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Summary: Four years ago, Father and his Adult's armies succeeded in destroying the KND organization using the Adult's new secret weapon. One KND operative, Kuki Sanban, escaped the Adult's attack and went into hiding. Now four years later, she emerges out of hiding and tries to undo what the Adults did four years ago. With the help of some old friends and secret Rainbow Monkey powers, can she fix the horrible past? 1/362 2/5 2/3/4

Final Day

Chapter Three

Who is that guy?

"Kuki? Kuki? Wake up!" someone shakes her. Kuki opens her eyes and sees…

"Wally? Is that really you?" she asks the person while hoping it was him. He smiles and nods back.

She hugs her tightly as she tells him "Oh Wally! I am soooo glad to see you!! I thought I would never see you again!"

Wally hugs her back and said "Yeah me too. I miss you so much Kuki!"

Kuki with tears coming down and said to him "I miss you also Wally… a lot. Promise me you would never leave me again"

Wally smiles and kisses her "I promise you Kuki, but if we ever are separated just remember use the necklace I gave you to find me"

Kuki wipes away her tears and smiles back "I will always remember that"

"I know you will Kuki… I know you will" Wally tells her as they hug each other. Kuki closes her eyes while lying on his chest.

Kuki opens her eyes and Wally isn't there, but instead she is back in her crashed ship lying on the floor.

"It was… just a dream?" she said and looks sadly down at the floor. "Wally… I miss you so much… that it hurts so badly" she said while getting up from the floor.

"Ow… my head" Kuki said and then climbs out of her ship. Kuki looks up into the sky and is terrified at what she sees. The normal beautiful sky blue sky is now replaced with a black sky that almost looked like the Negaverse's world. "Wh-What happened?" she asks herself while looking around.

Everywhere she looks she sees ruins of houses, stores and other places. She walks around looking at everything and stumbles onto something big. She looks up and sees Sector V's treehouse all torn down and destroyed. She found out she had stumbled over the KND sign that was suppose to be on top of the treehouse.

Her eyes get really big "no… it can't be" she said while stepping backwards. "No…" she said softly in disbelief.

A big huge TV turns on showing Father on the screen, "Yes! The Kids Next Door are finally defeated! Adults can finally rule the world without stupid kids rebelling against them!" Father laughs as the screen shows different KND sectors being attacked and destroyed. "Kids will finally learn that Adults should and will always rule over them!!" Father shouts in triumph. Kuki watches as the screens shows many kids in handcuffs being lead down to scary buildings that looks like concentration camps.

"Hey! You! You should be in handcuffs!" someone shouts at Kuki. Kuki looks behind her and sees adult patrol guards with strange big glowing guns. Kuki runs the other way as they starts to chase her. She runs and jumps over things along the way. Just as it seems she will get away, she trips over a rock and falls down on the floor. She starts to get up from the floor when lasers shoot past her and she ducks down while scared to get up.

"Eep!" she said while lying flat on the floor as the lasers pass by on top of her.

"Aha! Got you now little girl!" the patrol guard said evilly. Kuki hears the gun being charged up as she closes her eyes. Her rainbow monkey necklace starts to glow as the laser was shot toward her. She opens her eyes because she felt no shock or impact of the laser.

"What the?" the patrol guard said while shocked. "Which one is her?" another patrol guard asks the other patrol guards. Kuki then hears "ahh!! Not in the face! Pow! Bam!" She looks up and sees herself beating up the patrol guards.

"Who-Who are you?" she asks while scared. The Clone Kuki in front of her doesn't answer but just motions for her to leave. Kuki looks and sees a bunch of patrol guards are coming toward her. Kuki looks at the Clone Kuki and runs away. While running away, she looks back and she sees herself fighting them. One of the lasers hit the Clone Kuki and she disappears into thin air.

"Whoa, that is too weird" Kuki said while running away. Kuki runs and runs until she couldn't any more and falls on the floor panting out of breath. "Can't… run… anymore… Must… rest… on… floor…" she said between each breath. Suddenly she hears footsteps, but she is too tired to move. She silently prays to herself that it wasn't the patrol guards. Sadly it was another of the adult patrol team searching for kids to take to the prisons. As their footsteps get closer, she hopes they won't spot her. Again luck just wasn't on her side, they spots her and starts to run toward her.

"Hey little girl!" one of them shouts at her advancing toward her.

I AM not a LITTLE GIRL!! I am a TEENAGER!! Even though I don't want to be it! SHEESH! GET IT RIGHT!

Kuki tries to get up but one of the patrol guards grabs her arm tightly.

"Your not going anywhere girl!" he said holding onto her arm so tightly that it starts hurting her.

"Let go! You're hurting my arm!" she screams trying to break free from his grasp.

"Not going to happen! I am bringing you right to prison!" he tells her and pulls her along.

"No!! Let me go!!!" she screams struggling against the adult.

"Let her go" someone said out of nowhere. Kuki looks and sees someone standing there in the dark.

The patrol guard looks at him and answers him back "Yeah, right! Like I will listen to you!" To the other guards, "Get him!!"

The three guards surround the person ready to strike him. The person steps out of the dark and smirks at them. They all charge at him, but he dodged all of the punches and kicks. He did a back flip and kicks one of the guards away. He jumps in front of another one and trips him with his foot. The other guard starts shooting at him, but he dodged the shots.

The lead guard and Kuki watches as the mysterious person knocks out the other guard also. All three of the guards lay on the ground groaning in pain as the person advances on the guard holding Kuki. The lead patrol guard lets go of Kuki and runs away like a chicken. The other three guards get up and follows their leader. Kuki stays on the floor watching all of the patrol guards fleeing like chickens. Then she turns and looks at the person advancing toward her.

"Are you okay?" he asks her and offers his hand to her. She nods her head and takes his hand. He pulls her up from the ground.

"Thank you" Kuki tells him while smiling.

He smiles back and replies back "Your welcome" He turns and walks away.

"Wait! Who… are you?" she questions him.

He looks back at her and answers "I will tell you in our next encounter, for now just remember me by the person who saved your butt" Then he walks away as she watches him walks away and disappears into the smoke.

"Who is he? The way he fights look very familiar, but I can't seem to remember who fights like him" she said to herself.

"Psst!" she hears and turns and sees a teen girl motioning for her to follow. "Come on this way!" the girl tells her and runs off. Kuki follows her, but looks back while smiling.

Whoever he is, I will probably find out later.

Then Kuki continues following the strange girl even though Kuki doesn't know where she is going.

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