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Full summary: A new superstar comes into the picture of fame and fortune, and seems to be going up against Hannah! Will her career hold on for the wild ride and succeed, or break along the bumpy road?

"What do ya think of this one?

"It's fine!"

"Are you sure? Cuz that's what you said about the other outfits!"

Lily groaned, sighing.

"Miley, it's because we've been staying in you're closet for the last 2 hours, without me having any lunch yet! Ya know I can't even think about fantastically sparkly clothes for you with an empty stomach!"

Miley frowned, giving her signature 'puppy dog pout'. Lily groaned, rubbing her tummy.

"Fine. I like the sky blue sequined one-shoulder top with faded skinny jeans and matching cowboy boots! Does that help?" she cried out.

"Thanks loads, Lil!" Miley cried out, hopping onto the spinning 'mini mall' moving around and around in her closet, as she dove inside to grab what Lily described.

"Why are you so nervous about this party? You've been to plenty before!" she asked.

Miley sighed, glancing over at her best friend as she adjusted her blonde wig.

"Lily, it's not JUST a normal party, it's a FORMAL one that my dad's making me go to!" she responded, smoothening out her clothes.

Lily raised an eyebrow. "Why in the world would he make you go to a 'formal' party as Hannah Montana?" she quipped.

Miley shrugged.

"He was invited from other guys from another music business or something! Heard that they're introducing some new 'rising pop star' again!" she laughed.

Lily groaned. "Geez, ANOTHER one? Will they really just give up all of this mumbo jumbo of trying to find some new 'undiscovered talent'? Nobody would really listen, since everybody knows that you're the best around!"

Miley grinned. "Thanks, Lily."

"MILEY STEWART! HURRY YOU'RE LITTLE TUSHY, BECAUSE WE'RE GONNA BE LATE TO THE DINNER!" her dad's voice echoed throughout the place, nearly shaking the house.

"Yikes, you're dad's DEFINETLY been drinking too much coffee lately!" Lily smirked, as the two jumped up and exited her room.

"Hey dad, can we pass by Planet Pizza along the way?" Jackson piped up.

"NOT after the mess you left in the limo last time, and the swarms of ants following!" he answered.

They hurriedly started walking over towards the waiting stretch limo.

"I wonder what's going to happen over at the dinner…….." Miley wondered aloud, as they slammed the limo door shut.

"Whatever they're serving," Lily alleged as she adjusted her purple wig, "it BETTER NOT involve slugs or snails like last time!"

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