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'blah' means thoughts

Sunlight steamed through the red curtains that shielded the eyes of the three roommates.


Syrus rolled over. Unfortunately, he was lying close to the edge of his bed, so he ended up rolling off the bed. Luckily for him, he landed on Jaden who was half off his bed.

"I activate my spell card!"

"Dueling in his dreams again." Syrus rubbed his head, getting to his feet. "What woke me up?" BEEP BEEP BEEP. "Oh, that's right." Syrus picked up his PDA and turned it on. Zane appeared on the screen.

"Sy, meet me at the docks at ten o'clock. I would like to spend time with my little brother." The screen blinked off. The message slowly sunk into Syrus's head.

'Zane was calling me. He wants to spend time with me.' Syrus was jolted awake when the last line of Zane's message sunk in. 'What time is it?' A look at the clock told him it was nine fifty. A panicked look entered Syrus's eyes. 'I've gotta hurry or I'm gonna be late.'

Syrus threw on his Slifer Red uniform and headed toward the door. He opened it just as Jaden said, "I use Polymerization to fuse-" Syrus closed the door before Jaden could finish, but he didn't care. He was on Cloud Nine because his brother wanted to spend time with him.


Zane spotted Syrus running his way six and a half minutes later. Zane smirked. 'Sy slept in as usual.'

Syrus ran up to his big brother, panting. "Sorry, Zane. I slept in."


"Knowing you, you were up at the crack of dawn."

"I was up at seven thirty."

"Same thing," Syrus said with a smile.

The two brothers then fell into a comfortable silence as they watched the ocean. After a few minutes of this, Zane spoke up. "What would you say to a duel?"

"With who?"


"Me duel you?"

"I want to see how much you've improved since first arriving here."

"Uh, sure. Where?"

"Right there." Zane pointed to the grassy area just beyond the dock. "Right now." They stepped off the dock and onto the grass. They activated their duel disks.

"Duel," they chorused.

"I'll start," Zane said as he drew a card. "I play Proto-Cyber Dragon in attack mode and place this face down."

"My turn." Syrus drew a card. 'Okay. His Proto-Cyber Dragon has 1100 attack points. My Patroid can beat it. "I play Patroid in attack mode. I use its special ability to see your face down card." Zane's face down card flipped up to revealed the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon. "I attack with Patroid. Siren smasher!"

Patroid destroyed Proto-Cyber Dragon, dealing Zane 100 points of damage. "Well done, Little Brother. You remembered Patroid's special ability." Zane drew a card. "Don't let it go to your head. With my field clear, I can play Cyber Dragon. Cyber Dragon, attack Patroid. Strident Blast." Syrus took 900 points of damage. "I place two cards face down."

Syrus drew his card. "I play Mystical Space Typhoon. The middle card is destroyed." The card splintered. "I play Gyroid in defense mode."

Zane drew his next card. "I attack Gyroid. Strident Blast." Gyroid was destroyed. "I activate Monster Reborn and bring back my Proto-Cyber Dragon. I activate the spell card Photon Generator Unit. This card allows me to sacrifice my two Cyber Dragons to bring out the Cyber Laser Dragon."

Syrus got nervous. 'I don't have anything that I can summon right now that can beat 2400 attack. So, here goes.' Syrus drew his card. 'Soul Exchange. Wait! I can use that to summon my UFOroid to the field. I'll sacrifice his Cyber Laser Dragon for my UFOroid and attack him directly. That'll impress Zane.' Syrus stuck the card into his duel disk. "I activate the spell card Soul Exchange!"

Just then, the lights on Syrus's duel disk blinked on and off in rapid succession.

"Oh no!" Syrus exclaimed.

"What the-" Zane started. Before Zane could finish his line, there was an explosion.

Syrus groaned and put a hand to his head. 'That hurt! Oh, is my disk and card all right?' He looked down. 'Well, everything seems to be okay. What the-. There's Zane's Cyber Laser Dragon on my duel disk!' It was then that Syrus noticed his jacket. 'This looks like Zane's jacket!' His reflection caught his attention. He crawled over to the water's edge and peered in. A teenager with teal hair and eyes wearing an Obelisk Blue Uniform peered back at him. Syrus spun around to see if Zane was behind him. Not seeing him, Syrus looked back into the water.

Meanwhile, Zane opened his eyes, which landed on his jacket sleeve. 'Red?' Zane raised a hand to rub his eyes, but that hand ran into a pair of glasses. He took them off and immediately his vision blurred. He put the glasses back on and everything came back into focus. 'What's going on? I've always had perfect vision. He reached up, took a hold of a lock of hair, and pulled in down in order to get a look at the color. It was sky blue! "What the-" Zane put his hand to his throat. He sounded like Syrus! His now-imperfect eyes landed on his body kneeling next to the dock. 'If that's my body over there and I'm over here, that means…fuck.' Realization hit Zane like an attack from his Cyber End Dragon.

(AN: From now on, I'll refer to them by whoever's soul it is).

Upon hearing his voice, Syrus turned around. "Zane?" Syrus put his hand to his throat. He sounded like Zane! "What happened to us?"

Zane stood up. "Isn't it obvious, Sy?" Syrus stood up and walked over to his brother, stumbling all the while. Zane rolled his eyes. "Your card malfunctioned causing our souls to switch for an indefinite amount of time."

"Oh! Zane, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I didn't know! I-"

"Sy, stop," Zane sighed. 'First of all, I don't apologize.' "It's not really your fault."

"But it was my card!"

"True, however, you did not know that this would happen."

"Well, what do we do now?" At this question, Zane looked pensive. Syrus noticed this and said softly, "I've never looked like that before."

"That's it, Sy. We need to act like each other until we can figure out how to fix this."

"You mean we have to sleep in each other's dorms?"


"That means I have to put up with Crowler."

"Deal with it. So, there is no show of emotions-"

"Except with Alexis," Syrus cut in.

"Except with Ale- what? Where'd you hear that?"

"I'm very observant, Zane. Besides, to be you, I'll have to display confidence."

"Yes and if you are not sure what I would say, don't say anything."

"To be me, you have to show emotion and not a lot of confidence. You have to be real friendly with Jaden and Chumley. I also call Jaden 'Jay' and root for him in almost every duel."

"I noticed the rooting, Sy."

"Oh, by the way, I have the middle bunk." Syrus walked toward the Obelisk Blue dorm, leaving Zane wondering what he meant.