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Summary: What if the creatures dug slower for some reason? Or the mantle was a few hundred feet thicker? When would they have generated the displaced water that created the tsunami? And how would it have affected those involved? Miles has managed to escape the mob outside his house but revealed his new abilities in doing so. This time, there is no convenient news broadcast to save him. Nor is there any way to escape the consequences of his accidental actions against the bully at school. Running away is the only way to survive. But where can he run? Who can he trust? And most importantly, how will his body change next?

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Italics mean thoughts or dreams


Delayed Consequences

Chapter 3: Divergences


Comfort…understanding…a sense of belonging…

He is floating in darkness, the kind found at the depths of the ocean where no human has ever set foot.

Brethren of all ages gather around, sharing their emotions with him even as he projects his own to them. They range in size from about a foot to ten feet long, creatures unknown and ignored by mankind.

A ripple of dissent from his 'siblings' takes him by surprise. 'But the humans don't know. I'm the only one here.'

'You are kin.' The message is not spoken or put into words but the meaning is clear in the collective mentality. 'They were not.'


Images appear in his mind, slow at first but gaining speed quickly.

…an old man with glasses stood at the edge of a pool of water, watched by a hatchling. He was accompanied by a kin-other like Miles but this one was not welcome…

…a strange looking submarine being investigated at the depths; one of the Mothers' curiosity drew her to bite and jostle it until she lost interest…

…two divers near the surface, ignored until one of them shot a Mother with a harpoon at which point she fled, dragging him off with her…

…long tracks, distinguishable by their straightness as man made, carved into the ocean floor…

…the pool house where Nim spent the first part of his life…

…a giant military submarine, a threat to the Mother attacking it…

…another sub, this one small and ungainly, too near the nesting grounds for comfort…

…the underside of a rubber raft, too close to a clutch of eggs to be attacked…

…numerous strange vehicles traveling both above and below the waves…

…the electrician from town before he was attacked, while he still had his eyes…

…a nervous looking blonde woman, one who felt familiar to all the creatures though none had seen her before…

…Nim being saved after he shot himself with a nail…

…the freezer of a fishing boat, a cage…

…the tank at the aquarium…

…a brunette woman in scuba gear; terrified but determined…

… the same woman talking with a not-quite-kin man…

…both of them standing on the deck of a trawler…

…a strange metal dome deep in the darkest depths…

…the hatchlings being led back to the waves after their attack on the humans…

…an Asian man wearing all black standing on the other side of a glass panel…

…Mothers digging underwater holes at the behest of humans…

Miles awoke with a start, shooting straight up and nearly hitting his head on a low beam in the process. The sound of his heart beating a tattoo on the inside of his ribs was barely enough to convince him to calm down, in body if not in mind.

What was that? Was it real? Am I really connected to all of the creatures like Nim? I mean, sure I led them back out to sea, but I thought Nim did most of the work. Am I psychic now or something? No, I only know what Nim and other kin are thinking but that's…maybe Phil was right about me and Nim. And did I just call the creatures kin?

A faint splash from outside forced Miles to attention instantly. Was that what had woken him up? It didn't matter what the dream meant; the message was secondary to survival.

Did one of the hunters find me?

Hiding places were abundant in the dilapidated boathouse but the hybrid opted to stand his ground and protect his territory. The changes were becoming more integrated into his instincts; as a human, defending territory would not have crossed his mind. Nor would dropping into a defensive position and displaying his teeth and claws as viciously as possible.

"Who's there!"

Not to mention the folly of talking would have been obvious.

"I'm warning you, I'm-"

A funny half whine/half croak cut him off mid-threat as a reptilian animal the size of a large cat poked its head through the doorway.

"Nim! Are you okay? What's wrong?"


"I'm happy to see you too buddy." Assured his friend was alright, Miles dropped into a cross-legged position sitting on the floor. Sensing his distress, Nim crawled into his lap and butted his head against one semi-human hand which came up to scratch around his gills and ears in an unconscious response. He leant into the sharp claws with a purr; thick skin kept him from harm; even as Miles continued.

