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Chapter 1

The small child reached out a tiny hand towards the woman who looked down at him with flashing eyes.

"Don't touch me!"


"Get away from me you demon child!"

Please okaasan…

"You are not my son!"

The woman raised her hand and advanced on the child who cowered under the force of her rage and hate.


Muraki Kazutaka sat comfortably in the tall wing back chair facing the fireplace. The fire snapped and lit his living room with shifting patterns.

Setting his cigarette in an ashtray he lifted a glass of wine from the small table beside him and idly swirled the deep red liquid in the crystal bowl.

It was nice to be home.

A small sound drew his attention and he leaned forward, looking around the side of the chair. "Bouya?"

The slender youth stood hesitantly just inside the open doorway, he looked small and fragile, wrapped in a pale blue yukata.

"What's wrong?"

The blonde head looked up, the delicate features sleep flushed, but deep green eyes showed pain.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Kazutaka-san, it was just a nightmare, I should…"

Muraki set down his glass and reached out a hand to the youth. "Come here."

Green eyes flickered, but he approached the chair, accepting the outstretched hand.

Muraki gave a gentle tug and the youth fell onto his lap, he wrapped his arms around the trembling figure. Looking into the eyes of his doll, he noticed the expression that crossed his face.

"Well?" He let the boy hear the question in his voice.

"I can feel the darkness in you." The voice was soft and tremulous.

Muraki smiled softly. "I can't help that bouya, do you hate me for it?"

"N-no, but it's still disconcerting."

Muraki sighed. "So what did you dream about that has you so disturbed?"

The youth seemed to shrink in his arms. "I remembered my mother."

Muraki gave him a reassuring squeeze.

"Why?" Green eyes lifted to meet silver blue, pleading for understanding. Why did they hate me? Why does it still hurt? Why am I…?

"I told you before bouya, you have a gift, and your family in their ignorance could not understand and it frightened them. I took you away from that."

A troubled expression crossed the fine features. "I wish I could remember."

"It's probably better that you don't." The irony didn't escape Muraki, the words were eerily similar to what Oriya had told him. "You went through some very traumatic experiences, what can you remember?"

"I can remember up until I was thirteen, then my memories just…stop, until a few days ago."

Muraki nodded. "When you were thirteen you witnessed a murder, and the killer saw you, and pursued you. You were badly harmed." He knew the youth could feel the truth of his words. "I was your doctor after you were injured, and I took you away from your family."

"But that can't be what made my memories go away, if it happened so long ago. "

"No, recently you absorbed a large mass of negative emotions, and that affected you badly." It was a fine tightrope he was walking, no lies for the youth to pick up on, just omissions.

He placed his fingers beneath the boy's chin and raised his head until their eyes met again. "Don't worry bouya, I will take care of you and I will keep you."

The boy leaned into his embrace. "Thank you." At least somebody wants me…

"You should go back to bed."

The blonde head nodded and the lithe form pulled out of his arms. "Goodnight Kazutaka."

"Goodnight Hisoka-kun."


"I will always come back to you, got that? Always, 'cause this is where I belong." Tsuzuki bolted up from his desk. He had fallen asleep in the office again, but this time his partner was not there to yell him awake and scold him. His eyes travelled to the empty desk across from his own.


Three days had passed since his partner had disappeared with Muraki. The shinigami had descended on Chijou en masse to find the pair, but there had been no trace of them. Hisoka's destination had been Mibu Oriya's restaurant the Kokakuro, but they had never arrived there. Tsuzuki was sure that Hisoka had not been the one who had teleported them out of the infirmary. Muraki had his memories back, Tsuzuki was sure of it. The victorious smirk that had flashed on Muraki's face as they had disappeared was all proof Tsuzuki needed, Muraki was back, and he had taken his 'doll'.

Tsuzuki ran a hand across his face trying to wipe away the tiredness. He had barely slept since Hisoka disappeared. During the day there was work to do, reports to write, after all, people still died and the justice department still had cases that needed to be solved. But every spare moment he had, Tsuzuki was on Chijou, desperately hunting for his partner and the deranged doctor.

A movement in the doorway drew his attention. He looked over to see Tatsumi leaning on the doorframe observing him.

"Tatsumi! Um, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough to know that you were sleeping at your desk. Have you been home at all in the last couple of days?"

Tsuzuki shrugged. "I've been busy."

"Your messenger birds weren't able to locate him then?"

Tsuzuki shook his head. "No, he must have put up some sort of warding to prevent that. I didn't really expect to find them that easily anyway, I found Hisoka that way once before, Muraki wouldn't let it happen again."

"That's assuming he really has gone back to the way he was before."

"He has."

"Watari seems to think there's a chance that he hasn't."

"Watari wasn't there. I've seen that look from Muraki before Tatsumi. It means he thinks he's won." Tsuzuki got to his feet and grabbed his long coat. Throwing it on, he strode out of the office past Tatsumi.

"Where are you going Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki paused briefly. I'm going back to Chijou. There nothing more I can do here today."

Tatsumi nodded approvingly. "I'm glad to see you're dealing with the situation so well."

Tsuzuki flashed him back a small smile. "There's no time to fall apart now, this is too important."

"I agree." Tatsumi nodded a second time. "As soon as I've finished here I'll join you."