Just Out Of His Reach

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Shikamaru was lying on the grass looking at the clouds and just thinking about stuff. He had just celebrated his 17th birthday a week ago, everyone was there, Naruto, Sakura, his girlfriend Ino, and Temari. She was the only one that he really noticed at his party, it was a known fact that Temari didn't really like Konoha that much, so it was a real honor that she would travel all the way from her home just for a birthday party, but after all she was his friend. He had met her many times, and he had to admit that she was hot, but so was Ino. Shikamaru debated who he would want to be with more, Ino or Temari, they were both blonde and freakin' hot, they were both also bossy, but Temari had something about her that made her different. Temari was smart, really smart, and she was also hard to get. She was very popular with guys, after all when you're blessed with looks how can you not be. But she showed interest in Shikamaru, but like a fool he didn't pursue her. He remembered a day about two years ago, she was in Konoha with her brothers and she spent her last day chatting with Shikamaru. Temari was holding a leaf turning it around in her fingers while talking.

"You know, Konoha isn't THAT bad. I've actually even thought about spending a year or two here."

Shikamaru was closing his eyes and resting but he was still listening to her talk.

"Why don't you then?"

"Because…there really isn't much for me here, I mean I guess if I had a boyfriend here I'd stay…do you know if there are any hot guys here? Haha"

Shikamaru didn't do anything but grunt, he wanted to kick himself for his stupidity, if he had replied any other way, maybe he'd be with Temari. He was snapped out of his deep trance of thought by a loud female voice; he looked up and saw Temari. I wonder what she's doing here…He soon got his answer, she was with a handsome Jounin, who was basically the perfect blend of hunk-licious-ness he had black hair and eyes he was also tall and built, and he looked like a bad boy type, because what girl doesn't want a bad boy? They were kissing and hugging affectionately, Shikamaru wanted to look away with distaste but found that he couldn't. After a while the handsome Jounin left and Temari spotted Shikamaru. She smiled and waved, Shikamaru looked up and didn't wave back, Temari's expression then turned stern and she walked over to him.

"Hey Shikamaru, what's up with you?"


"Are you sure? You look kinda bummed"

"Yeah. Shouldn't you be getting back to that guy?"

"Him? Nah, he means nothing to me, I already like someone, he's just a fling."

"A crush in Konoha eh? Who is he?"

"Nice try buddy, that's for me to know and for you to find out."

"How long are you staying in Konoha?"

"Oh, about two more weeks…so I guess you'll be seeing a lot of me for a while"

"I hope so."

"Wow, you finally said something other than 'how troublesome', I'm flattered."

"Don't let it go to your already big head."


Temari laughed and gave Shikamaru a playful punch on the shoulder; she then got up and dusted herself off.

"Hey Shikamaru! Take me out for ramen tomorrow."

"Troublesome…I don't want to."

"I didn't ask you to, I told you to, so you have no choice. Pick me up at my hotel room at 8:00. Thank you Shikamaruuu!"

Temari stretched out his name using a sickly sweet voice, then laughed and waved him goodbye.

Shikamaru laid back down, and began to ponder the events of the day, he wondered if Temari was alluding to him when she said that she had a crush, he also wondered if that Jounin was really just a fling, he also wondered why he was having feelings for a girl who was totally not his type, she was bossy, loud, and all over the place, and yet he was drawn to her. That's when Ino spotted him.

"Shikamaru! Shikamaru!"

Shikamaru would have liked to get up and run for his damn life, but he figured that would be troublesome, and it would cause the people around him to think that he had lost his damn mind. So he simply braced himself for her attack, sure enough Ino jumped on top of him, hugging him so hard, his eyes bulged.

"Shikamaru, I missed you sooooo much today, you don't even know."

"I'm sure"

"Shikamaru, we should go to breakfast tomorrow!"

"No, I'm going with Temari"

"Oh. You asked her?"

"No, she told me."

"Ugh, he's going out with that Bitch, what the hell? He says that they're just friends, so I guess he wouldn't mind if I shadowed him…That's ok Shikamaru, we can go another time"

Ino walked off in the direction of Temari's hotel.

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