This is glorified nothing. Just like everyone and everything everywhere.

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Yoshi's Group

Yoshi groaned as he waited in line with the rest of his friends for the Revenge of the Mummy Coaster. They were inside, but it was hotter inside than outside.

"UGH! We've been standing here for 45 minutes!" Yoshi shouted.

May frowned. "Yeah, and we haven't gone on any rides at all yet," She whined. "Plus, I gotta go to the bathroom."

Banjo sighed. "Well, I thought that we were going to Kongfrontation-"

"GUYS!" Pikachu shouted.

Everyone including Yoshi's group turned their attention to Pikachu.

"What is it, Pikachu?" Cream asked.


Everyone else made weird faces as they looked strangely at Pikachu.

"That yellow rat's gone mad...what the hell...what's he talkin'
about...I pity dah foo'!...he's stupid...ignore him, he's trying to get attention..." They muttered several times, as Yoshi and his friends ran to Pikachu, outside the line to the Revenge of the Mummy coaster.

"Dang, Pikachu," Pit said to Pikachu, "How the heck did you find this section?"

Pikachu scoffed. "Because this is what my friend told me, duh."

Amy gulped as she looked around the grungy replicas of the New York subway. "Let's just hope your friend was right..."

"Don't worry," Banjo told them, "I have this map of Universal Studios! And if anything bad happens, well, one of us can get the others!"

"Yeah!" Roy shouted. "An excellent idea!"

Yoshi smiled. "Then what are we just standing? Let's get going!"

The others cheered, and they all ran towards the entrance to the hidden Kongfrontation ride.

Peach's Group

As Peach climbed into the ride, a strong wind came and blew her dress up, giving the others an eyeful of her mushroom printed panties.

Peach screamed as she tried to cover her panties. "EEK! DON'T LOOK AT MY PANTIES!"

"MAMMA MIA!" Luigi shouted, as he started nosebleeding at the sight of Peach's panties.

Samus rolled her eyes. "Pervert."

Everyone else who were in front and behind Peach's group all looked at Peach, who was blushing madly. They all shouted profanities at Peach.

Zelda and Sheik growled as they uttered words to stop the profanities.

Meta Knight just stood there, not impressed by Peach's panties. "Ugh! Peach, put your dress down and hurry up! We'll be late!" He shouted.

Samus looked at the long line. "DANG, I knew this ride was popular, but I'd never expect it to be long..."

Shadow started to laugh, and then muttered, "Chaos Control!".

Everyone in front of Peach's group suddenly disappeared. "No line now." Shadow said.

Sonic pumped a fist in the air. "OH YEAH! We can go on ahead!"

"WOOT!" Sandy cheered. "Now let's get a ropin' before the others get a lopin'!"

As Sonic sat in, he made a suggestion to the group. "We can go on ANY ride, no matter how long the line is, cause Shadow here can guarantee a quick trip to the front."

Shadow nodded in agreement. "Yep. No one can mess with the hedgehogs of SEGA!" He cheered.

Peach cheered. "Sweet! Now let's go have some fun!" She exclaimed, as she and her friends went into the coaster, and after some minutes, they took off into the dark interior of the ride.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH!" They all screamed, holding dearly to the coaster.

Back at Jurassic Park, it has become a complete war zone. All of the tourists and the staff members have left the area, fleeing for what was happening. A large debate between Ferrari and Mercedes has turned into a war, and it was taking place. And to top it off...all of the males from Mario's group and Snake's group, except for the lovable Popo, were in it.

The area itself around the Jurassic Park area was no man's land, which the Jurassic Park River Adventure section the home of the Ferrari site and the Pterodactyl Flyers section home of the Mercedes site.

Outside of Ferrari or Mercedes, you were dead.

Kazooie moaned as she and Rouge watched the war of the car companies. The two females were in Toon Lagoon, a safe distance from the Jurassic Park area.

"This is pointless. We can't just seem to stop them,"
Kazooie said.

