A/N: Welcome, one and all, to my new fic! This is a sequel to "The Thoughts of Trixie Tang", meaning Timmy and Trixie are dating. Also, this story is also connected to the Fairly Oddparents video game Shadow Showdown; the villain from that game will be an antagonist for this story. If you haven't played the game, I will provide a short bio for him at the end of the chapter.

Now, this isn't going to be long, only 15 chapters at most. The purpose of this fic is to set the stage for my next one, which is a big idea I've had building up in my head for awhile. Still, I am going to put effort into this fic, so tell me what you think.

One last thing: the flashbacks in this chapter are from Abra-Catastrophe, Channel Chasers, and School's Out: The Musical.

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"Come on, Timmy, which is it?" Trixie asked impatiently.

Timmy was sitting at the Tang's dinner table. A bowl of soup laid before him freshly made by the Tang's chef. Timmy would have loved to taste it, but Trixie denied him even a sip until he picked the right spoon to eat it with. But for Timmy it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Finally, Timmy very cautiously reached out and picked up one of the spoons.

"Wrong," Trixie said without emotion. Exasperated, Timmy dropped the spoon.

"All these rules...Man, why can't rich people eat normal?"

"Believe me, I hate it too," Trixie said. "All those times I attend my dad's fancy parties, I'd rather be eating at the mall food court."

"So why are you making me learn all this?""

Trixie sighed. "Timmy, my dad is already unhappy that I chose you over one of the popular kids. If there ever going to accept you, than you're going to have to learn how to act at all of these fancy gatherings. They're going to expect you to start attending them eventually."

"Yeah, I know," Timmy said, burying his face in his hands. "But I'm not sure I could do this."

Trixie pulled her boyfriend into a loving embrace. "Timmy, I love you. And believe me, I would rather go to the movies or to a carnival for a date then one of my dad's parties. But that's my families' ways. It means a lot to me that my dad accepts you. So please, keep it up."

Timmy returned her hug. "That's why I've kept this up as long as I have. It took me forever to win you over; I don't want to lose you. I'm doing all this for you."

Smiling, Trixie planted a kiss on Timmy's cheek. "I know you are. So how about giving it one more try?"

Timmy returned his attention to the setting before him. He reached out carefully and picked up another spoon. "You know what, Timmy? That's actually right."

"Finally!" Timmy cheered as he prepared to take a hard-earned sip of soup.

"...But you're not holding it right."

Timmy groaned.

"This meeting of the Dimmsdale Popular Kids will come to order," Tad said to a room whose only occupants were Chad, Veronica, and himself. "As you know, about a month ago, the most popular girl in Dimmsdale, Trixie Tang, lost her mind and actually began dating Turner. At the time, we believed this was only a temporary fit of insanity. But after four weeks, she still insists on dating a member of the lowest sector of the popularity chart. If this continues, the entire rank system will demolish. Faced with this dilemma, there is only one thing to do."

"Make me the new Trixie?" Veronica asked hopefully, wearing her Trixie wig.

"Uh...no," Tad said. "We must find some way to break those two apart. Once we get Trixie back amongst her own kind, she will regain her sanity."

"But how do we do that?" Chad asked. "We can't keep Trixie away from Turner, that bodyguard of hers would beat us to a pulp. Same thing if we attack Turner."

"Well, we have to think of something fast," Tad said. "The longer Trixie dates Turner, the longer she becomes infected with non-popularity."

"Perhaps I could help," a voice said.

The three popular kids were caught off guard by another voice in the room. They all turned to the entryway to see another boy, dressed in fancy clothes with slicked back blonde hair.

"Remy Buxaplenty?" Veronica asked, stunned.

"...How'd you get in my house?" Tad asked.

"I'm richer than you could ever hope to be, remember? I can bribe my way in anywhere. But that's not important. I'm here to assist you with your problem with Turner."

"Why do you care?" Chad asked. "You don't even go to our school anymore."

"Maybe so. But I still hate Turner enough that any opportunity to make him miserable. And, fortunately, I have the perfect plan to destroy his relationship with that Tang girl."

