Title: Sam
Author: ShaedowCat (Me)
Beta: kina24
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, various other canon characters, OFC
Paring: None...or none that are centric, anyway
Rating: PG / K
Genre: Supernatural/Angst/Tragedy
Disclaimer: I own neither Dean nor Sam nor John...much to my dismay...I do, however, own my imagination, and the products thereof
Feedback: Lots, please...kthnxbai
Summary: A series of snapshots through the years of Sam's life
Warning: None I can think of...
Notes: Same universe as all my fics. I've taken liberties with the details, here...they may not be canon, and will probably be disproved by the Kriptkeeper later on...

One is peace.

One is coming home from the hospital, wrapped in a soft blue blanket in your car seat in the back of the Impala. One is being carried gently by your father into the house, up the stairs and into your nursery, being laid in your crib. One is always smiling, never crying, and sleeping through the night almost from the get-go.

One is terror.

One is your mother running into your nursery. One is her scream splitting the night air, a scream of terror, of pain. One is your father running into your nursery. One is blood dripping into your crib, staining the blankets, your father's fingers. One is your father's cry of "Mary, no!", of flames - incandescent, insatiable - engulfing your mother, the roof, the room. One is crying, crying, crying, then being grabbed up and placed in careful hands, then being sped out of the house, out of danger, out of the fire.

One is safety.

One is crying, crying, crying, because your mother isn't here and you want her, miss her...miss her scent, her warmth, the gentle caress of her fingers against your cheek. One is feeling a bigger, warm, familiar body clamber into your makeshift crib. One is being lifted, cradled, held tightly but not too tight. One is drifting off to sleep, feeling warm and snug and protected.

Okay...so this follows along the same lines as Dean. I'm starting this fic between posts for Dean's Three and Four, coz that's when Sam was born...everafter, the stories will run parallel. Hope y'all follow that, coz it's 1.26 in the mornin', and I certainly don't! lol : )

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p.s. Out of curiosity, how many people would be interested in reading a sister!fic? Coz I have one that I'm plotting out, and I will post it, but before I do I'd just like to see who'd read it. It's a part of this whole AU that I've got goin' on here...I guess it could be called Future Fic, coz it's beyond the end of Devil's Trap...maybe a year and a half past (Dean's 28, Sam's 24).
If y'all are interested, please let me know...just mention it in your reviews, a quick 'Yay!' or 'Nay!' to let me know your thoughts.

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