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Chapter 1: Undeniable Feeling

"Oh my God, Phoebe! I think we're going in circles, because I swear I just saw that same mattress!" Paige exclaimed.

"That's because every dumpster, in every alleyway we've been to in the past seven years has one. They all start to look the same after a while"

"What's up Phoebe? I mean, you're not your usual upbeat, demon ass kicking self, and I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever."

It was true. Paige had noticed that Phoebe hadn't been herself in quite a while. The past two years hadn't been easy on her either, what with having to vanquish her husband and unborn child because of evil and having to give up Miles and Jason due to magic. Almost losing her nephews also meant that being a witch was a losing battle. Paige had to admit it, luck was never on Phoebe's side. And now, that night, Phoebe's latest love interest was going to die. Paige just wanted to know how her sister was feeling.

"I don't know Paige, it's just…" Phoebe was trying to come up with a conclusion of her own, "Drake's leaving tonight and I was hoping to spend his last day with him, but no, we had to get home early because Leo had to get abducted by the Elders and there had to be a demonic attack!" Phoebe said, almost in one breath, yet getting more upset with each syllable.

"I'm… ahh… sorry, Phoebe. I didn't think you would get upset. I'm sorry for having to orb you home early but we couldn't help it that Piper and Drake had to go find Leo, and then you had the premonition of the demon attack. We couldn't very well ignore an innocent." Paige said nervously, she didn't want Phoebe to become more upset.

But her sister let out a slight giggle, "I'm sorry too, Paige. I didn't mean to freak out before. I've just been under a lot of stress lately. You know, with the whole daughter premonition and all. Hey, do you see any innocents around here?"

"No I don't, but this was the place that showed when we sryed for her. Maybe she's around here somewhere. So about this whole daughter/premonition thing, do you have any idea who this little girl's father could be?" Paige and Phoebe continued walking through the alleyway looking for any sign of an innocent.

"I have no idea, I mean… yeah, I've tried speed dating and catching up with old acquaintances but I haven't made a connection with any of them."

"Maybe you're looking too hard, or have your standards set too high? Maybe you're still trying to find what you had with Cole?" Phoebe looked at her with a warning glance, "Just grasping at straws here," Paige added innocently.

"I'll let that one slide," Phoebe told Paige, glancing at her with a humorous sly, "The fact is, I'll never find what Cole and I had, ever. But that also means that maybe I don't want to. What Cole and I had was beautiful at one point. At the time I had never been more in love, God, I've still never been more in love! But at the same time, it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced. That and losing Prue. Plus, that's not the point. The point is that according to my premonition, I should be pregnant in less than a month and I haven't even met the father of her yet! So, in reality I am…"

"The innocent," Paige cut in.

"Ha ha ha, I'd hardly call myself an innocent! I was gonna say 'screwed'." Phoebe laughed.

"Nooo," Paige turned her sister around so that she could she a woman who was standing behind her, "The innocent."

"Ohhh," Phoebe nodded while grinning.

"Hello there," the young woman greeted them, "My name is Caroline Davis, I'm here on the behalf of the San Francisco Homeless shelter. If you would like to take these," she handed them each a flyer, "There's an address you can contact if you are ever in need of a place to go."

"Hi, I'm Paige, and I'm wearing lip gloss. Do I look like I'm homeless?"

Phoebe laughed for it wasn't an easy mistake to make. Paige was wearing three inch heels and a Prada shirt while Phoebe herself was wearing matching Chanel heels and shirt. They both had their hair neatly done and were wearing a thick layer of make-up.

"I think what my sister is trying to say is that we are sort of for the same reason you are, to save someone so if you wouldn't mind coming with me because we wouldn't want you to get hurt now. These alleys can get pretty dangerous at this time of night." Phoebe smiled at the young girl and put her arm around her, leading her out of the alleyway. Turning back to Paige, she continued, "Now that wasn't so hard was it, we didn't even have to kick demon a… AHHHH!"

An energy ball had just narrowly missed Phoebe's head and hit the brick wall behind her. Evidently Paige had not noticed three demons shimmer in either, she had also been taken by surprise.

Phoebe regained her composure and jumped into the air. While levitating, she gave one swift kick and knocked one demon out cold causing him to come crashing down onto another demon.

"Big pole thingy!" Paige yelled with her arm extended, then flicked her wrist. The rusty metal pole that was once resting in a nearby dumpster had vanished into a mass of blue orbs and had reappeared, making its way through the two demons. Both suddenly burst into flames, leaving nothing behind but ashes that swept away with the wind.

"Whoa!" Phoebe exasperated then burst into laughter, "Big pole thingy? What was that?"

"Well it worked didn't it?" Paige replied, also giggling.

Just as both girls were about to leave, something else had shimmered in behind them. Phoebe turned around just in time to push Paige out of the way.

"Oh my god! Phoebe, nooo!" Paige orbed something towards the demon but it was too late. The demon had already shot something towards Phoebe through her mouth. Paige sent the female demon up in flames then rushed over to Phoebe, who had fallen down when the demon struck her. There were three large thorns sticking out of her right shoulder, "Oh my god! Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Phoebe stood up and dusted herself off. She winced as she touched her shoulder and took out the thorns.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Paige took notice of her sisters show of pain, "You shouldn't have pushed me out of the way!"

"Well how was I supposed to know that the girl ones spit thorns! Let's just get out of here before another comes back. Maybe Piper and Drake have found Leo by now."

Paige nodded in agreement as orbed Phoebe and herself home.

Across town, the Halliwell manor looked peaceful and still on that crisp Tuesday morning. Suddenly a burst of blue orbs appeared in the foyer forming the shapes of two young women.

"You should really get that looked at," Paige mentioned, looking at Phoebe's shoulder.

"It's nothing Paige, I'm fine," Phoebe shrugged it off.

"Leo!" Paige yelled, "Leo!", but there was nothing, "They couldn't have found him yet. We should help them with it but first I'm going to check the Book of Shadows for those thorn demons, you might be infected with something."

"I'm telling you Paige, I'm fine. It doesn't even hurt anymore," Phoebe lied. While Paige started up the stairs Phoebe looked to her shoulder. The puncture looked as though it was swelling and it was severely red.

Phoebe herself began to walk towards the staircase but stopped as she felt something when she walked past the living room. She looked in, there was nothing there, but she felt it. It was a feeling of… she couldn't grasp the word. Fear? Safeness? Love? She didn't know. It was something she hadn't felt in years, since… well that strongly anyway. She made a mental note to tell Paige about it, after she got cleaned up. She may have been injured, but there was no way she was going out looking the way she did. After all, she was still on the lookout for the father of her future daughter.

She took one step on the staircase and this time, she felt a different feeling… dizziness. Before she knew it she had collapsed onto the floor, landing on her throbbing shoulder.

Phoebe stood up and again brushed herself off. Thinking that she had only passed out, she continued to travel up the stairs but stopped when she noticed herself still lying on the floor.

"Oh God! Am I dead again?" Phoebe muttered looking at her comatose self, then instinctively called out to her sisters, "Paige! Piper! Leo! Help!"

"They won't hear you," said a numbingly familiar voice.

Phoebe's head shot up. 'It couldn't be,' she thought to herself. She turned around slowly, dreading to meet those eyes. 'There's no way in hell it could be…'

"Cole…" Phoebe breathed.

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