"Hinata are you checking me out?"

Summery-Maybe things aren't quite as hopeless as Kiba thinks.

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Gods this sucks.

Why had he come with Hinata on this "walk" again? "Oh Kiba we should go here, this place has the prettiest flowers." Yeah bullshit, the only "flower" Hinata was interested in at the moment, more of a weed then a flower actually, was the numbskulled Nar….

"I'll be able to master this technique first because I'm the greatest ninja there is, BELIVE IT!" Kiba grimaces, listening to the high-pitched squeals of his sort of rival Naruto. Said grimace on his lips turns into a scowl when he glances at his pale skinned teammate eyes, sparkling with puppy love adoration, while she gazes at the exuberant fox boy. What did Naruto have that he didn't? Nothing that's what! So why was Hinata so in love with him…no, not love, she couldn't be in love with that idiotic asshole no way!

Sighing, the Inuzuka boy sits down next to the pale eyed heiress, watching her blushing face, as she watches Naruto train with a soft loving smile on her lips. It isn't that Kiba hates the blond bozo, actually he kind of likes him and he definitely respects him, but he can't stop the anger that flares through him every time he witnesses Hinata's obvious love for the aspiring Hokage and the wannabe Hokage's obliviousness to that love. It would be so bad if the blundering Naruto would actually notice and appreciate the fact that a sweet kind beautiful girl loved him (A girl that should have been Kiba's in the first place!)

Some times the young Inuzuka fantasizes about smacking the blonds face into a wall until the dumbass realizes how Hinata feels about him and how lucky he is. And sometimes he just wants ask Hinata why. Why Naruto and not him, what did the over zealous Chuunin have that he didn't?

Kiba's feelings for Hinata are as obvious as Hinata's feelings for Naruto. He already knows this and he's pretty sure Hinata knows too. He's never been shy, and he's never restrained himself from going after what he wanted either, too bad what he wants doesn't seem to want him back. He thinks either Hinata's as oblivious as Naruto is, or she's ignoring his blatant affections in fear that she'll hurt him because she doesn't share the same feelings. It's probably the second reason, Hinata's not dumb.

Kiba growls softly in annoyance, he wants to rip something up; he wants to beat someone up. He can't be angry at Hinata because he loves her so he'll do the next best thing, beat the shit out of Naruto.

He begins to stand up, but then actually thinks about what he's about to do. He can't beat up Naruto, he can't even yell at him. If Naruto knew that he and Hinata were watching him, Hinata would get embarrassed. If Kiba beat, or even tried to harm, Naruto Hinata would get upset. Not even angry, upset, and an upset Hinata is worse then an angry Hinata any day of the week. So Kiba sits back down making a whining noise, very close to the noises that his canine companion makes when he's hungry. Hinata doesn't even notice.

And then Akamaru does whine, Kiba's been ignoring him in favor of glowering at Naruto and looking at Hinata longingly. Petting the white dog he murmurs "sorry boy."

Looking at his teammate again he allows his eyes to drift over to her ample breasts, because hey its not like she'll even notice. Instead of her unusual pullover, she's wearing a black t shirt, unintentionally tight because of the size of her um assets. A bead of sweat running down her neck reminds him of how hot it is and how stupid he was for putting his usual jacket on. Sighing, he rips it off throwing it to the side, taking his sticky mesh shirt off as well. Sniffing it he grimaces, does he really smell that bad? Shrugging, he tosses the shirt to the side as well, not caring that it covers an unsuspecting chipmunk that starts wheezing and gasping trying to escape from the smelly imprisonment.

While the chipmunk cries out in agony, Kiba runs his hand over his muscled chest admiringly. Instead of the scrawny adolescent body he once inhabited, his body is starting look more and more like Asuma's tall broad frame every passing day. A cocky smirk grazes his lips as he pats his stomach with a soft smack.

He feels an odd prickling on the back of his neck, invisible eyes scratching against his skin. He groans thinking that Naruto, or one of Naruto's teammates, has caught him and Hinata lurking among the bushes. He glances up scratching the back of his neck, but surprisingly instead of laughing blue eyes and a messy blond head he sees air, well he would if air was actually something that could been seen…. Glancing over at Hinata….

No she couldn't have been she…wait…but…A grin spreads over his feral lips, "Hinata are you checking me out?"

She looks away quickly with a stuttering no, but the tell tale blush on her cheeks informs him that she was indeed looking and the quick glances at his tanned sweat sheened chest she thinks she's secretly sneaking only proves that she seems to enjoy checking out the Inuzuka goods . Kiba thinks he might even have seen her looking at his crotch for a nano second. Maybe she's not as in love with Naruto as Kiba thought…

A cocky grin begins to spread across the dog boy's fanged mouth, as he jumps up and begins to flex which only causes his shy friend to flush even redder.

Kakashi glances over at his oblivious team and then back at the two teens he recognizes from Kurenai's group, who have been "hiding" in the bushes for the past hour. The Inuzuka kid, who Kakashi personally thinks isn't quiet right in the head, flexes pronouncing ," Yeah check out these delts Hinata!" ,while the girl whom the masked sensei supposes is Hinata, turns a color of red he didn't know existed. Chuckling he glances back at his porn "Ahh young love."

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