"But what's going on? So much is happening so fast…and then there's this dream…"


"Yeah." Even though the response was not given in words, Miles instinctively knew exactly what Nim meant. "It was really weird. Not bad, just weird and I still don't know if it was real. Can you guys read each others' minds?"


Nim didn't understand and though he was a little disappointed, Miles really hadn't expected him to. If he and his kin were telepathic in any way, he'd had the ability his entire life. As such, he wouldn't understand life without it or why Miles found it so alarming.

Oh well…still scratching, the hybrid allowed his thoughts to drift in an attempt to fully recall and understand the dream.


Bright stars twinkled in the late night sky over the sleeping town of Wilmington. There was no traffic, no people, and no industrial racket to disturb the peace. In fact, the only constant sound was the steady hush and flow of the waves as they performed their age old ritual. The beautiful scene was completely lost on the single human interrupting the tranquility.

Caitlin sped down the highway on her Vespa, praying she wasn't too late.

She'd attempted to come earlier but been cut off by one of the Iderdex vans. Once the men inside realized who 'the distraught young lady' was and who she was connected to, they'd gotten out of her way real quick.

Then spent three hours not-so-subtly following her around the town until she finally went home and called her father to complain. They'd left after that but the pointed glares sent in her direction let her know they'd be back.

Leaving before they could return had seemed like a good idea but her dad had returned from work so she hid her Vespa in a back lot two blocks away to wait for him to either go to sleep or be inattentive enough to let her sneak out unnoticed.

Her current attempt to visit Miles had been put of until 1AM when she'd finally decided it was safe enough to sneak out.

Upon reaching her goal, she dropped the orange vehicle and ran to the door space, heedless of her crunching footsteps and harsh panting.


"EeeeeeeyYap!" a sharp spark of pain ripped through her nerves, knocking her unconscious before she could see Miles' horrified face.


"CAITLIN! OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod…"

The source of her pain darted over form where he'd been waiting for the invader to make an appearance. He reached her before she hit the floor but he was too late to keep her from pain."

"C-Caitlin? Oh god no, please…"


"Not now Nim."

Miles gently touched Caitlin's cheek, ignoring the tears wetting his own. Why hadn't she said something before rushing in like that? Why hadn't he waited to see who it was?

Even if she is alright, now I've given her a reason to hate and fear me. Unless…

"Nim, heal her!"


"Heal her!"

Mistrusting his tone, Nim hissed and shuffled backwards several steps."

"Come ON Nim!"

"Nrhrhrrn." The muffled whine/croak was a clear 'No' to Miles.

"What do you mean! We need to-"



Miles hissed back in surprise as the slight shock ran through his nerves.

Nim just…but he never…

"Nim? I-I…what?"

In response to the desolate inquiry, the sea creature gestured with his head and whined slightly. He had become connected to the human due to their exchange of blood and understood, on a deeper level than Miles, how much pain he'd put his friend through.

He didn't regret it -doing it had save Miles' life- but he wasn't going to inflict such suffering on another friend if there was any chance at all the person might heal without it. Granted, if he helped Caitlin she probably wouldn't change as much as Miles had (the saliva already infecting his body from the attack had played a major part in his physical metamorphosis) but she would definitely change.

Nim just hoped Miles would understand that.

Catching the emotion behind Nim's turbulent thoughts and feelings, Miles realized what he'd almost done and why Nim had shocked him to keep it from happening.


"I understand Nim; I'm sorry." Holding Caitlin off the floor with one arm, he reached out with the other in supplication.

The apology was accepted with a purr but before Nim could become engrossed in Mile's apologetic scratching, the figure he was watching over stirred groggily.


"Caitlin! Oh God, I'm sorry. I thought you were one of the hunters!" Nim gave an annoyed yap when the hand receded but moved to Miles' side just the same.

"That was you?" her voice was becoming clearer.

"…I'm SO sorry…"

"It's…okay." She pushed herself into a sitting position with a wince, still not quite connecting what had happened.

"Whoa…" she put a hand to her forehead. "My head feels all…whoa."

"Are you alright?"

"I think so. Is that Nim?"

I clearly remember him saying he didn't know where Nim was. How'd he get here? Is there another person helping him out? For some reason, the thought made her burn with jealousy, clearing the rest of the blurriness from her recuperating mind. Why aren't I burned? The last time he did that was with that bully at his school and HE'S still in the hospital.

