"Wishing Well"

By Sivan Shemesh

Note: Dean Age 13 and Sammy is 9.

Summary: Sammy found a wishing well accidentally during a hunt… guess the rest… evil grin…

Warning: This depends on Sammy and his wishes… lol!


"SAMMY…" Dean yelled.

Dean seemed frustrated. He couldn't see in the dark, and yet his brother was nowhere, and his dad, is really going to piss.

Dean collapsed on the ground and started to pray, 'God, if you hear me, please save my brother from any evil. Please take care of him, and take me instead… please God this is all I ask.'

Then Dean stood and started to move his hands over the sight knowing that he would need to feel the nature around him, to know what's head of him, and then to recognized the feeling of danger and to hunt it down, not letting the fear taking control on his body, and to shut his body off with a gleam of fear.

"Sammy please hear my voice…" Dean whispered as the wind blew on his face.

"DEAN!" Sammy yelled as he could felt his body fell. He didn't know what's going on.

"SAMMY!" Dean yelled back over the blank air through the dark night, and hurried over blindly.

Dean could felt the ground slipping away beneath his legs, as he found himself falling over and over and yet continued, not matter of his hurt, only to save his little brother.

Sharp rocks hurt him, though he had some courage within him as he kept running as his health seemed not matter as his little brother is seemed much important.

Sammy felt how his own body falling as the ground seemed vanished beneath him. He could feel crack in his shoulder as the hand that he moved seemed now broken and dislocated, he groaned with pain.

The falling was hard as he could felt how the ground hit him so deep, and thought, 'Dean, you are going to do my homework…'

"SAMMY?" Dean yelled as he hoped in his heart that his brother was all right, alive.


"Dad? Where are you?" Dean called as he tried to see his dad, and yet he saw nothing but black, and heard the night's insects.

There was a flash light marked on Dean, and Dean had to cover his eyes, not wished to blinded cause of it.

"It is only a lighter Dean." John called over him, "Now tell me, where is Sam? You were supposed to take care of him."

Dean lowered his head, trying to swallow his tears from falling down his cheeks.

"Look at me Dean. Dean looks at me!" John ordered over his son.

Dean lifts his head slowly as he felt a shame for losing his brother and disgrace for his dad, what kind of son or brother should he be?

"Is your little brother meant nothing to you?" John asked him with harsh voice as he stared over his older boy, trying to understand what is going through the boy's mind.

When he received no answered, he snapped over the boy, "What am I suppose to do with you? You failed me, and because of you, Sammy is hurt, and God knows what his condition, he might be dead because of you Dean."

Dean lowered his head back over the dark ground, said nothing.

"We will find your brother, and then I will need to think what am I going to do with you…" John gave him a glare.

Dean ignored his dad's glare as he kept staring over the dark ground, his heart shuttered to pieces, as he begins to understand that he might not the favorite son as he thought to be.

Sammy is Dad's favorite.

"Dean?" John called at him noticed the blank stare from his son.

Dean hadn't faced him, nor replied.

"Dean?" John called again, harsh, as his voice was cold.

End of Chapter 2.