"Great. What do we do?" Chad asked.

"Nothing. Just don't interfere with things and be ready to accept Trixie back," Remy said simply.

"Umm...sure. But what is your plan?" Chad asked.

"That's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know. Good day, gentlemen." And with that, he turned around and exited the room, leaving three confused popular students.

Timmy walked into Trixie's room, with his girlfriend right beside him. "Well, Timmy, you made some real progress today," Trixie commented.

"Yeah...I still hate it, though."

"As do I. But now we have to work on something else."

Timmy's eyes grew wide with horror. "W-what?"


This surprised Timmy, but his fear disappeared. "Dancing?"

Trixie smiled. "Of course. That's what rich people do on dates," she said, walking to her stereo and inserting a CD of fancy ballroom music. She pressed play, and soon pleasant music filled the room.

"Now, take this hand and wrap it around my waist," Trixie instructed, moving next to him, "and put your other hand in mine."

"Um...I don't know any of the dance steps"

Trixie smiled. "Just move along with the music," she said.

Suddenly, they were gliding across the floor in perfect harmony. As the gentle music played, the two them swayed in each other's arms, at peace. Soon, they stopped dancing and gazed into each other's eyes. Slowly, they moved toward each other, until their lips met. At that moment, time stood still, as the two young lovers shared a time of perfect bliss.

At that moment, everything was perfect.

Timmy and Trixie were happy.

But they were unaware of what was happening.

"You see those two creatures floating in Crocker's scepter?"

"Hey, they have the same eyes as your goldfish," Mrs. Turner commented.

"And the same eyes as your notebooks," Mr. Turner added.

"And the same eyes as your balloons."

"In fact, they look like a lot of stuff you have."

"You know why?" Timmy asked. "'Cause their names are Cosmo and Wanda…"

"TIMMY, NOOO!" The Fairies shouted.

"…And, they're my fairy godparents!"

"A-HA! I knew it all along! I was right!" Crocker cheered gleefully. "You do have fairies…that I have now!" He laughed maniacally.

"You mean all this time you had magical fairy godparents that granted your every wish?" Mrs. Turner exclaimed.

"And I still had to work my paws to the bone to scrape out a meager existence in a middle class neighborhood?" Mr. Turner complained.

"Well, there's rules as to what I can and can't do with them," Timmy explained.

"And you just broke the biggest one!" Cosmo exclaimed, panicking.

"When you reveal our existence, we have to go away forever!" Wanda reminded him.

"WHAT?" Crocker said, realizing what that would mean.

"That's the point," Timmy said simply.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking. Rubble began to fall off the roof of the tiny shack the crowd inhabited until finally, the whole roof was tore off in a whirlwind of rubble and debris. From the heavens, a purple book fell and landed on the dirty floor. On it's cover were two words written in large gold font: Da Rules.

It lifted itself upright, then opened its pages to the teacher turned tyrant, releasing a vacuum of magic which began sucking the heavy armored dictator toward it. Crocker regained his footing, but the orb on his scepter shattered, releasing its two prisoners. Instead of celebrating, the creatures hung on to the end of Crocker's scepter, not wishing to leave their godchild.

"But we don't wanna go away forever," Cosmo whined.

"We love you," Wanda exclaimed.

"I love you too," Timmy said weakly, "and that's why I had to tell the truth, because…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!"

At that moment, Cosmo lost his grip, and both fairies fell into the magical book. "TIMMMMMYYYY!" they cried heartbreakingly as the two disappeared into the magic vortex.

Crocker looked at his broken scepter. "No…STOP! MY FAIRIES!"

The book ignored his pleas and closed its pages, then disappeared in a flash of blue light. Crocker dived at the book, but it vanished seconds before he got to it.

"NOOOOO! BLAST! MY FAIRIES! THEY'RE GONE!" he cried. Then he turned his rage on the child restrained behind him. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!" he screamed, pointing his scepter.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner screamed, then instinctively shielded their son.

However, the act wasn't necessary, as the only thing that came from the broken staff was a single spark. Crocker shook the staff, attempting to make something happen, but to no avail. "Well…I can still smack you around with this."

