Thud. Ginny's cheek was met by the cold, hard stone of the dungeon floor.

"And that's what happens when I stick my foot out," he explained casually, as if teaching a lesson to his sniggering cronies.

"You know, Draco, you really should watch where you stick your foot." Ginny pushed herself into a sitting position. "You never know when somebody might miss and make you look like a fool…not that it would be much of a stretch," she added as an afterthought.

Draco Malfoy responded to this with another laugh. "Correct as you are, Weasley, I think it's safe to say that that person will never be you."

She felt herself flush. He was right on that one. Though, Ginny realized after a second, every time I've tripped it's been because I'm blind so…Ginny forced a gracious smile on her face. "Right you are Malfoy, as always. So insightful…at least, Professor Woodland seems to think so."

"What's that, O ye whose face is against the floor?"

"For being so insightful, you hide it so well." She felt a tad odd, just sitting there conversing with Malfoy, his cronies surrounding her and the contents of her book bag strewn across the hallway. She decided to tick him off anyway she could. "I never did get to thank you for your utterly spontaneous assistance. Your interpretation of the muggle war was far more useful than anything I could have found in the library."

Malfoy responded to this with a violent kick to one of Ginny's textbooks.

"Expelliarmus," a deep, raspy voice bellowed behind her, followed by the shuffling of feet and voices that she recognized to be the Trio's. They must have just rounded the corner when the Slytherin disarmed them.

How are they so early to Potions? Ginny wondered absently.

"I know mathematics isn't your strong suit, Ronald, but I would hope that you can count." Hermione's intense voice carried over to her. If she were trying to whisper, she was failing. "Seven Slytherins and four Gryffindors, one of which is blind and two of which don't have wands!"

"We've still got your wand!" Ron announced. Ginny must have heard a small struggle between the two, because Ron's voice sounded again. "Stupefy!"

"Protego!" a cold voice said from behind her. It was Snape. "Attacking my students, Weasley?"

"They disarmed us first! And they've been messing with Ginny!"

Ginny, who had tried to subtly grope for her belongings, paused upon hearing her name, knowing that many eyes were now focused on her.

"Is that true, Miss Weasley?"

"Erm…" Ginny pictured Ron being locked away in Azkaban for pummeling Malfoy to death for tripping his blind sister. She pictured Draco catching her alone in some deserted corridor, as he always managed to do, pinning her against the wall and using all sorts of curses on her for ratting on him and for some reason, she felt the need to cover up for him. "Not—not exactly, sir. It's true, he was kind of bothering me, but he did that when I wasn't blind, too. I tripped," she forced out a small twitter of laughter, bashing on herself even more. "I'm graceless," she explained.

"Nott give the presumptuous twits their wands back. Malfoy, gather her things and help her up, won't you."

"Yes, sir," he answered, but didn't move for a moment. He'd been waiting for Snape to leave. He first stooped around her and scooped up her books, dumping them in her bag before taking her wrist and pulling her up. He didn't let go when she was standing, but tugged her closer, practically burying his face in her hair.

"We'll be talking later," he growled threateningly.

"Will we?" Ginny was unshaken by his tone. "See you then, then. Well…hear you," she turned and walked away, wishing to Merlin that she had never taken so long to get out of the Potions classroom.

---Being blind would suck---

Ginny had been taught a lot of things in her life. Things such as not playing around with cutting knives, not sneaking out of the house at two in the morning when she was grounded, and not lying outright to her parents.

She'd also been taught a lot about people. How to calm them down, how to scare them into silence (that one came directly from her mother), and how to judge them before knowing them. Everyone says you aren't supposed to do the latter, but in some cases it's a good thing to do. Like, for instance, with Malfoys.

She'd been told that Draco Malfoy was a horrible person. He was cruel, and spiteful, and incredibly annoying. She agreed with all of them. There were some things that she learned about him, however, that she never thought to be true. Being blind had caused her to witness these things in him. Things like he can be nice, if he really feels like it or is forced to, and that he is very smart about many diverse topics. She even learned that he was deep enough to have a passion about something—he had taught her that one though, probably not on purpose.

