Improvised Wires

"Ain't no way to fix her," Kaylee sad. "Not without new parts."

Mal frowned, but after a moment asked, "What do you need?"

Kaylee was maybe a quarter of the way through her list when Mal waved for her to stop. "Okay. Here's what we're going to do. First, you're going to narrow that down to half. Then you buy what's a must have to get this ship up and runnin' again and we get the rest of this job done. Got it?"

She nodded. "But capt'n, I'm not sure I can do half. Lot of this stuff is vital to-"

"Do what you can. Improvise."

"Understood." Sighing, she bent over one of the engines and started fiddling around as Mal stomped off to harass another of the crew. Could be that some of the more unnecessary parts would do for a temporary fix til they were able to afford replacements. Not that she expected them to, ever.

Already, Serenity was a mass of improvised wires and engine bits. Kaylee had improvised a lot. Finding a new way to hook things up would be near impossible. Even so, she wouldn't give up. She simply sighed again, looked around her, and got to work.

"I'll keep you flying, girl," she said, patting Serenity. "I'll find us a way."