Mr. and Mrs. Turner, however, were not intimidated. They approached Crocker with fury in their eyes.

"I'll go for his teeth," Mrs. Turner said.

"And I'll claw out his eyes!" Mr. Turner said.

"Uh-oh," Crocker whimpered.

"AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!" the Turners said before assaulting the evil man. Soon, out of the melee rolled the cause of all the trouble.

"THE FAIRYVERSERY MUFFIN!" Timmy exclaimed. He pulled one hand free of his chains and grabbed the magical treat. "And now for my rule free wish!" With that, he swallowed the muffin in one bite…and immediately choked on its awful taste.

Regardless, Timmy began glowing, and he made his wish.


A golden beam of energy erupted from his mouth. Seconds later, a similar beam fell from the heavens and struck the ground. When it cleared Cosmo and Wanda were floating there.

"Wow, that was quick!" Cosmo commented.

Instantly the two creatures undid Timmy's restraints and hugged their godchild. "Nice use of muffin, sport!" Wanda said. "Would you like to do the honors?"

"You bet. I wish the world was back to normal, and everyone forgot I had fairy godparents!"

With the wave of two wands, a red sphere of energy appeared. Soon, it erupted into a column of energy, the spread over the globe. Monuments were restored. Vegetation grew. Pitiful little towns were restored to normal neighborhoods. And best of all, the bridge between Fairy World and Earth was restored. Excited fairies quickly sped down it, cheering.

And Timmy reappeared on his front yard. "Cool, my same old house!" Then, two familiar pink and green squirrels appeared next to him. "Cool, my same old godparents!"

"I hope you enjoyed going through puberty once," the anime Vicky sneered, "CAUSE YOUR NOT GOING TO DO IT AGAIN!" With that, she sprang forward, her hands glowing with energy, ready to end the boy's life.

Timmy gulped. He looked down at the pink and green remotes in his hands. To his immense relief, the battery lights flashed back on. Smiling, he pointed them both at his baby sitter.

"PAUSE!" he commanded, pressing the button on both remotes.

Instantly, Vicky froze in mid-air, just inches away from the boy. Smiling, Timmy gave the remotes another command. "ERASE!"

The remotes obeyed, and the powerful Vicky distorted before transforming back into normal sixteen year old Vicky, who promptly fell to the coliseum floor.

"Wha? Why can't I remember anything?" she snarled angrily.

"AND…DELETE!" Timmy commanded, zapping Vicky. She instantly dissolved into static, then shot right out of Maho Mushi. She bolted past all the other channels before shooting out of her TV set, hitting her wall and collapsing on the floor of her room.

"What happened? I had the most wonderful dream. I almost took over the world and destroyed everybody!" she cackled evilly.

"That's quite enough, Flappy," Sanderson said as he and his boss floated out of the ball of energy they made when they transported. He looked angry, but his voice showed no emotion.

"You lied to me," Flappy said heartbreakingly. "You lied to me for 37 years. You tricked me and kept me from being the super hilarious, if not somewhat creepy, clown I was destined to be!"

"Yes, yes we did," H.P. said.

"Duh," Sanderson added. "But we have an iron clad contract." With a PING, the contract appeared, with the name Flappy Bob written on it.

"Oh, I agree," Flappy replied smugly. "Every word in this contract in totally binding," he said, grabbing it from the air. "Which is why I'd like to turn your attention to this." Smiling, he brought up a magnifying glass to a certain article of the magical paper.

"In return for making the world exactly what you want," H.P. read, "yadda, yadda, yadda, we get the power, yadda, yadda, yadda, Earth will be safe and fun…"

"…as defined by Flappy Bob," H.P. and Sanderson said together.

"And guess what I define as fun now?" Flappy asked. "Everything being exactly the way it's supposed to be!"

H.P. and Sanderson were silent. Their faces showed no emotion. Finally, Sanderson spoke.

"Oh, smoof."

"You know, you probably shouldn't have sent him to law school," Timmy commented.

