optimusprimus001 (Subi): I got stuck on my other stories... so here's stuff to entertain you guys with while i figure out where to go from wherever I'm stuck at. X-x This is a poem series, so several poems here have a theme- lets see if you guys can figure out what the theme of each one is. If you want a "coded" version of the poem to see what it looks like, pm me and I'll send you the coded version. It's a puzzle! So please let me know what you think.

1. Optimus Prime

Evil doesn't obey the rules.

Good believes in them

As well as enforcing the rules

To prevent Evil from breaking them.

There are Three rules, the Primus;

The truth, the justice, the freedom...

Not just words within themselves-

But the rights of every living creature.

The rights the fourteenth Guardian

Would give his life for more

Than could ever be known.

The truth-- knowledge of what is false.

The justice-- sense of what is right.

The freedom-- control of oneself.

All of these rules are the Primus.

All of the Guardians,

All sentient beings,

All Life...

All have the rights of Primus.