hello all and welcome to my new story about me and two of my friends lost in the beyblade world yes i know this has been done many times before but i thort that i would have a go at it please tell me what you think good or bad as i liketo know if i need to improve on anything thanks

It was just one of those normal everyday sun shining fall through a portal on your way to school day

yes you read that correctly i am wonder woman and i am here to tel...

"Evan you are so not wonder woman you just think you are" a voice floated out of the darkness

"shut up tessa they dont know that"

"well now they do" manacle laughter is hurd from the darkness

"tess" i said through gritted teeth

"yea evan"

"SHUT UP!"...silence...

"thank you now where was i? ... oh right it was just one of those normal everyday sun shining fall thr..."

"you already said that bit" a taunting voice floated out of the darkness


"geez no need to shout miss grumpy pants"

"ok where was i? Oh yes sun shining fall through a portal on your way to school day i am evan or as my parents thought to name me cause it sounded pretty evangeline isobella lilly rose harper and thats just my first name why is it that the parental units think to give us kids an unusual name?

why dont they ever think of the impact that its gunna have on us in later years like when were at high school and everyones teasing you cause your name isnt just normal

Ok i will shut up now and start on with the story guys come on out"

"about time do you know how stuffy it is in your wardrobe?" a girl with white blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and a tiny frame stepped out

"yea ev when did you last clean it" a girl with brown hair green eyes shortish and a normal frame comented as she stepped out brushing cobwebs off of her clothes

"haha sorry guys" both girls roll eyes

"just get on with it girl"

"ok ok sheesh anyone would think your in hurry or something"

"uhh hello" waves hand in air "me im in a hurry my mums making a pavalova tonight for my auntys birthday and like i wanna miss out on a piece of my mums pavalova"

"shut up jan your gunna make me druel your mums pav is the best"

"oh i know" smiles and flips hair

rolls eyes

"ok chapter 1 lets begin"

"about time geez"

glares at tessa

looks away innocently

Chapter 1


i sighed as i leaned closer to thecrimson eyed two toned haired blader i could fell his breath on my cheek his hands on my waist my hands curled around his neck with one of his hands he tilted my face up towards his

"kai.." he smiled down at me before lowering his...


i groaned and smacked my alarm off the table and onto the floor it continued bleeping like some really demented sheep maybe it was just constipated i snaked an arm out of the warm covers and pushed the off button on my clock before rolling over and snuggling back under the warm covers i sighed as i tried to go back into my dream

with one of his hands he tilted my face up towards his

"kai..." he smiled down at me before loweri...

"oof" i felt all the wind being knocked out of me as something incrediable heavy threw itself at me i blarely opened my eyes to see a jam covered pudgy face staring back at me

"ahhhhhh" i stopped screaming when i realised that it was my 3 year old sister amythest lilly rose evangeline yes that really is her name just her first name no i am not lying they even gave her my name how shit is that did they run out of other names or something

i groaned and gently pushed her off my chest she rolled to the other side of the bed giggling i couldnt help but smile at her she had the most gorgeous blue eyes and the lightest blonde hair while i had green eyes and black hair how my sister got her blue eyes and blonde hair is beyond me maybe my mum slept with the milk man or something hey its not unheard of

my mum poked her head through my doorway she smiled at my little sisters antics

"hey sweety could you drop amythest off at daycare today please im running late thanx kisses" and before i could even protest she was gone walking down the hallway shoulder length blonde hair swaying gently behind her as she walked i sighed and turned to my sister to see her jammy face all over my pillow

"arghhh" i picked her up and put her in the playpen in my room dont get the wrong idea or anything my mum put playpens all over the house including my room which was a total nightmare and pain i was always getting teased by my friends saying that secretly she was my daughter instead or little sister so anoying

i then walked into my bathroom and took a shower washing my hair and such i got out towled off my hair and let it hang lose it came to just under my chin and was cut in choppy shapes in other words short and long bits randomly everywhere in my hair i also had red streaks running through my hair i sighed and reluctantly put on the school uniform

on went the stupid white shirt and the blue tie with the school emblin on it and the green and blue tarten skirt and then the oh so wonderful white knee high socks and black standord lace up 1 inch healed shoes except that my heals were more like 4 inches i walked back into my bathroom and did my make-up black eyeliner black mascara foundation black eyeshadow and clear lipgloss yes i do like black no i am not goth i just like the color black

i walked out with a face cloth and washed my sisters face the phone rang as i was dressing my sister for daycare i picked it up while trying to stop my sister from getting lose and running around the hose like a wild animal which sometimes i believe she is

"sup mah hommie G" a sigh could be hurd on the other end

"Evangeline isobella lilly rose harper i do wish you would stop answering the phone like that?" an anoyed male voice whined down the line

"sorry papa g wats up?" another sigh

"is your mother there?"

