Kasumi stayed around Shesshomaru' palace for two weeks to recover and finally got to know Shesshomaru pretty well. She grew attached to Shesshomaru, but began to miss Inuyasha terribly and couldn't imagine if he knew if she was alright. She got up from her room and walked towards the giant library that Shesshomaru always stayed in most of the time. She knocked on the door before walking in. She looked at all the rows of books lined up on the walls and wondered if he really thought he could read them all. I sat down next to Shesshomaru and he glanced up slightly before going back to his work.

"Uhm…Shesshomaru." I said a bit worried of his reaction.

"Yes?" he asked a bit annoyed.

"I miss Inuyasha!" I suddenly blurted out.

Shesshomaru looked up and was very serious. "I can take you to visit him if you'd like." he said.

"I want to travel with him again, though… You are a really nice big brother, Shesshomaru! Don't get me wrong your great and you take super care of Rin. But I've traveled with them for so long and if they beat Naraku… I want to be there when they get Hayate back."

"I see… Perhaps I didn't mention it before. Inuyasha did not give me the sword to bring you back to life. I was much nicer and decided I would bring you back to life on one condition. You remain with me instead of him."

"I.. W.. Huh? Why would you do that? What do you want to keep me here forever for?"

"You are a skilled fighter, Kasumi. I do not wish to argue over what can not be one."

I stood up angry and looked at him. "You argued with Inuyasha for a sword you couldn't even tough and out of what? Jealousy, that's what. I bet your just jealous that I got to know father." I said and walked out.

I went back to my room and sighed. I sat there thinking and wondered why I didn't just run away. Truth was that Shesshomaru reminded me of father so much… That I tried to believe Shesshomaru could be father. I sighed realizing that father truly had been dead for years and I needed to grow up soon. I decided after Shesshomaru would take me to visit Inuyasha. Inuyasha could fight Shesshomaru for me, since they did it all the time anyways.

Shesshomaru decided to bring Rin and Jaken with us even though I despised Jaken. It was a long trip full of arguing and Shesshomaru constantly telling us to stop bickering. We finally arrived at lady Kaedes hut and I walked inside. There stood everyone, sitting and having lunch. Inuyasha was the first to look up surprised. His eyes got big and teary for the first time, since I'd been with him.

"Hey there, Inuyasha." I said with a lump in my throat.

"Kasumi… Your really alive.." he replied and looked away embarrassed, "I'm so sorry for what I did. You should leave before I hurt you again.

"Your so stupid. You don't think I realized what happened? I decided to come back anyways, because I love all of you guys."

"It's so good to see you again, Kasumi!" said Kagome with a smile.

"Yes. We were so worried." said Sango.

"I missed you dearly." said Miroku patting my rump.

"You haven't changed have you, Miroku?" I said after slapping him and couldn't help laughing.

Inuyasha suddenly got up and hugged me closely. I smiled and hugged him back. He let go and I began to laugh. "Funny thing, Inuyasha. You need to tell Shesshomaru to let me stay with you. He's uhh.. Waiting outside." I said as Inuyasha rolled up his sleeves and walked out.