At the moment, I am planning to keep this as a collection of AU Nejiten drabbles or oneshots, each one being set in a different time or place (and often, in a completely different world). I might add other pairings in later, but for now only Nejiten is in the works.


Nice backside, babe.


"Does the man never stop working?" Tenten scowled, scooping an enormous helping of potato onto Lee's plate. "I've called him five times to come out for dinner now, and he's still stuck in that cramped little room of his, studying those damn fossils! I won't be surprised if he keels over within the hour!"

"Eh, Tenten," Lee smiled wryly, trying to appease the young undergraduate's ruffled temper. "Neji is a virile man in the prime of his youth! I'm sure he can stand a few hours of intense –" he stopped, swallowing, as Tenten directed her murderous glare from the closed door at the end of the compartment to his terrified expression underneath his shiny new bowl cut. "Eheheh...heh...and oh, have I mentioned that you sure are one wonderful cook, Tenten? Your culinary skills are blooming like a flower at midnight, like a..."

Tenten wasn't listening. She was sick and tired of the Hyuuga's antisocial behaviour. When she had first landed the job as an assistant at the archaeological investigation in outer Mongolia, with the opportunity to help sift through layers of soil to uncover what was promising to be the biggest find of the decade (an enormous Plesiosaurus skeleton, almost perfectly preserved!) she had not imagined herself being trapped with two other undergraduate students in a small caravan out in a desert. Two strange undergraduates, no less. Lee, she already had trouble dealing with - sure, he was a complete sweetie, but really, he had to trim those eyebrows of his some time, right? And that Hyuuga Neji! She had been told that he was a genius, a whiz kid from some top university – and he was smart alright, having proved his prowess from the very first day of the investigation. But what was with his attitude? His holier-than-thou, I'm-better-than-you-and-you-know-it way of interacting with people? (And why did he have to be so goddamned good looking? What was up with that? Huh?)

And most damning of all - what was with him not bothering to eat the food that she had spent three hours to prepare? Three! THREE!

It wasn't that she didn't understand the obsessive fervor that could consume a person and push them into focusing on nothing but the work before them; she herself were given to bouts of intense study, having fostered her love for all things decaying or preserved since childhood and absolutely determined to pursue her lifelong dream - to be a brilliant archaeologist, like the great Professor Tsunade – but all mortals needed to eat, right, and Hyuuga Neji was definitely a mortal (even if he had the physique of a sex god. But sh''d rather not go in to that right now.)

"Hyuuga Neji!" She strode to the end of the dining compartment of the tiny caravan, slamming her fists against the door. "You better come out before I come in and drag your pretty ass to the table!" (Pretty? She had meant scrawny. But oh well.)

Silence from the other side. Tenten snarled. This was it – to hell with his privacy. Her food was at stake. "You're asking for this, buster! I'm coming in!" She slammed open the door, storming furiously into the dark and murky confines of the man's bedroom. "Didn't you hear me call for you –"

She stopped abruptly. Neji was asleep against his desk, head resting on his elbows, hair spread out in inky streaks over stray pieces of paper. The white glare of the desk lamp was the only source of light in the room, illuminating clearly the small fossils still loosely clutched in his gloved hands.

"Oh, you stupid boy," Tenten sighed, stalking over to where he was slumped in his chair. Her gaze swept over the countless pages of meticulous notes he had written up in his neat, tiny handwriting. "Oy, wake up. It's time for dinner."

No response. Neji seemed to be a rather deep sleeper. She poked him and he shifted slightly, a grumpy moan issuing from the crook of his elbows before the silence recommenced.

"Fine," she snapped. "Honestly. Someday you're going to work yourself to death, you know?"

Neji was not awake to give his usual cool, composed response, so she stomped out of his room again, grabbing a plate from the table in front of a startled Lee before returning and placing the food with surprising gentleness on the desk before him. She switched off the light and hauled a blanket over his back, in case he caught a cold from the air conditioning.

She turned to look at him again before she went out of the room, watching the way his shoulders rose and fell from his steady breathing. For the moment she could almost forget his goddamned arrogance and pretend he was just another normal, obsessive young man sleeping on the job. "Idiot." she muttered, and closed the door behind her with a soft click.


Neji emerged when she was drying the dishes, coming up from behind her to run his finished plate under the tap. Tenten started when she felt him lean against her lightly to reach for the cleaning detergent, the smooth cotton of his rolled up shirt sleeves brushing against her bare skin.

"I see you've decided to honour us with your presence at last," she greeted him snippily.


You're welcome, Tenten thought dryly, scrubbing furiously at a plate with a towel. "Don't expect me to leave you dinner next time you fall asleep at the desk," she informed him gruffly.


"Hmph." Tenten scowled, slid the plate abruptly into the open cutlery cupboard and flipped the towel roughly into the sink before turning away, intending to leave the scene before his ingratitude and infuriating indifference made her punch the bastard. "Good night."


"What?" she snapped, spinning on her heel. Neji was still facing the sink, finishing his washing up. Tenten glared venomously into his back. What now? (A small voice at the back of her mind was noting gleefully that his backside was rather pretty, but she squashed it. Viciously.)

"You're...quite a good cook." He took her towel from the sink, wrung it dry, hung it onto the drying rack. (And it simply wasn't fair how someone could look so damn good doing the washing. It wasn't!)

She sniffed. "Thank you."

"And Tenten?"


"...yours isn't bad either."

It took a moment before Tenten understood his meaning; when she did, she found herself flushing involuntarily, a dark stain creeping over her cheeks. What? Hadn't he been asleep? How had he had heard her? Damnit!

She growled, embarrassed. Hyuuga Neji...

...what a (sexy) bastard.