipped a cool hand underneath Naruto's shirt.

"Ha—" Naruto couldn't keep in the startled gasp. He panted more heavily as Sasuke ran a pale hand over Naruto's smooth chest. The skin Sasuke touched burned ferociously. The nerves there physically twitched from the lavish attention. Naruto tried to keep his mind clear and rational, but at this point, it would have been easier for him to recite the Yugoslavian national anthem. Backwards. In Portuguese.

Sasuke's long pale fingers brushed across a nipple. Naruto let out an odd, strangled noise, half-way between a gasp and a moan.

Sasuke's beautiful black eyes flashed with hungry amusement. "My, my, my, Sensei," he purred, continuing to scorch Naruto's skin with his icy-hot touch. "Look how sensitive you are. It's remarkable."

Sasuke's low voice helped to stimulate Naruto's senses—that is, his logical senses, i.e. his sense of reality. The senses that should be stimulated, not…those other senses. Like the ones that were sending waves of excitement to Naruto's rapidly hardening lower regions.

Summoning the full extent of his concentration, Naruto pulled his brain cells into enough order to stutter out a partially-coherent sentence. "Uchiha…kun…Stop…ah…doing this. Please…"

Sasuke's black eyes glittered with lust. He pressed his lips against Naruto's ear. "I love your voice," he murmured, his right hand tightening around Naruto's wrists. An unsuccessfully-suppressed shudder shot through Naruto's body. "I love how it sounds when you beg." He bit the soft flesh of Naruto's earlobe.

Naruto twisted his head away, unintentionally giving Sasuke wonderfully free access to his neck. Sasuke took full advantage of the situation, cocking his head and chewing lightly at Naruto's jaw.

"Ah…U-Uchiha-kun, you can't…You've got to—Nn…Kuh…Really, please. Pl-Please stop. I'm…nn…your—teacher! You…we can't—ha…Please, Uchiha-kun—"

"'Uchiha-kun'? Why so formal, Sensei?" the black-haired student muttered, looking up from a spot of wet collarbone. "Call me Sasuke. After all, I've already bitten your neck." To further emphasize his point, Sasuke sucked a small amount of tan skin into his mouth and nipped provocatively.

"Kuh…" was the hazy replay. "…Nn, Sa-Sasuke-kun." The name felt odd on Naruto's tongue, and for some reason, it made him blush slightly to say it. Sasuke smirked. He really did love Uzumaki-sensei's voice. It dripped with barely protected innocence. The way he said Sasuke's name made it sound like a sin.

Sasuke decided he liked that.

"Sasuke-kun," Naruto repeated weakly, leaning back into the wall. Sasuke followed and stuck an inquisitive finger into Naruto's belly button. "H-hey! Please don't…ha…Sa-Sasuke-kun, we can't…" He bit back a moan when Sasuke raked both hands up the back of his shirt. "…We can't…do this. Please, let-let go."

Sasuke smirked and continued caressing Naruto's back and chest underneath his shirt. His wandering hands found a nipple and he plucked at it teasingly. Naruto could do nothing to smother his moans this time.

"Don't tell me you don't want me," Sasuke said, twisting and pressing Naruto's nipple. "I know you do. I can feel it." He smirked. "Especially here." Sasuke thrust a bold knee between Naruto's legs. The teacher's cerulean eyes widened in shock. His mutinous body shivered at the contact, wanting so much more. Sasuke raised his knee, painfully slowly, inch by inch. When it finally brushed against Naruto's very evident arousal, the blonde could barely take it any more. He bucked his hips by reflex. The black-haired teenager leered. He lifted his knee higher, applying enough pressure to make his teacher moan again, exercising those delightful vocal cords.

Sasuke began rising and lowering his leg intermittently, setting a pace. Naruto subconsciously began thrusting back, his mind running on pure instinct—closer, harder, faster, hotter, more friction, more skin, more touch. Sasuke continued rubbing and pushing against Naruto's hard-on, letting the blonde buck and rock against his thigh. After a few more moments, Sasuke's own pants were growing too tight to bear, and he decided it was time for them both to have a little fun.

Sasuke pulled his knee away almost reluctantly. Apparently, Naruto felt its loss as well, because he immediately wrapped an arm around Sasuke's waist and pulled the younger boy tightly against him. Sasuke smirked.

"Ah ha," he said. "So you do want me. I was almost having doubts."

Seeming to finally realize what he'd done, Naruto blushed madly. He looked to the side and gently started to push Sasuke away.

"I-I'm so sorry, Sasuke-kun," he muttered, mortified and guilty. How could he have responded like that? He was this boy's teacher! "I don't know what came over me. That was unforgivable. I—Ah!" Naruto's body was sent into shuddered as he was barraged by another new sensation.

