Title: Sam
Author: ShaedowCat (Me)
Beta: ShaedowCat (Me) : P
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, various other canon characters
Summary: A series of snapshots through the years of Sam's life
Notes: 23
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Twenty-three is hard.

Twenty-three is your brother nearly dying...of a heart condition. Twenty-three is nearly choking as you realise that it's something normal - something truly, painfully normal - that could kill him...granted, he was injured while hunting a Rawhead, but still...normal.

Twenty-three is finding Dad...or, him finding you. Twenty-three is finding, and being found, and then losing him again all the same, because of shadows and blood and love...and wasn't that last one supposed to make you stronger, not be a weakness?

Twenty-three is meeting Sarah...falling hard and falling far...but catching yourself before you're lost entirely. Twenty-three is Dean being a pushy bastard...and Sarah actually getting it, and not backing away, and pushing forward anyway...and thinking Jess, I love you...will always love you...but I'm letting you go, as you turn on your heel, march back up to the door, knock on it...and let yourself fall.

Twenty-three is finding Dean tied to a chair in the house of a family of psychotic freaks after he came looking for your stupid sorry ass. Twenty-three is seeing Dean almost break in the face of his family splintering apart. Twenty-three is listening as Dean recounts a moment that holds so much meaning for him, and yet is a moment you don't even remember; twenty-three is finally finally understanding why Dean acts how he does...with you, with Dad, on the Hunt. Twenty-three is listening - hearing - as Dean tells you - finally tells you - exactly what he's thinking, feeling.

Twenty-three is finding Dad - or, him finding you - again. Twenty-three is accelerating past, pulling over, getting out, stepping up, facing down. Twenty-three is thunder, fury, sound...intimidation, recrimination, communication...taking sides, drawing lines...then Dean stepping in-between, blurring those lines, standing up to you...and to Dad. Twenty-three is pacing, worrying...sitting down and listening...talking and laughing and - for the first time since you were...what, twelve? - bonding.

Twenty-three is watching Dean risk Dad's wrath by using a bullet to save you when you have none to spare. Twenty-three is watching as Dean flirts with death by telling the Demon he killed its kids, drawing the attention away from you.

Twenty-three is realising just how much Dean has sacrificed for you. Twenty-three is realising you'd sacrifice just as much for him.

Twenty-three is Dad dying. Twenty-three is realising that Dad thought you were a threat.

Twenty-three is being determined not to be.

Well...end of the line, folks. I can't believe it. 23 chapters of insanity...and I enjoyed every minute of it. To tell the truth, I got a lot more satisfaction out of writing Sam than I did Dean...because with Dean, it was easy. Dean and I are on a similar wavelength, so it was easy to figure out what he'd say, what he'd do, how he'd react...whereas with Sam, I have no freaking clue! It was a lot harder to get into his head, to see and say things from his point of view...a lot of people say Dean's hard to read, but for me the opaque one is Sammy.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank absolutely everybody who has read Sam. Those people who actually reviewed get a cookie, too. (-;-) (p.s. That - (-;-) - is a cookie...chocolate-chip.) You guys were amazing...without your support...and yes, your heckling...(-:glares at Melissa:-)...I probably wouldn't have made it to the end. Thank you all very much.

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Well, that's it from me, I guess, for Sam...until the end of Season 2, I guess. If there's anything you guys particularly want me to mention in Sam's 24, PM it to me at the end of S2.

Okay...this is it. Hope everyone enjoyed this fic.

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