Name: Going Home
Summary: This was my mothers...
Rating: K+
Parings: Teyla/John
Genre: Romance/Angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one besides Cali and Ben.

Going Home

"This was my mothers," Teyla said, holding out a small, heart-shaped necklace. The little girl beside her looked up, her brown eyes shining. She reached out, taking the necklace in her hand and looking it over. It was on a thin, leather string. It looked worn, as though it had been passed down many generations. The little girl let her fingers travel over it, feeling the smooth leather beneath her fingertips.

Smiling, she looked up at Teyla.

"Do I get to keep it?" she asked. Teyla nodded, hugging the little girl.

"Yes, Cali, you do."

"Thanks." She smiled, placing the necklace around her neck and. Giving Teyla one last hug, she walked over to where her little brother, Benjamin, was waiting.

Rodney smiled at the two little kids. Ben was only two, and Cali was five.

John walked up to them, hugging them and pressing a small object into Ben's hands, whispering something in his ear. The kids were hugged by everyone else before Rodney started the mirror up.

The two kids were from an alternate reality, and had been staying on Atlantis for nearly a year. Teyla was their mother. In the kids reality, she was dead, had died while giving birth to Ben. Rodney had found a way to send them back. John was their only remaining parent in the other reality, and didn't have plans to get remarried anytime soon.

They'd been talking back and forth for weeks, getting the kids used to the idea that they were going home.

Just yesterday, Cali had started having problems. Carson didn't know what it was at first, but he eventually found out. It was what happened when there were two of one person in Atone reality. He had immediately ordered an ultrasound and pregnancy test for Teyla. It was positive. Cali and Ben had to go home, even though they were not used to the idea that they weren't going to have a mother.

John walked up behind Teyla, wrapping his arms around her as they watched the two kids place their hands on the mirror. Before it activated, Cali looked back. She was clutching the locket with her hand, never wanting to let it go.

"I love you, mommy."

Then they were gone. On the other side, they saw the other John run up to the kids, enveloping them in a large hug. He touched Ben's face, tears falling from his eyes. When he had gone missing, Ben was only a tiny baby. The mirror shut off, and everyone went back to what they were doing.

They missed the kids. Cali and Ben had become family while they were in Atlantis. Everyone loved them, and didn't want to let them go.

John turned to Teyla.

"Come on, let's go."

They walked hand-in-hand out of the room, Teyla crying. John wrapped his arms around her, feeling the pain of losing the kids that they had grown so attached to. Cali was always around, watching something someone was doing, helping out, or just playing happily. She had gotten so attached to Teyla. Even if only for a short time, she'd had a mommy again.

"It's OK, Teyla, it'll be all irght," John said, wrapping his arms around her. She leaned her head on his chest, letting the last few tears fall from her eyes.

Six Years Later ...

John smiled as he watched Cali jump up on his bed, flopping down on her stomach and putting her head in her hands. Her hair pooled out around her face, her brown eyes shining as she kicked her bare feet up in the air.

"Hey, Cali," he said.

"Hi, daddy!" she yelled, flipping around on her back and grabbing her feet, sticking them behind her ears. She was flexible.

John smiled, turning around and tickling her. She screeched, flipping around again and tickling John back. Just then, another little body flopped up on the bed with them.

"Benji!" John said, grabbing the two-year-old boy and flying him around airplane style. To keep Teyla from suffering the same fate as in the other reality, Ben had been born a month early through induced labor.

Sitting Ben down, John sat up on the bed, watching as Cali and Ben played with each other. Just then Teyla walked into the room. She walked over, sitting down beside John and the kids. Ben suddenly stopped playing, reaching his hand inside his diaper. Smiling, he pulled something out.

"Here, mommy!" he said, dropping the item into her hand. Teyla looked down and shrieked. John started laughing, but stopped when Teyla threatened to throw the 'present' at him. Then, everyone started laughing. Life was good.

This was a challenge, and I don't know where the idea came from. The idea of the present in the end came from something one of my family members did when they were a baby.

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