Sasuke was now pressed flush against him, plastering Naruto to the wall. Sasuke had maneuvered so their hips were aligned—and, consequently, their erection's were aligned as well. The friction between their two bodies was incredible.

Sasuke smirked once again. This time, however, there was a slightly different look in his glossy black eyes. On another person, it may have almost looked soft. But this was Sasuke, so it wasn't. It was just different than usual. "Don't apologize," Sasuke said. "Never apologize for something you didn't do. If anyone should be apologizing, it's me." He paused, and the hungry amusement returned to his gaze in full force. "However…Considering how hard you are, I'm guessing you're not too upset."

The sultry fact made Naruto blush darkly.

"All right. Enough talk," Sasuke decided. "Time for some action." Almost before the brazen innuendo sank in, Sasuke started rocking his hips against Naruto's. The hot pressure pulled a loud moan from Naruto's throat. Sasuke rocked forward again. And again. And again. The student picked up speed, grinding his hips against Naruto's. Naruto's breathing became so irregular he started seeing spots. Bolts of pleasure shot up through his body. A tight coil of feeling started to wind up in the pit of his stomach.

"Sa-suke," Naruto panted. "Something's…I think…I…I'm going to…"

Sasuke caught Naruto's meaning immediately. Not because the teacher had made an ounce of sense, of course—it was because Sasuke was feeling the same thing. They were both dangerously close to coming. In just a few moments, they'd have a big, wet mess on their hands.

…Err, clothes.

Every instinct in Sasuke's body commanded him to continue, but for some reason, he felt oddly reluctant. He knew that if he made Naruto come the first day they touched, his sensei would feel extremely uncomfortable. A hot tease against a wall was one thing—coming was something different. Naruto would no doubt feel abused. Sasuke didn't have the slightest idea why he cared how his teacher felt (Jesus, he had come this far already), but an enormously irritating corner of Sasuke's mind urged him to stop. For some inexplicable reason, he'd feel bad, guilty, if his teacher felt upset around him. If Uzumaki-sensei flinched at the sight of him, Sasuke didn't know what he'd do.

Sasuke let out a pant that sounded almost like a sigh, and then, dredging up every fragment of his willpower, he stilled his trusting hips. He allowed his hard-on to burn against Naruto's for a few more seconds before pulling a few inches away.

Naruto was left panting, confused, and very, very aroused. He didn't know if he should feel relieved, disappointed, or concerned. Relief would probably be most appropriate, he decided. Too bad he didn't feel that way.

Once he had gotten enough breath back for coherent speech, Naruto bit his lip. "Sasuke-kun?" he questioned timidly. The look in Sasuke's eyes mirrored the arousal Naruto felt. Why did he stop? Did Naruto do something wrong?

Naruto blinked. Not that he didn't want Sasuke to stop, of course. He was just wondering. You know. Objectively.

Sasuke gave his signature smirk. "I think you've had enough for one day, Sensei," he said. "We'll resume our lesson at the earliest convenience," he promised as an afterthought. Naruto blushed.

Then Sasuke did something oddly surprising. He gently lifted Naruto's chin, tilting the teacher's head up. He looked solemnly into Naruto's infinite, stunning blue eyes. Naruto could hear his heart pound in his throat. He was trapped by Sasuke's black gaze. That emotion in Sasuke's eyes…it was different again. It was sort of like…almost close to…


With no trace of a smirk, Sasuke leaned down. He seemed to move incredibly slowly, as if in slow motion. The seconds stretched into years as Sasuke's face gradually filled Naruto's vision. Sasuke was soon only two inches from the blonde's face. His light breath made flaxen strands of hair flutter around Naruto's eyelashes. Sasuke was one inch away. Half an inch. Less than that. A hair's width. Naruto stopped breathing…

……Sasuke's lips gently dropped on Naruto's. The student's mouth felt just as full and soft as it looked. His lips were smooth and extraordinarily hot. Naruto was caught in the gentle fire, and the electric fizz in his body accelerated to a flaring blaze. Each nerve ending shot to his mouth and his chest lifted unconsciously, his entire being desperately reaching out for the amazing heat.

Softly, Sasuke pulled away. He seemed just the tiniest bit out of breath and his black eyes looked startled. Naruto's eyes felt huge and his lips burned. His brain processed thoughts just about as efficiently as a bowl of tapioca.

There was silence for a moment, and Naruto looked up at his student. Then Sasuke blinked, his sexy smirk slipping solidly back into place. He playfully tweaked the end of Naruto's nose. "How was that, Sensei?"