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'blah' means thoughts


Syrus was lying on the bed with his hands behind his head. 'I'm going to miss this room, especially this bed.' At that point, Zane walked in. Before Zane closed the door, Syrus caught sight of Alexis and Atticus in the hall.

"All right, Sy. Let's do this," Zane said once the door was closed.

"Duel," they chorused.

"I'll start." Syrus drew a card. "I play the Proto-Cyber Dragon in attack mode."

"My turn." Zane drew a card. "I place a card face down and play Drillroid in attack mode. Attack the Proto-Cyber Dragon."

Syrus lost 500 life points. "My turn." He drew his card. 'I've got two Cyber Dragons and Polymerization card.' "I play Polymerization to fuse the two Cyber Dragons in my hand to make the Cyber Twin Dragon. It will attack twice. Now, go Cyber Twin Dragon!"

Zane called out, "Reveal face down card Rush Recklessly. It increases Drillroid's attack points by 700." Zane lost 3300 life points. "You need better cards, Sy." Zane drew a card. "I play a monster in defense mode and use Monster Reborn to bring back Drillroid in defense mode. I also play one card face down." Zane smirked. 'I just played Soul Reversal.'

Syrus drew a card. "Cyber Twin Dragon, attack with Double Strident Blast!"

The dragon destroyed Drillroid and Magician of Faith. "I get a spell card back from the graveyard." Zane took out Monster Reborn out of the graveyard. "Now, I play my spell card Soul Reversal!"

Just then, the lights on Zane's duel disk blinked on and off in rapid succession.

"Yes!" Syrus exclaimed.

'Here we go,' Zane thought.

An explosion threw the boys off their feet. Syrus groaned. 'Did it work?' He looked at his duel disk. There were no card, but he noticed his sleeve was red. He then brought his hand up to his face and felt glasses. He took them off and his vision instantly blurred. He put his glasses back on and pulled down a lock of hair. It was sky blue. "Yes!' Syrus smiled. He sounded like himself.

Zane slowly opened his eyes, which landed on his duel disk. The Cyber Twin Dragon was on it. Zane smiled and noticed his sleeve was white with blue accents. He brought his hand up to his face and didn't feel glasses. He pulled down a lock of hair and saw it was teal. "Finally." He smiled at the sound of his voice.

"Zane." Syrus walked over to his brother.

""It worked, Sy." Syrus sat down next to his brother, who put his Cyber Twin Dragon card on top of his deck. Both brothers were sitting Indian style.

"Tell me about your day, Big Bro."

"I dueled Jaden with your deck and won."

"My deck?"

"Of course. I also pushed Chazz at lunch. I ignored Jaden to help you out at the promotion duel."

"That's it? You did a good job pretending to be me."

"What was your day like, Sy?"

"First of all, you need to talk to those three Obelisks that pushed you."

"I will talk to them."

"Okay. I talked to Bastion before he knew and I hit Crowler in the face with a pillow."

Zane smirked. "I've always wanted to do that since I was your age."



"Well, I should go talk to Jay. To convince him that everything is okay might take all day."

"I'll go talk to those three Obelisks."

The two brothers exited Zane's room to be met by Alexis. "Hey, guys."

"Hey, Alexis," Syrus greeted.

"Hello, Lexi." Zane kissed Alexis gently.

Alexis kissed back. When they broke the kiss, Alexis said, "I missed you, Zane."

They walked to the exit, and Syrus left the group. Alexis and Zane continued on, looking for the three Obelisks. After a few minutes of searching, they found them. Zane approached them. "May I have a word with you three?"

"Uh, sure, Zane."

"You three need to treat the students in the other dorms with respect. I expect all Obelisks to set a good example." With that said, Zane and Alexis walked out of the dorm and to the docks.


Syrus was walking to the dorms when he ran into Jaden. "Hey, Jay!"

"Hey, Sy. What's been with you lately? You've been spending a lot of time with Zane."

'I should tell him the truth,' Syrus thought. "Where's Chumley?"

"In the room."

"Let's go in there, so I can tell you both."

"All right."


"Wait, wait, wait! Let me see if I've got his straight. You were Zane and Zane was you. I dueled Zane, but he looked like you, and those three Obelisks pushed Zane and you came to his rescue, but you looked and sounded like Zane."

"That's right, Jay."

"Ahhh! I've got a headache!"

Chumley turned to Syrus and asked, "So, Sy, how's the Obelisk Blue cafeteria?"


Zane and Alexis were cuddling while they watched the sunset. Zane wrapped an arm around Alexis's waist. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around each of their necks and Atticus appeared between them. "Hey, guys. You should get going. It's near curfew."

"Very well." Zane, Alexis, and Atticus walked to their dorm. Zane walked Alexis to her dorm. "Good night, Lex."

"Good night, Zane." Alexis kissed Zane briefly before heading in. Zane in turn walked to his room and fell asleep almost immediately.


Zane was awoken by someone pounding on his door. "Zane! Get up!"

(AN: Crowler doesn't learn, does he?)

Zane pulled the covers closer to his face. He knew full well that it was Crowler pounding on his door, but he was too tired from the previous day's events to care. Crowler eased the door open as Zane clenched his pillow with his left hand.