Jaina Kenobi

Summary: A series of letters that pass through Pemberley have a variety of effects.

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My dear Mr. Darcy:

I am glad to hear that your business is going well. Pray, sir, does that mean you will return to me sooner than you anticipated? I certainly hope so, as I have some news for you which I believe will delight you as much as it has me. However, as this is the sort of news which is better told in person, I would rather not have to send it by letter unless I absolutely must. I wish to see the look on your face when I deliver it.

And with that I may have said too much, so I shall venture nothing further save to inform you that we are all well here and hope to see you safely home in the near future.


Elizabeth Darcy

Satisfied with the letter (though, in truth, it could hardly be considered more than a note), Elizabeth quickly sealed it and wrote its direction on the front. How fervently she wished, now, that her husband had delayed his business just a week more! For that very morning, she had finally requested a visit from her physician, who confirmed what she had been suspecting: she was with child. Initially, she had intended to write her husband and tell him the news immediately, but as she hurried to her desk she had changed her mind. After all, how could she deny herself the pleasure of watching him as he processed the news? No, she would simply write to hurry his return and pray that he would take heed.

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