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Summary: Four years ago, the KND organization was wiped out by the Adults' Secret Weapon. Now Adults rule the world. But one KND operative escaped the massacre while almost getting decommissioned and went into hiding. Now after four years passed, she emerges and tries to fix what the Adults did four years ago. She does it with some help from her old teammates who got decommissioned… from Sector V. 1/362 2/5 3/4

Final Day

Chapter One

5201314- I Love You Forever

Four years ago…

Far away in the Universe lies a blue and green planet called Planet Earth. Planet Earth is teeming with life of all kinds. One such life is human beings. Yes, humans had dominated Earth ever since. Out of humans are kids and adults. They both hate each other guts very much. Because of that the Kids formed their own organization called the Kids Next Door to combat the Adults.

Earth's satellite the Moon is Earth's neighbor. On the moon, the KND Moonbase Headquarters lies here. KND Moonbase is the main base for the KND organization. For years, adults had tried to take over the Moonbase because taking out the Moonbase will cause the KND organization to decline.

At the Moonbase, there is a room that all KND operative fears the most. The Decommissioning room. This room is where all 13 years old KND operatives get decommissioned or forgets everything he or she did in the KND. This is to prevent the 13 years old operatives from leaking KND secret information to the Adults. There is a spaceship flying toward Moonbase. Inside the spaceship, a Japanese girl chained to the seat, she is looking out the window. Even though, she didn't fight back at all they still chained her. She looks like she has been through more than she can handle and very sad about something.

"Numbuh Three we are almost there. It is almost over" Numbuh 680 told her.

"Okay" she replies back very quietly. She looks back outside and starts to cry. Kuki Sanban, 13 years old, decommissioning day.

Kuki had always dreaded this day, but after losing Wally she didn't care anymore. She pulls her necklace out and looks at it. The necklace was very special to her because Wally gave it to her before he was decommissioned…


Numbuh Three, 12 years old, was crying on her bed in her dolls and toys filled room.

Why today? Just when he finally confesses to me! This whole month was the happiest day of my life! Why today he have to be decommissioned? Why can't I get decommissioned with him? WHY?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her curtains.

"Come in…" she said sadly. Numbuh Four peeked in from the curtains.

"Uhh… hey Kuki? Can I come in?" he asked her.

"Oh! Sure!" she replied back and tried to smile. He walked inside the room hiding something behind his back.

"I uhh…. I uhh… I uhh…" he stuttered trying to say something.

"Yes?" she asks him and cocks her head sideways.

Awww! He is SOOO cute when is nervous! I will try not to hug him until he finally tells me what he wants to tell me.

"I want to give you this since… you know… we won't be able to remember each other anymore…" he told her while really trying to smile and took out a necklace. Numbuh Three's eyes widen when she saw the necklace. The necklace was beautiful in appearance and looks like it was made just for them both. It had silver hearts all connecting each other. In the middle, is a green lined rainbow monkey holding 4 numbers 1314. He places the necklace around her neck.

"Oh Wally! It is beautiful! Thanks!" she tells him happily and hugs him tightly.

He blushed and replied "Your welcome Kuki Uh… look" She looked at where he is pointing to and he pulled out the very same necklace except of course it had an orange rainbow monkey on it instead.

"Wow! You got one also!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, I bought one for you and for me" he told her with a smile on his face.

"Oh! But why?" she asked him and he stopped smiling at once. He looked away from her and she knew she shouldn't have asked that.

"Because… when we get decommissioned, we will always remember each other with these necklaces… It is kind of like our symbol for our relationship…" he tells her and then starts to cry. Tears started to form in her eyes also and she walked up to him. They both hugged and cried with each other. After they stopped crying, Numbuh Four took both of their necklaces and point to the 4 numbers 1314.

"Know what this means?" he asked her while rubbing the numbers with his fingers. She shook her head.

He smiled and told her "forever, that's what the guy who sold it to me told me. It means our love will be Forever Kuki" She smiled back at him and kissed him.

"Ooooo! Wally and Kuki sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Numbuh Two shouted and laughed at them. Numbuhs One and Five was snickering at them. They both broke apart and turned really red from embarrassment.

"First come love, then come marriage, then come- OW!" Numbuh Two shouted in pain. "What you do that for Numbuh Five?" he asked Numbuh Five while rubbing his head.

"Stop it! It is Wally… You Know What" she whispered to him.

"Oh yeah, forgot" Numbuh Two said and turned to them. "I am sorry guys, really am" he apologized to them.

"It's alright Numbuh Two. We don't mind right Wally?" Numbuh Three asked Numbuh Four. Numbuh Four looked really mad and really wanted to pounce on Numbuh Two. But remembered it was his decommissioning day, all the anger just turned to sadness.

"Yeah, it is okay Numbuh Two" he replied back. They all looked down and it was quiet for some while. Finally Numbuh One broke the silence.

"Ready to go Numbuh Four? I told Numbuh 86 that you won't fight back so we will take you to Moonbase" Numbuh One asked Numbuh Four who was looking out the window.

"Huh? Yeah, sure… Can I have a minute with Kuki first?" he asked Numbuh One and looked at Numbuh Three sadly.

"Sure, Numbuh Four. Take as long as you want. Come on guys, lets go prepare for the journey" Numbuh One said and motioned for Numbuhs Two and Five to leave the room. After they left, Numbuh Four looked out the windows again. Numbuh Three looked at the wall. Finally, Numbuh Four turn back and looked at her in the eyes. She can see he was fighting back the tears.

"Wally?" she said to him and walked up to him.

"Yeah Kuki?" he asked her while watching her come closer to him.

"It is okay… let it all out… I am here for you" she told him and they were only inches from each other. Then she hugged him and patted him on the back. After feeling Kuki was near him, he couldn't hold it in anymore. They both cried together again for the second time that day.

"I am… going to miss you… Kuki" he told her while sobbing at her shoulder.

"I am going to miss you also Wally" she told him and a tear drop on his hair. He looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

"Maybe I should do what the others did, escape and hide" Wally said to Kuki silently.

"No! Wally don't do that please! They will catch you again! It isn't worth it!" she shouted back at him and begging him not to do it.

"But… I don't want to forget you Kuki. I want to always remember you!" he told her. She pushed back his bangs and kissed him on the lips.

She smiled at him and told him "You won't forget me Wally. We will always be with each other in our hearts. Besides, these necklaces will guarantee we won't forget each other ever!"

He smiled back and said "Maybe your right Kuki, this isn't over, this is just the beginning! And who knows? Destiny might put us together again in the future!"

Kuki smiled really big and told Wally "Forever, Wally"

Wally grins and replied back to Kuki "Forever, Kuki" Then they both hugged each other. The necklaces glow brightly underneath them.

Flashback over

"Forever…" Kuki said sadly when the spaceship dock at Moonbase. Those were his last words, to her. Then he got decommissioned and she never saw him again. A tear fall down onto the necklace. The door side open and Numbuh 401 walk inside the room. She puts away the necklace. Two operatives came in and unlock her chains.

"Numbuh Three it is time" she tells her. Numbuh Three stand up and follow them.

"Numbuh Three, you won't fight back? But why though?" Numbuh 402 asks her while leading her toward the decommissioning room. Numbuh Three is silent for a while.

Then she turns to look at him and tells him silently "Because… Wally and my other friends never fought back… so I won't either. Also because we are the best Sector you guys will ever have" Numbuh 402 just stare dumbfounded as Numbuh Three walks into the decommissioning room.

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