Subi: Well, I've had slacking off on the rest of you for awhile... (coughs) I've been wrestling with trying to write four or five different story ideas for the past two months, keep up with homework, watch all of the Transformers: Generation One series with Fangirls Anonymous, and stay relatively 'sane'... Not working out too well... Anyway, here's a new poem. n-n

14. Ode to Stubbornness (aka Karahrr's poem.)

Wave against sand,

Rock against land;

A race is a game,

Yet you know not my name.

Black as night,

It unhinders my sight.

For thats when I fight;

Come sunrise, it's flight...

With the turning of tide,

The crumble of earth,

What assurance can I find

In this light, caring perch?

Thoughts I dare not voice;

Rarely can I make a choice;

Through all your kindness,

I still remain cautious.

Your warm blue eyes,

Speak naught of surprise.

Your gestures are caring;

As if you know I am daring.

Why can't I abide,

Without you by my side?

Help I'll not take,

Unless I'm not awake.

Hold not my hand,

Stars guide me not;

My stubbornness gives,

What the rest of you cannot.

Vector Prime's Poem: "Keeper of Space and Time"