"nope she left early" another sigh

"well can i say a quick hello to amythest lill rose please"

"sure papa g" i covered the mouth piece of the phone with one hand

"amythest daddys on the phone he wants to say hello!" i yelled out i hurd the pitter patter of little feer running towards her room actually it was more like a hurd of elephants she practically snatched the phone from my hands before answering it in a sickly sweet voice

a few seconds later she hung up and turned to me

"what?' i asked suspicious

"do putty tats swim?"

"no, amythest what did you do?"

"nothing just tought dat da putty tat mite wanna take a swim" my eyes widened

"what!" she gigled

"jus kidden gee" i growled and grabbed her gently of course she was still only 3 i had to wait till she was atleast 6 before i bullied her around just kidding i would never hurt her i grabbed her and finished getting her dressed i looked at the clock 7:45

"shit" i grabbed amythests shoes and shoved them on her feet before grabbing her bag and picking her up i ran down the stairs and grabbed my saddle bag off the banister i slung amythests bag on over my shoulder grabbed my jersey and bolted out the door and down the drive i slowed to a walk as i reached the letter box dropping amythest onto her feet i grabbed her hand and turned right walking in the opposite direction of my school to get to the daycare centre

i pulled my ipod out of the pocket in my skirt and put one ear piece in so that i could still her amythest i turned it on and the sound of ryan cabrera's on the was down floated into my ears i started humming i hurd mythest giggle i looked down at her with a smile she was looking up at me sucking on her thumb i sighed and pulled her thumb out she motioned at me her arms raised up i rolled my eyes and picked her up sitting her on my hip she put her thumb back in her mouth i growled pulling it out once more after walking for about 10 minutes i saw the daycare

i sighed in relief i walked into the building i dropped her off and walked out of the building telling her i would be back when i finished school

i walked down the street listning to panic! At the disco i write sins not tragedies

i started singing as i walked

oh well imagine: as im pacing the pews in a church corridor,

and i cant help but to hear,

no i cant help but to hear an exchanging of words

"what a beautiful wedding, what a beautiful wedding!"

says the bridesmaid to a waiter.

"Yes, but what a shame, what a shame.

The poor groom's bride is a whore."

i hurd two new voices join in with my singing as i walked

i chimed in with a "haven't you people ever hurd of closing the goddamn door!"

no, its much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

I chimed in "haven't you people ever hurd of closing the goddamn door!"

i looked to my side to see my two best friends tessa and jan we all started laughing

"hey guys sup?"

"not much"

"nothing" we continued on our merry way to school the most happiest place in the world NOT!

We decided to cut across the park we were halfway across when i felt a weird tingling sensation on my feet i stopped walking i noticed that tess and jan had aswell

"you feel that tinglyness in your feet too?" jan asked hopeful

tess and i nodded she sighed in relief i tried to move forward but found i was stuck

"uhm guys cant move here lil help"

"would love to help ya evan but WE ARE ALSO STUCK!" jan yelled getting hystericle

"jan calm down dont freak out" i said in the calmest voice i could manage

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh" i screamed as i started sinking i could see tessa looking at me with one eyebrow raised but couldnt really give a damm seeing as how i was sinking into god knows what

i hurd the screams of tess and jan as they too started to sink into whatever it was we were in

"CAN WE PANIC NOW!" jan yelled at me

"YES" i yelled back we were up to our waists in what looked like mud we were sinking faster now it was if someone or something was pulling us down what ever was on the other side i wasnt sure if i wanted to find out i took a gulp of fresh air before my head went under and i blacked out.

ok yes i know it doesnt have any of the bladebreakers or anythign to do with beybalde but this first chappie was important well i thought so anyway the bladebreakers will be in the second one i promise please tell me what you thought and if you want me to continue with it or not