"Oh yeah, he showed up about a half hour ago. Are you okay?"

"I think so…how'd you do that? I thought shocking someone meant you burned their skin as well."

"Actually, I don't know."


His vaguely luminous eyes blinked at Nim, making Caitlin suddenly conscious of just how dark it actually was. Neither of them were reacting but she could barely see two feet in front of her face.


She arched an eyebrow at Miles' response to Nim's chirp.

"You can understand him?"

"Sorta. He said I didn't want to seriously hurt anyone coming through the door; I just wanted to escape; so the charge altered itself."

"He said all that with 'myap'." She wasn't quite able to erase the disbelief from her tone.

"Well…not said literally, just…implied…kinda."

"That makes no sense whatsoever."

"Sorry. It's rally hard to explain. It's like-" he stopped, a puzzled frown crossing his face.

"Like what?"

"Shhh…I thought I hear something."

Oh no…


Nim hissed.

"You two need to go." Her voice dropped to a whisper.

"And leave you here alone? Yeah right!"

"Miles, they don't care about me. It's you –BOTH of you- that they're after."


"No, no buts. Just go. The reason I came here in the first place was to warn you there's a company after you now, not just townspeople."

"A company?"

"Iderdex, or so the big black cars claimed. They tried to follow me earlier; they might have this time too."

"A-alright. We'll go. Come on Nim."

"You'll let me know where you are?"

"Yeah. Somehow."

Caitlin followed them to the door and watched as the smaller form disappeared into the deeper blackness of the water with barely a ripple. After a slight hesitation, Nim was followed by Miles' larger silhouette.

"I guess I was wrong about being followed but that's okay. They'll be safer on the open water."

Minutes later, she deserted the boathouse as well.


Davis Lee stood in the shadows of the dilapidated structure, mentally cursing his decision not to bring backup. The plan had been to trail the girl and confront her for information when she stopped, hopefully with a suitably intimidating backdrop. Not once had he considered she'd actually be able to lead him to the missing halfbreed.

He'd been forced to watch the hybrid escape, powerless to stop it unless he wanted to end up like the kid in the hospital.

Kesler, or whatever/whoever, he really was, had been working to create a viable human/subject hybrid since the creation of the project. Despite his reservations on the man's character, Lee was exceptionally loyal and even after Ms. Daughtery's revelation would do anything to help him accomplish his goals. Old habits die hard, as they say.

Flipping open his cell phone, he contacted one of the containment trucks under his command.

"The girl on the orange Vespa. She's headed your way; should arrive in ten minutes."

He closed the phone without waiting for a response.

Maybe this night wouldn't be a total loss after all.





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For a recap on what just happened in the previous episode (not chapter, before that, the tv episode where Miles attacked Greg): Miles woke up on the beach after leading the creatures away and exhibited some 'creature' aspects. After talking to Caitlin, he went home to see his parents who have finally noticed something is up with him (their observation skills are sorely lacking) and then went to school where he got in a fight with Savannah's former boyfriend. During the fight, he uses personally generated electricity to knock Greg out and hurts him badly which results in the police showing up at his house which further results in him getting pulled out of his house by an angry mob led by Greg's dad. Now, in the series, that is when the radio goes off with the tsunami warning and everyone forgets about Miles in favor of saving their own hides. In my fan fiction, the tsunami is delayed (for as of yet unknown reasons) and the story goes on from there.

Now, while this is all happening with Miles and co. Rich and Laura are interrogating Lee about his boss and the film reel they found. They decide he must be a clone and leave him tied up in a hotel room after accidentally revealing their location and learning of a facility called 'Iderdex' in Wilmington that is somehow tied in with everything. After leaving the hotel, the two part ways. Rich goes to Wilmington and breaks into Iderdex but doesn't count on security and is captured after managing to make a quick call to Laura about his discoveries. Laura goes to see her son but her ex husband calls Lee and his pals in the black cars to come and get her. Lee asks her some questions, listens to her conversation with Rich, and then lets her go without hurting her. She takes off to go find Rich.


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