Name: Rumors
Summary: John shows Teyla the skateboard room.
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Nothin'
Pairings: Slight John/Teyla
Genres: Humor/General/Fluff
Disclaimer: I own nothing ... except the skateboard room!


"Come on, Teyla, I want to show you something," John said, jumping up from the table in the mess hall and throwing his trash away, motioning for Teyla to follow him. She smiled, shaking her head and stood as well. Catching up with him, she fell in step with John. He was grinning from ear to ear. "I gotta drop by my quarters first, though."

Soon, they reached their destination, and John ran inside quickly, grabbing two large boxes, and two square ones. Teyla tried to read what was written on the side of them, but John kept it hidden. He had picked them up from Earth on their last trip.

"Where are we going?" Teyla asked, giving up on trying to read the boxes.

"You'll see," John said, still grinning. Teyla just followed.

Ten minutes later, they reached the room that John had found a few weeks before. He opened the door, walking inside. Smiling, he nodded.

"Just like I left it."

He then got down on his knees, pulling the objects from their boxes. Teyla looked around the room. It was very large, and had no windows. There were ramps going up the walls, and in the middle of the room was a long stretch filled with cones, and smaller objects that John had hauled into the room. Standing up, he dropped his skateboard on the floor, stepping on it as he fastened his helmet. He then showed Teyla how to put hers on.

"What is the purpose of this?" Teyla asked, moving the helmet a little to allow more comfort.

"Skateboarding," John said. He put his right foot on the board, pushing off with his left. The long stretch of clear floor allowed him to gather speed before he flew up one of the ramps, turning in the air while holding the board to his feet so it didn't drop. He fell back on the ground, coming toward Teyla. She was about to move when he twisted to the side, swerving out of the way. Teyla gaped at what he had done.

"Come on, it's not that hard. I promise," John said.

She placed the blue board she had on the ground, stepping onto it. John held her arm, keeping her steady as she gained speed. As he watched her go up one of the rather small ramps, he realized that he probably should have shown her what elbow and knee pads were. Closing his eyes, he winced as Teyla crashed to the floor.

Concerned, he ran over.

"I do not wish to do that again," Teyla said, taking the hand John offered and standing to her feet.

"Come on, you'll get the hang of it," John pleaded.

Teyla looked at John like he was from another planet ... OK, so, bad example.

"Fine. Just a few more times."

Teyla and John both went together, Teyla grabbing onto John's arm when she thought she was going to fall. It nearly knocked him off his board, but that was just fine with him. Laughing, Teyla let go of John's hand and slid over the smallest ramp. She stayed on her feet, letting the board fall to the ground under her. Her feet hit it hard, and she nearly lost her balance, but she managed to stay upright.

"That was fun. Can I go again?" Teyla asked once she was beside John again. He nodded, smiling as he watched her skate off.

"What have I done?" He asked the ceiling, starting up again and skating up the largest ramp of all. He got to the top, grabbed his board and did a few tricks, concentrating the rest of his energy on landing safely.

"What's this?" Came a third voice.

"Ahhh!" John lost his balance, crashing down on the floor, his stomach landing on his board as he slid across the ground. As he was about to slide out of the door, a foot shot out, catching the board and holding it in place as John rolled off of it. Teyla began laughing, walking over and dropping her board to the ground as well.

"I meant to do that," John groaned before taking the hand that Teyla offered him, helping him stand to his feet.

"What is this?"

Elizabeth repeated her question again.

"Skate room! Wanna try?" John asked, smiling like an idiot. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, looking around the room.

"No thanks. Just came to see if the rumors are true. I guess not." She smirked, turning to walk out.

"What rumors?" John yelled after her, peeking around the door. Now she had him curious.

"A couple scientists are spreading the rumor that they though they heard you and Teyla doing something in here." Elizabeth laughed, wiggling her eyebrows suggestivly.

A small blush scattered over Teyla's cheeks and John clenched his fists. Somehow he knew that guy would get him back for the frog in his jacket.

"I am going to kill Rodney!"

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