In response, H.P. floated up to Timmy. His voice showed no emotion, but he looked angry. "You might have thwarted us this time, Turner, but mark my words: our next 37-year plan will not fail. When your 47, you'll pay."

With that, he used his cell phone to tear the contract in two. The Earth rumbled and, with a PING, everything was back to normal. Towns were restored, and the school…remained the school. Pixie World returned to Fairy World, and the fairies all got their bright colored clothes, crowns, and wands back.

"Ah, my stupid pointy hat!" Cosmo exclaimed. "It's a crown again! And still not a manly word to be found!"

The Shadow had just watched those three scenes on his many monitors. He scowled angrily.

The room he inhabited was dark, the only light coming from the hundreds of flickering monitors. Many of them were showing images of Timmy outwitting one of his enemies, but a few of them were live feed of various places in Fairy World.

He looked over at another monitor. Timmy was tricking Norm the genie back into his lamp.

Another screen. Timmy and his non-superhero pals were defeating the Nega-Chin.

Another screen. Timmy was winning a fight against Imaginary Gary.

"Pathetic," he said, with the utmost loathing. "I cannot believe this. All these powerful creatures… all this time…and so little results."

"That's why we're here, if I recall correctly," a voice said behind him.

The Shadow turned to see Remy standing in the doorway. Just above him, his fairy godfather, Juandissimo Magnifico, floated dutifully.

"Ah, Remy. You've returned. Did you make sure those ignorant children wouldn't do anything to interfere with our plans?"

"Yes. Don't worry, we're clear of all outside interference."

"What about the research for any other godchildren that might know Timmy?"

"We accomplished that weeks ago," Juandissimo cut in. "The plan will go forward as plan, and I will get my beloved Wanda back."

Yes," the Shadow said, smiling a malicious smile. "That is what I promised you, isn't it? Aside from revenge on Turner, you both wanted something else. Rest assured, it's part of the plan. And speaking of which…"

The Shadow reached into the darkness of the room and produced three amulets. All three had the same design on them. It was an engraving of a heart with a crown around it. They each hung from a ribbon meant to be fastened around the neck.

"We finally managed to steal some of these from Cupid's estate. You do remember the plan, don't you?"

"Of course," Remy said. Smiling malevolently, the Shadow POOFed the amulets out of his hand and into Remy's.

"Excellent. Now then, ANTI-COSMO!"

With an ANTI-POOF, there was another figure in the room. If not for the blue skin and bat wings, this figure could be mistaken for Cosmo, albeit more intelligent.

"Ah, Master, you wished to speak with me?"

"We are almost ready to begin. Is everything ready on your end?"

"Of course. When the time comes, every Anti-Fairy will break out of that dreadful prison and reduce Fairy World to a pile of debris."

"They better. I spent a good deal of resources breaking you and you wife out of that infernal place, so don't make me regret it." That said, the Shadow turned back toward the many monitors and grinned.

"In just a few short days, Timmy Turner will be no more!"

A/N: Okay, as promised, here's my bio of The Shadow:

The Shadow is the shadow of the chamberlain of the former rulers of Fairy World, King Oberon and Queen Titania. The chamberlain magically separated himself from his shadow so it could help him serve his masters, not aware that all shadows are naturally evil. When Fairy Wold stopped having a monarchy, the Shadow convinced Oberon and Titania to assist him in his plans.

When the time was right, the Shadow ordered Oberon and Titania to fake a theft of the Royal Jewel, the second most powerful magical item in the universe. He then used it to cause all fairy wands to become inactive. Upon discovering his godparents' wands weren't working, Timmy went to Fairy World. He was instantly drafted by Jorgen to gather the ingredients for a Fairyversery Muffin, which was the only thing more powerful than the Royal Jewel.

Upon learning this, the Shadow ordered Oberon and Titania to eliminate him. When they failed, he turned on them and began doing things himself. Despite his efforts, the muffin was cooked and, after a fight with the Shadow, Timmy wished everything back to normal. After being freed, Oberon and Titania apologized and became upright citizens, but the Shadow all but disappeared.

So how'd he get where he is now? That will be answered in a later chapter. See you then!