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Chapter 16

Deeper into you

third person

She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest and stared out at the water lapping at the shore, in and out, in and out, she slowed her breathing to match that of the waves, her vision became hazy as she focused on one point of the water.

She sighed as a cool breeze ruffled her hair which had grown slightly past her shoulders, she blinked a few times clearing her vision,

the moon shone lightly on the water casting long dark shadows to ripple beneath the surface, a heavy weight had been placed onto her shoulders, she knew how to get them home she knew exactly what to do, the problem?

Another sigh escaped her slightly parted lips, she shook her head slightly as the wind blew strands of her black hair into her eyes.
She felt someone behind her, tilting her head backwards she met crimson eyes, smiling she brought her head forward and resumed staring out at the ocean once again.

He sat down beside her never taking his eyes off of her face, she could feel his gaze but seemed to ignore it lost deep in thought.

There were a lot of reasons, one of them was that she didn't want to leave.

Evans p.o.v

Kai's relentless gaze on me unnerved me I started to squirm, as if he could sense my unease he swiveled his gaze out to the ocean, we sat like this for who knows how long just staring at the ocean.

Its amazing how something that looks so calm so peaceful and harmless can be so increadibly deadly.

I sighed this place never ceased to amaze me, everything was so neat and perfect, it was so clean, unlike my town it was anything but, the parks wern't safe half the play equipment was nearly falling to pieces,the grass was brown, not very nice.

It alarmed me at how light the sky was turning I guess we'd been out here longer then I thought, I stretched my legs out infront of me, basking in the light tingles that escalated through them as blood began to flow freely.

I flopped down onto my back so that my body was completely straight cushioned by the sand, I looked over to see Kai still staring out at the ocean,
'I wonder what he's thinking about?'

ask him.
I cant just ask him Evalesa thats an intrusion of privacy.
but wern't you just wondering what he was thinking?
Well yes but i'm not gunna ask him thats just rude.
I will never get you humans.

I rolled my eyes and lent up, touching Kai's shoulder, I felt him tense beneath my hand, his gaze swept over me and softened slightly, relaxing under my touch,

before he could react I had pulled him backwards till he lay in the sand aswell, I grinned over at him. I saw the sides of his mouth twitch.

I rolled onto my side and propped my head up with my hand, his eyes were focused above him on the sky,
"what are you thinking about?" I asked flinching at how intimate it sounded, his eyes flickered over to me before returning to the sky.I rolled over onto my stomach and lay my head in my arms

"I was thinking about..." I snapped my head up and turned to look at him, for a moment I thought I had imagined it.
"You" he finished locking eyes with me so I couldn't turn away.

I blushed in the semi darkness desperately wanting to look away but couldn't seem to.
Kai rolled onto his side and shuffled closer never once breaking eye contact, his hand came up to cup my cheek before slowly moving his hand down towards my shoulder, he lightly pushed me till I was lying on my back our eyes still locked, he leaned over me, his eyes boaring right into me, seeing everything.

His hand moved back to my cheek he ran his thumb gently over my slightly parted lips carresing them, his head came towards me at an agonisingly slow pace, I felt my heart speed up as he drew closer his eyes never leaving mine,

he was so close now barely an inch between our faces I could feel my eyes going crosseyed from staring into his eyes.

I cant believe he's doing this to me, he's teasing me I know it
well then mistress you should take matters into your own hands, get the upper hand.
Evalesa! Go away private moment.
ok ok im going.

She was right i should, I blinked clearing my vision for a split second, I raised my head closing my eyes at the same time.

Our lips met, in an agonisingly slow kiss, Kai's groan of annoyance made me smirk, he pulled back and I opened my eyes,

staring into his crimson depths I felt him issue some kind of a challenge, before I could even think his lips came crashing down on me with brute force, hard enough to bruise, yet soft enough to be sensual, I moved my lips against his wanting more of him,

he nibbled on my bottom lip seeking entrance, I parted my lips slightly and he took it as an opportunity to thrust his tongue in, I clashed my tongue against his in a game of war, both of us fighting for dominance.

I let him win, and pulled him closer, his lips were doing funny things to my mind I could barely think coherrant thoughts he was driving me crazy.

We broke for oxygen, as my thoughts started to become coherrant I wondered how and when I had slid my hands underneath his shirt, my fingers were splayed over his chest.

I could feel his irregular heart beat underneath my fingertips, it seems as if this has affected him just as much as it has me, our eyes locked again,

I brought his shirt over his head and tossed it in the sand behind me, the night sky had grown a pinkish orangey colour.

My gaze was captivated by his chest I lightly ran my fingers over his pecs and down to his washboard stomach, I felt his muscles clench and tremble underneath my fingertips,
'So somebodys ticklish' i inwardly smirked.

Any coherrant thoughts I may have had were suddenly swept from my mind as Kai's lips came crashing down onto mine yet again, only this time more softer, I trailed my arms up to the nape of his neck and curled my fingers in his thick hair.

We pulled apart just watching each other he rolled off me and lay on his back in the sand staring at the sky which was turning a pale blue with small hints or pink streaked throughout, I sat up.

My eyes unfocused for a few seconds as dizzyness over took me, shaking my head it cleared, I spun around my back now facing the ocean, there was quite abit of traffic and a few people running.

I saw Kai's shirt infront of me and reached out to grab it when an arm snaked around my waist at the same time, grabbing it Kai pulled it into my lap, sitting behind me he wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him.

He brushed the hair off from one side of my neck and rested his chin on my shoulder, he started placing small butterfly kisses along my neck, I arched my head to the side giving him more access.

I felt him graze the skin with his teeth a couple of times, before he bit into the tender flesh I yelped in surprise, he pulled back and hushed soothing noises in my ear.

He returned back to my neck where he began to suck and bite on the tender flesh he had just bitten, I knew what he was doing and I should have probably stopped him but at the moment I was too focused with Kai's lips upon my neck.

I thought back to a few moments before when Kai's lips were actually on mine, I sighed in content and wondered how many times we had tried to kiss since I had gotten here, we had always been interupted everytime.

I smiled, but not here, no one was here to yell at us, or break something to distract us.

I moaned as Kai's hands traced lazy circles on my bare waist, I felt him smirk against my neck.

I cant even begin to describe what was going through my mind at this exact moment all i know is that i dont ever want it to end.

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