And now he was teaching her something else about himself. Something else that Ginny never could have thought to be true. Standing there, pinned to the wall by his cold hand, his anger practically suffocating her, Ginny learned that Malfoy was also very honest. He hadn't lied when he'd said they'd be talking later; he had left out that it was going to be painful on Ginny's part, though.

"How dare you bring that up in front of my friends," he hissed in her ear. Ginny knew his hand was going to leave a bruise.

"Just thought you'd like to be appreciated. Your help was much appreciated."

He swung her around, away from the wall, and just when Ginny had her balance, lost it again as she fell to the ground.

Her hand covered her stinging cheek. She stared over in his direction blankly, in shock.

That was where she'd underestimated him. That was where it was wrong to automatically categorize people. Ginny, despite her opinion of him, had never thought he'd be low enough to strike a girl out of pure anger.

She felt him crouching in front of her. She flinched away from his hand that was now examining her cheek. He cursed softly. He lifted her chin, probably inspecting the bruises that were already forming on her neck. "You can't do that to me. You can't single me out in a crowd like that."

Ginny turned her face away from him as his hand tried to stroke her cheek once more. "I'll remember that for next time."

In spite of her best efforts, Malfoy's hands now cupped her face, his own just inches away.

Ginny tried to back away, but his grip tightened slightly. "Please release me." She didn't like being so defenseless and close to him, not before then and definitely not after he had just hit her. It made her feel weak, and vulnerable…and impious.

She heard a low chuckle as he leaned even closer to her. "Don't be like that."

She tried to move again, to no avail. "Be like what?"

Closer still he moved and Ginny was sure that it was the possible closest he could come before kissing her. "Act like you don't like it."

"I don't like it."

His whispered reply nearly sent chills down her spine. "Yes you do." And he did move closer, until his lips were softly pressed against hers; enough to call it a kiss, but barely present. "You like it because it's me, and you like me."

"Wrong again, Malfoy. I do not like being closer than five feet from you, and I can barely stand you as it is."

"Mmm," the noise sounded long, drawn out, and he was murmuring against her lips. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me 'Draco'?" And he was kissing her again before she could think up a smart reply, and she was almost shocked to find that she was kissing him back.


---Being blind and with Malfoy would not suck---

Two weeks of subtly pushing himself on her. Two weeks of feeling like she was being stalked by him; that he showed up whenever she was alone and helpless could not have been mere coincidence.

Two weeks of playing around with her head, showing her slight signs of affection and then pulling them away, being helpful and hurtful all at once, pinning her against walls and invading her nose with that delicious scent he had.

Two weeks of forcing her to want him and now she did.

And now she was kissing him.

And now he was pulling away.

And now he was chuckling, and whispering a healing spell.

And now he was standing.

And now he was leaving her, sitting in the middle of the corridor, lips still slightly open, eyes still closed, stomach still twisting, heart still pounding, mind still racing; furiously berating herself mentally that she hadn't thought to push him away.

---Hell, I'd give in too---

He'd followed her, slyly of course, for two weeks. He'd pounced upon her whenever she was alone, and flirted lightly and always left her wanting more of him.

Two weeks of moving in on her, pushing himself closer and closer every time they were alone. Two weeks of testing his boundaries and limits.

Two weeks of work almost shattered with his temper. He'd been stupid to hit her. Especially when he was so close to breaking her.

And then, seeing his effect on her slipping away slowly, he'd plunged on, whispering softly and kissing her, unyielding to her pleas for him to leave her.

He'd kissed her, and she'd kissed him back after a moment; and Draco wondered absently if it would have taken longer to break her if she wasn't blind.

He walked away, after healing the bruises forming around her neck, smirking, congratulating himself on a job well done and a nearly impossible mission accomplished.

So why was part of him still back in the corridor with her?

---Uh oh, that wasn't part of the plan I don't think---

"Ginny?" Ginny looked up, though it was pointless for two reasons: she couldn't see who had addressed her, and she already knew that it had been Harry.


"Can we talk, for a bit?"

Ginny nodded, fumbling around with the still droning textbook. Harry reached over and closed it smoothly. Ginny wasn't sure if she was grateful or annoyed by his action.

