Okay readers, last installment on what I hope was a good story for you. I think this is a sweet, dignified ending for our couple. This story has been extremely enjoyable for me to write. Look for updates on my other stories. Thanks for reading...



Nine days after Hermione's funeral,Ron's funeral was held. His bier was placed next to hers. The grief of their friends was surpassed only by the grief of their children. They understood how sad Ron was, but couldn't help but think that he hadforty to fifty good years left; that the strongest man they knew had a heart that couldn't hold out. It affected Harry the most; he had lost both his best friends.

Ron suddenly found that he was standing by his own funeral bier. He looked down and saw that he was dressed in the same style of robe he wore at he and Mione's handfasting.

"At least they dressed me in something nice," he thought.

He saw Ginny and Luna lead Harry away crying and shook his head.

"Poor bloke," he thought. "Sorry Harry."

He suddenly realized that he didn't feel altogther whole, but light and airy. It was a pleasant feeling.

"Am I a ghost?" he wondered.

"I was wondering when you would get here," a sweet, familiar voice called out.

Ron turned around to see Hermione leaning against a tree, next to Albus' sarcophagus. The sight took Ron's breath away. She looked 18 again, beautifully exactly the way she had looked the day of their handfasting. She was also walking towards him, arms open, flashing that charming smile and laughing softly. He ran into her embrace, barely believing that he was hugging and kissing her again, running his hands through her hair and seeing her charming smile and beaming eyes.

"Come on, they're waiting on us," she said and took his hand.

"Who?" he asked.

"You'll see," she said with a wink. "And don't worry about Harry, we'll come back for him soon."