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pairings: kagomejin kanamehiei kuramayanayouko yuskekeiko

kurabakayunka botonkoenma

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chapter 1 what happened

It was a long and horrible battle. Everyone fought there hardest even shippo fought.But alas to win this fight was to make a sacrifise. sango was the first she died by her brothers hands. kohaku was next he killed himself so he could be with his sister.Miroko was after him for he could not live without sango and suckup every demon in his path even the saimyusho.(inu went to hell with kikyo. must not attack clay pot most keep writing story)the only ones left to fight naraku where kaname, shippo, kagome,and kirara.(yes shess died protecting kaname and kagome along with kouga ayame rin jaken). "This ends now naraku prepare to die! You ready Kag!" kaname yelled to her BFF. "I was born ready!""Revele your hidden forces shikigome unleash your power!""this is the end naraku!""kukukuku dp you really think you can kill me my little miko?""kag shut him up for goood""with pleasure"kagome uleashed her arrow and amied for where the jewel was and..."NNOOOO! I WILL BE BACK!" Those was the end for naraku."kaggy get the jewel""right" kagome ran to the jewel and purified it. "Lets go home kags""what abou-""their are no corpes kags look" she was right only thing left on the battle feild was blood."we have to leave""y-your right""mama""hm""can we come to" kagome smiled down at shippo and kirara."of course lets go home""YEAH!"Shippo yelled while jumping into her arms while kirara went into kaname's.

-fast forward to the well-

"hold on""K" was all that was heard before they jumped in the portal never to return again.

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