Rouge nodded in agreement. "Yes, I agree, Kazooie. It's pointless. We won't be able to explore the rest of the Islands of Adventure. Plus, isn't it a bit immature-"

"QUICK! DUCK!" Kazooie shouted, as she ran into a nearby restaurant.

Rouge was not far behind, as she too hid into the restaurant.

"Why are we hiding?" Rouge asked.

Kazooie turned to Rouge. "I saw one of those guys come out and coming towards this area. We gotta stay quiet."

And just like Kazooie said, a minute later, Peppy jumped out of the Mercedes side and entered into Toon Lagoon. He searched for a vendor's cart to pick up and bring back for the Mercedes side of the fight, while Patrick went out for the Ferrari side of the park, looking for a vendor's cart.

Patrick and Peppy, both searching for a vendor's cart, saw two upturned hot dog vendors laying nearby the ship "Me Ship, The Olive", along with two closed-up coolers next to a huge pile of umbrellas. Eagerly running over and snatching up the cooler and vendor, they ran off towards back to the Jurassic Park area and their own area.

Rouge sighed. "We've got to stop this war... If only there was a car both sides could agree on."

Kazooie nodded, and then she saw Popo approach them.

"What's going on?" Popo asked.

Kazooie sighed. "All of the males are arguing which car company is better: Ferrari or Mercedes."

Tooty was all frantic. "They're all gonna kill each other if we don't do something!"

Right at that moment, Captain Falcon appeared outside of the Mercedes area and started gathering some food for the other members.

Kazooie gulped. "We have to be careful, guys. Who know what could happen..."

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Nana by the leg and started dragging her into the Jurassic Park area.

Popo turned around, just in time to see Nana getting dragged away, by Snake. "NANA!" He shouted, as he watch Snake brink Nana into the Ferrari area.

"The Ferrari must have more allies!" Snake hollered.

Rouge was searching through her magazine, trying to find a car that could top both Ferrari AND Mercedes.

Zero Suit Samus looked over Rouge. "What are you doing, Rouge?" She asked.

"Looking for a car that 's better than the Mercedes or Ferrari." Rouge replied. "If I can find one... Maybe we can end this war."

Kazooie nodded. "Yeah. Though we better stay clear of these guys...they mean business."

Rouge found a picture of a bright red Cadillac and a powder blue Chevy. "Hm... Cadillac or Chevy?"

Kazooie pondered. "Hm...I don't know. I sorta like Toyota myself, but Cadillac seems impressive."

In the Ferrari area, Snake, Link, Ness, Peppy, Mario, Knuckles, and Captain Falcon were holding Nana in hostage. The other side, Mercedes, which consisted of King Jingaling, Max, Pichu, Marth, Tails, and Brock were watching them from their area.

Tails shook his head. "Those Ferrari's are trying to strengthen their numbers!"

King Jingaling growled. "They got a hostage on their side. Well, we'll se who gets who..."

"I'm goin' over there," Marth suggested, as he started sneaking onto the Ferrari side.

Meanwhile, Rouge was getting ready to launch Cadillac pictures into the war zone.

Kazooie was right behind Rouge. She peeked over to see both Knuckles and Brock walking towards each other, with one flag each in their hand. Brock represented Mercedes while Knuckles represent Ferrari.

"Where is the food?" Brock boomed, and then coughed, muttering, "I need to work on my evil bellow…"

"It's like this," Knuckles explained, and swelled out his chest and bellowed in evil-villain fashion, "WHERE IS THE FOOD!"

Brock nodded. "Can you show me how to do that later?"

Knuckles shrugged. "Sure. You see, it's all-"

A handful of grass was thrown at Knuckles, and a voice from Peppy shouted, "We only have 4 months here, so can you hurry it up?"

Brock threw a nasty glare at the side of the Ferrari fort where Peppy had shouted from. "We're busy, moron!" He shouted.

Peppy scoffed and replied mockingly, "We're busy, moron! Batman!"

