Striker/Spriggan: Remember

By: Ominae

Rating: K


All characters of of Striker/Spriggan are under the copyright of Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa.


A look at the lives of some of ARCAM's finest Striker operatives during Mother's Day when they remember the people they hold dear to them.

Chapter 4: Bounded Memories

Somewhere in the streets of Tokyo, Japan

A man in his late '20s was walking down the streets of Tokyo, all dressed in a black cheongsam suit, while looking at the people who were minding their business during a typical afternoon in the capital of Japan.

"Nothing has changed since I left for Pakistan and the South Pole." He remembered when he attacked Jean's werewolf form by critically injuring him with a qigong technique that crippled his nervous system, rendering him incapable of moving until 's faith healing has saved the French Striker's life, with the ability to now control his ability to turn into a werewolf even if he was exposed to his own blood.

"Hello, sir!" The man stopped at a local Chinese restaurant, seeing the ads placed outside that mentioned having discounts for the day.

The chef, who was a Chinese immigrant, greeted the man by bowing. "Hello, Oboro. What brings you here to my establishment?"

Oboro waved him off, "I've come for a bite to eat."

"Of course," The chef led Oboro to a seat. "Have a seat. I'll get you something to eat."

The Chinese-Japanese Striker nodded at him, "That would be good." While waiting, he looked around to see women and children inside. Just looking at them made him smile, remembering the days when he was young.

"I didn't have the chance to know my original parents, but at least I had the chance to have one after I was adopted."

Though orphaned at a young age, he grew up in Yokohama's Chinatown district and was taught in Mandarin and his native Japanese.

Oboro smiled when he took the teacup filled with Jasmine Tea to his mouth. "And that's how it lead to my training in China." After his schooling was done in Japan, he was recruited by ARCAM Japan as a Striker operative before heading off to China to be a practitioner in the Qigong martial arts. Though most of the students who trained with him mocked him for his Japanese heritage, Oboro excelled in his training and at no time, was the number one student at one of his master's training halls in the northern provinces of China, which he did not disclose at the insistence of his old master.

"Heh!" Oboro grinned when he remembered his last talk with his old master. "Sensei sure was hesitant when he didn't want me to disclose the location of his training hall."

Emptying the teacup before refilling it, he remembered his self-journey to Thailand to become a stronger person. He briefly met Dr. Ramdi, assisting the man in his work in conducting faith healing missions in several rural Thai villages before meeting up with a man named Chen Sunrie, who challenged him to a match before Oboro won by applying a crippling Qigong attack on the right side on his chest, paralyzing him temporarily. He later took revenge on Yu Ominae by training in the same Qigong martial art that Oboro went through before his mentee was able to beat him again.

Soon after his stint in Thailand, he went to South America for a journey of reflection until he stumbled on the bullet-riddled command post that Yu had made. Disabling him, he was able to get help from Yamamoto by removing the applied brainwashing that COSMOS researchers had placed on him since he began to have self-awareness. He then trained him to fight with martial arts before leaving on an undercover assignment.

"Hey, Oboro!"

"Hm?" Oboro had halted in the self-recollection of his history and saw the chef placing a bowl of Wonton noodles at his table.

"You seem to be at memory lane." The chef saw Oboro staring at his semi-empty teacup when he was working on his dish. "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

Remembering some of the children who were inside the restaurant, Oboro began to explain himself. "I was remembering some people in my life. I guess that's when I saw the kids inside the place with their moms, I guess."

"That's right." The chef took his seat in front of the Japanese Striker and poured himself some tea. "Today's Mother's Day. And I was able to send some money to my mother living in Xiamen as my gift to her." Oboro nodded at his actions, seemingly happy. "What about you? You greeted your mother?"

Oboro sighed, "Not yet. I haven't went to Yokohama."

"I see." The chef sipped his tea. "Are you planning to give her anything of some sort?"

Taking the chopstick placed on top of the steaming bowl, he took some noodle strands with his chopsticks before slurping them. "No idea."

The chef chuckled at his remarks, "Really, Oboro. You should see her. It's the time of year."

"Maybe I should." grinned Oboro. "But I have to pay respects to someone first."

"Oh..." The chef was at a loss of words. "I see." What he didn't know that Oboro was talking about his real mother, who died during his childhood.

"Don't worry." Oboro kept eating his noodles before explaining himself. "I'll go see her."

"Yeah." laughed the chef. "Give her my regards. I haven't seen her for a long time."

Nodding at the chef, Oboro slurped the rest of the soup before wiping his mouth off. "I will. And thanks for the food." He was about to bring out his wallet to pay him when the chef waved a hand at him.

"No need, Oboro." insisted the man. "It's on the house. It's at least for what you did the previous night when those bousouzokus tried to trash my place."

"All right." Oboro slightly bowed to the chef. "And thanks for the food, again."

"Of course." The chef bowed in return, watching Oboro leave the restaurant on his way out back into the streets of Tokyo once again.


PS - Oboro didn't have much of a past to tell, so I thought I'd give a reasonable one aside from the ones established by the manga canon.