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A Love From Within

Christine Daae smiled as she stood on the steps of a small victorian house in upstate New York. She turned to the realtor; "I'll take it!" she exclaimed. Sorelli James smiled, "Great! Now let's go back to my office, Ms. Daae, and fill out the paperwork."

She had recently gone through a very bitter divorce and had decided a change of scenary was needed. She had been a singer before her marriage to Raoul de Changy, dabbling in both opera and praise and worship. At the time of her marriage she had been 2nd soprano at the Metropolitan Opera House. She hadn't performed for about five years now, and she knew she must get her neglected voice back to its original beauty. She knew she'd never make it now in Manhattan; she needed time. She had been looking for a new city for a while before settling on Glens Falls.

Glens Falls was a quaint little town with a population around 14,000. Christine had grown up in a small town herself and felt immediately at home. She had just enough money saved up and from the divorce to live comfortably for a couple years. That would be just enough time to restore her voice and make a triumphant return to the Metropolitan Opera.


"Alright, Ms. Daae-"

"Christine, please," she said, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. She looked around the office. It was small but well furnished, and there was a large window overlooking a pond with ducks. Yes, she was definitely going to love living here.

"Christine, then. The house on Woodlawn Avenue is listed at $97,000," Sorelli said while getting out some forms.

"I noticed some minor damage on the ceiling of the kitchen and on the wall in the dining room," Christine said.

Sorelli made some notes. "Yes, the owner has agreed to pay to have that fixed before closing. The house is also required to pass inspection, and if anything else is amiss, they are willing to pay for that as well."

Christine smiled, "That sounds good! If you don't mind me asking, why is the owner so willing to pay for everything?"

Sorelli looked up. "Well, it's a pretty sad story actually. The original owners built that house about twenty years ago. I believe it was their dream house. The husband was a small business owner and his wife helped him run the shop. They tried for years to have a baby and eventually they were successful. They had a beautiful little girl. She was the sweetest child and everyone who met her absolutely adored her.

"One day the father had just picked her up from school when they were hit by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly. The father broke some ribs, I believe. It was extremely traumatic for her parents. This little girl had been their world. She was only five years old, in her first year of school in kindergarten. The mother passed away about three months after; some say from a broken heart. The father's grief was so extreme that he closed down his shop and locked himself in the house for weeks. The neighbors said they heard his yells of anguish late at night. He moved out about a month after his wife's death."

Christine shook her head. "That's terrible! Oh my Gosh! And these were the original owners?"

Sorelli nodded. "Yes, the woman's brother bought the house about ten years ago. He fixed most of it up as a side project. I believe he resides in Buffalo, but wanted to fix it up in memory of his sister and niece. They had loved their dream house, you see. As you can tell, he didn't quite finish. The house has been empty for about ten years now. I don't think the owner is really seeking to make a big profit."

The room slipped into a thoughtful silence as each woman brooded over the tragic tale. Sorelli was the first to speak up.

"Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Dupont will be quite willing to have the rest fixed. How much would you like to offer initially?"

"I am willing to make an offer of $85,000," she replied.

Sorelli nodded as she filled out the forms.

"Alright, please sign here, here, and here," she pointed. Christine grabbed a pen and signed her name.

"I'll get in touch with the owner and his realtor and we'll see what happens. I have a feeling this will go by very quickly. Hopefully I'll be in touch with you soon!"

Christine smiled and shook her hand. "Thank you, Ms. James. I look forward to your call!"


Two days later Christine was sitting comfortably in the living room of her new house.

The house was small; it consisted of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining room. She had decided to set up her music room in the second bedroom and couldn't wait to get started with voice training.

After moving furniture around and unpacking all day, Christine was exhausted. She hadn't had time to go shopping, so she had picked up a pepperoni pizza at the local pizza place and gone home to watch a movie. She was about thirty minutes into it when the doorbell rang.

'I wonder who that is?' she thought, as she made her way to the door.