Derek opened his eyes and looked down into her face. She was beautiful. Her head was back, with her long column of neck exposed, her lips pouted from his kisses, and her eyes closed in ecstasy. He murmured her name, wanting her to open her eyes, so he could see how he had filled them with passion. She opened her eyes and met his, and he had to take a breath, so intense was the sensation when they met. Their bodies moved together, like a slow dance, his hands covering her tiny hips. Making love to Meredith was almost too much to bear. The way her breath escaped her in tiny sobs and gasps as he filled her, the way her eyes darkened and her face flushed. It was a heady feeling to see her this way, because of him. He leaned down and claimed her mouth with his, before moving his lips to trail down her neck. She was starting to tighten her legs around him, and he felt her tightening inside. Her eyelids were half open and her breath was coming faster and she was making those noises that drove him insane. He breathed slowly, willing his body to behave, as he felt her start to climax around him. She was saying his name, urging him on. He waited, almost painfully, until he felt her start another orgasm, before he finally buried his face in her neck and gave in to the demands of his straining body. He stayed inside of her a minute, trying to catch his breath, before he realized he was still on top of her and rolled to the side. He glanced over at her, her chest was still heaving, and her eyes closed. He pulled her over, into the crook of his arm. She turned on her side and rose up on his chest, to look down and smile at him. "That was exactly what the doctor ordered," she teased him. "How many times a day are you supposed to take it?" he countered back. She gave him a very sexy smile before leaning down to whisper in his ear, "as much as I need to." He pulled her and settled her across his hips, so she was straddling him. "Seriously?" she asked him, surprised. "Seriously" he answered. She lifted herself up, before settling down on top of him taking him inside of her. "Go easy on me, I am forty." He told her. She leaned over him, her hair falling around him and started to move very, very slowly, writhing on top of him. He bit his lip, she was in a teasing mood, and he knew he was in for it. The things she could do amazed him. She met his lips in a hungry kiss, and he brought his hands up to her hips, trying to control the rhythm. If she didn't slow down, this wasn't going to last very long. He gazed up at her, enjoying how beautiful she was as she rode him. Her hair was wild around her flushed face. She was losing herself in the sensations. She felt him looking at her and opened her eyes. She leaned over to take his mouth again. Her eyes made love to him as her body did, and Derek didn't know how much longer he was going to endure. He wanted to pleasure her first, but she was having none of it, not letting him slow down to wait. His heart was pounding as he was swept away in her tempo, completely out of control of the situation. Just when he knew he was going to lose it, she leaned over him to stare into his eyes as he felt himself exploding inside of her. The intensity of watching him so privately like that, in his moment of release must have affected her as much as it did him, because he felt her start to surrender around him. Their bodies spasmed together for a moment, before she collapsed on his chest. He didn't think he could be any more turned on. This tiny woman mesmerized him, and he knew he would never get enough of her. He was about to drift off, and he smiled sleepily as he felt her settle in next to him, her hair across his chest. Apparently they weren't going to be going out for awhile.