"It's about earlier today."


"When you were coming out of Potions? You…Gin, I know you didn't trip."

Ginny nodded. "I did trip."

"Okay, yeah, maybe you did. But it wasn't because of you."

"What's the point of this, Harry?"

"Why are you covering up for Malfoy?"


"I'm not blind, Ginny. I saw the look on his face. He was expecting you to rat him to Snape." I'm not blind. I'm not blind and you are. Ergo, I'm smarter than you. That was what Harry was really saying.

"First off, Snape wouldn't have done anything, even if I had. And secondly, there was nothing to rat."

"Then explain why all his accomplices looked so confused when you spoke."

"Maybe they thought I was blind and mute."


Ginny sighed. "Harry, there's nothing to hide. Nothing happened, okay? I tripped and Malfoy was giving me a hard time about it. What else do you expect?"

She heard him stand. "I know you're lying."

"Okay," the word was full of sarcasm.

"And I'm going to find out why."

"Sure deal, Harry. If you don't mind, I do have a test to study for."

She didn't hear Harry walk away, but she did hear someone approach her from behind. He was standing right behind her chair, his hands resting on the back on it.

"You're a good liar."

You're a good kisser.

Ginny froze, her mouth agape and ready to comment back. I did not just think that. Okay, yes, yes I did. And damn it, so what if it's true? It was just a kiss. It didn't mean any…Ginny's mind trailed off as the pair of hands moved from the back of her chair and up her spine to her shoulders. Anything…she finished the thought, but it no longer held the conviction it did from the start.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. His lips grazed her earlobe and she had to fight the electric shiver that was running throughout her body. "You're a good kisser, too."

Ginny felt herself blushing. Had he just read her thoughts, or was the statement his own? "Think so, do you? You hardly stuck around long enough to find out."

"Just long enough. Did that bother you?" His hands tangled themselves in her hair, twirling small strands and running his fingers through them. She could hear him smirking. "Your hair is very soft."

She wanted to melt away into the seat. Just become part of the chair so that there was nothing there for him to seduce. Despite this desire, however, she also found herself longing to melt backwards into the boy behind her.

This is Malfoy, and this is wrong.

"Have you noticed that I want you, little Weasel?"

Ginny gulped and took a slow, deep breath. "I have."

"And you've surely noticed that the feeling is mutual…"

Her eyes drifted shut, cutting out the world she couldn't see. She didn't want to be in the library. She wanted to be somewhere else. Somewhere more private. She didn't was this conversation here. She felt as though her head was spinning dizzily, as though she were floating, or drunk. She was slowly becoming intoxicated by Draco Malfoy. She surrendered. "Yes."

"You're giving in to me. I can sense it. I can hear it. You're giving in to a Malfoy. Do you realize how dangerous that is?" he kissed her neck softly.


"Do you care?" he kissed her neck again, and Ginny had to swallow the moan that rose in her throat. I will not give in to that…not here.

Her voice came out soft, as a trembling whisper. Ginny realized with a start that she was trembling. "No."

His hands ran across her shoulders and down her arms slowly. They were soft; extremely so. Ginny doubted the boy had ever done a day of work in his life. No worker could ever have hands that soft.

And for the first time in weeks, Ginny Weasley felt as if being blind gave her something. Instead of just hindering her, and making her life more difficult, her blindness had given her heightened senses.

She could smell better. She knew that because she was currently drowning in Malfoy's expensive cologne.

She could hear better as well. This she realized when she noticed that Malfoy's normal, smooth breaths were now ragged, and erratic.

But most of all, the thing that had Ginny frozen in her chair, unable to move from him, was the awareness of Malfoy's hands running along her arms, and the fact that she could feel his rapid pulse hammering right through his fingertips.

"Tell me that you want me," it was a command.

She relinquished without a fight. "I want you. I want you, Draco."

She could feel him smirking against her neck. "You'll have to wait until tomorrow, when we have rounds together."

And he stood.

And he turned.

And he walked away, leaving Ginny flushed and dazed for the second time that day.

---Oh, he is so mean! I wish he would be mean to me…---

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