Knuckles made a weird face. "Batman?" He shrugged. "Dah well, it was thoughtful."

This time, a Koopa shell hit Brock in the head, and it was from the Mercedes side. "HURRY UP, YOU GUYS!" Max shouted.

"But what would it be called?" Brock mused.

"Fuel Fanatics?" Knuckles suggested.

Brock grinned. "Brilliant!"

Both Brock and Knuckles dropped the staves and walked off, saying over their shoulders, "You guys can take care of Nana! We're going to make the Fuel Fanatics!"

"MPMH HMPH PHMP!" Nana muffled.

The other characters on the Ferrari side and the Mercedes side shrugged as they watched Knuckles and Brock head off to the Lost Continent area.

Rouge readied the slingshot. "Launching Cadillac pictures!" She let loose, and fired the pictures.

Unfortunately, the pictures missed and went into the river of the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Rouge sweatdropped. "Ok..." She loaded up some more, aiming for the ground. "Fire 2!" She let loose.

The pictures missed again, and ended up in the same river.

Kazooie slapped her forehead. "Ah geeze. We're never gonna stop this madness."

Rouge fumed. "The hell is wrong with this slingshot? I aim for one place and it fires in another!" She loaded it up some more, and started firing pictures in different directions towards the warring sides. The pictures continued to miss.

Unfortunately, all of the pictures have missed yet again and all ended up in the SAME river.

Rouge then opted to throw the pictures at the warring sides, but they all missed.

Kazooie sighed. "Forget it, Rouge, it's not gonna work."

Rouge started to pray. After a few minutes, she looked up and smiled. "Finally, a prayer comes!" She exclaims.

Kazooie looked oddly at Rouge. "Huh? What do you mea-"

Just then, a miracle happened... A Cadillac suddenly descended from the sky from the heavens above...landing right in the middle of the war zone.

"Hey..." King Jingaling said, examining the Cadillac. "Is this the new Cadillac?"

Peppy examined it. "Looks like it. Bah, who the hell cares about it?"

"Let's continue our war!" King Jingaling shouted, as they went back to their sides, and ignored the Cadillac as if it weren't there.

Dr. Hoshi's Group

Dr. Hoshi opened the door to the Smashers' hotel room as he looked around. "Now THIS is more like it," He said.

Cheato thought for a moment. "You think this will do?"

Dr. Hoshi nodded. "Yep. Plus, we got seven rooms for 10 people to sleep in."

Mewtwo grinned. "Sounds convenient."

Mr. Krabs entered the room Dr. Hoshi's group was staying in, and he parked himself in the bed near the balcony. "I claim this bed!" He shouted.

Yoshi's Group

"FINALLY!" Roy exclaimed, "A ride with no dang lines."

"Yeah," Pit said. "I haven't felt this good in ages."

"Please hold onto the belt at all times," The robotic voice said, as the tram headed out the station.

Amy looked out the window. "Wonder what we're gonna see..."

Cream nodded, holding tightly to Cheese. "This ride is scary…"

"Don't worry," Bottles said, rubbing Cream's back. "It'll be all right. After all, it's JUST a ride."

Cream smiled after hearing that from Bottles.

Amy turned to Pikachu. "So what do you think are we gonna encounter?"

"Eh, not much except King Kong," Pikachu said. He turned to May. "Girl, you better not wet yourself or throw up, or I'm throwing you out."

May shook her head. "I already went before we got in." She said.

Kirby sweatdropped. "But...May...there are no bathrooms down here, and you didn't went while we were in the line..."

Yoshi's eyes widened. " mean..."

"EWWWWW!" Roy shouted in disgust, as he moved away from May.

May growled. "That's NOT what I meant!" She barked angrily at Roy.

"It isn't?" Yoshi asked.

May nodded. "I'll have you know, I went in the bushes." She told them.

Yoshi shrugged. "Well, let's get ready to rock on!"

And finishing up with that, the ride started up, and the tram the group members were in took off, preparing for the greatest thrills of their live.

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