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The day was suffocatingly hot, and the winds gave no comfort as it was being choked out of any life or purpose from the sudden heat. From the never ending horizon emerged a figure,and figure had blue hair and a torn ceremonial dressing as to show he was of a high power and he had been fighting. As the figure walked he noticed a different figure from the further horizon resting on what to be a chocobo and tried to walk closer but the immense heat begged him to stay and burn with the grasses and livestock that roamed the area. The man on the chocobo noticed the blue haired figure from the distance and galloped towards him in a steady but effective pace. The man was dressed in what it appeared to be a Spira special force fatigues and the chocobo was dressed in the same fatigues as the man.The figure addressed himself as Maester Seymour. The man's eyes widen at the sound of the name and looked at the figure in question. It was indeed Maester Seymour and the man knew this as fact.

"Sir, I thought you were dead...my dear what happened to you?" The man said as he seen the damage that Measter Seymour had achived ever since the eruption of the calm and the popularity of High Summoner Yuna. Measter Seymour achived a limp, several deep scratches, and a bruise that seemed to be in the stages of being permanent due to the heat that was hunting him down that day.

"I'm alive and well...Casualties of war. It's nothing." Measter Seymour said as he continued to walked the many miles that were before him and continued to walk until he saw a path that was big enough for a troop of chocobo riders to own. The troopsman followed Seymour like a scared dog would with his owner during a thungerstorm,Seymour kneeled next to the path and started to shiver, the troopsman took notice in seymours sudden behavior and dismounted off his steed, and the troopsman carefully approached Seymour as to not startle him. Seymour's body was still shivering when the troopsman got into seymour's personal space and he felt a tingle of demon emerging from Seymour. The troopsman noticed a few foreboding entities floating among Seymour to encourage him to get up, and backed up towards his chocobo. The entities flowed back into Seymour as Seymour regained his stance and turned around towards the troopsman with now demonic eyes, the troopsman got on to his steed and slowly backed away from Seymour.

The chocobo noticed the new form of Seymour that was shown at that instant and got angered by Seymour it it's sight. The Chocobo twisted it's head violently to tell Seymour not to come closer. Seymour smiled as his eyes glowed as the sun glowed more intensely as the day seemed to draw longer from the chocobo's stubbornness. The Troopsman looked at Seymour eyes and the troopsman's eyes fixed apon Seymour's. The troopsman sat still and waited.

"I want you to tell all of Spira that I'm coming back to serve as Maester once more...I'm going to rebuild what Yuna took from me" Seymour said smiling. The troopsman was in awe of the new evil presented within Seymour and broke from the grasp that Seymour's eyes engulfed him in.

"But sir, High Summoner Yuna delivered the calm and since then we are at peace. There's no reason to rebuild anything..Besides I heard we are going to have a new Maester now..he seemed as he knows Yuna and thanks her from the bottom of his heart" The Troopsman explained in a way that he only knew how, and with that he was able to stand his ground firm and looked out of Seymour.
Seymour heard enough of the troopsman inane explanation, Seymour scoffed at the troopsman and delivered a message to the troopsman that seemed to set off sudden darkness in the troopsman soul. His soul was aching from the message that was delivered to him.

"Nobody under any circumstances shall rule me or at least be Maester other than me. You cannot say otherwise, and your life depends on the message I give you. I will go ahead with plans to "rebuild" my empire, finish with Yuna, and reclaim what's rightfully mine..Now you can deliver the message or you can die on your chocobo in the middle of this Godforsaken wasteland. Go any retrieve a chocobo for your Maester now!" Seymour delivered with the intent that this promise was going to be fulfilled either way. The Troopsman complied and galloped away to where he was orginally coming from.

Maester Seymour walked across the path that was coming from the northwest. On the end of the path about 8 feet away there was no earth. Seymour walked towards the vacant space and looked down below it. Boats and other sea vessels were nestled on the docks that were stationed there. The sheer delight overwelmed him as to see that he made it to a beach he saw boy in his late teens sat in the white sands of the beach, he was writing in a journal of his travels and seemed to document as well his experences with the locals. The boy closed his traveling journal and the book displayed his name in crude but easy dialect of his name and the journey he was on. The book was entitled "Travels among the world and eternity by Skyan."

Seymour smiled as looked down at the book, and gazed towards Skyan with deep passion for further torment as he displayed apon his loyal associate. Skyan felt something tampering with his soul but could not place it. He shook of the notion completely as he was slowly making way to the boat. A crewman of the boat looked over to his left to see Skyan walking with a few others.

"It's time to board now people..Get you tickets ready, and find a place to sit. Appropriate time of departure to Besaid Island is 10 minutes" The Crewman said and gently pushed everyone along the plank that was placed nicely against the pier floor. Skyan gave the Crewman his ticket and smiled, the crewman followed with an even more beaming smile as he lifted the plack from the pier and placed it to the side of the boat. Skyan walked across the boat and sees a few kids playing a game and he walked towards them, he said nothing and walked into a shadow and sat down. His eyes slowly started to close with his book and writing utensil in his resting hands and drifted asleep.

Seymour saw the boat fade into the horizon, and got back on the path and walked the way the troopsman retreated for Seymour's Chocobo. On the boat Skyan was dreaming dreaming of home and his mother's chocolate chip cookies. He smiled at the sight within his dream. He was resting comfortably and seemed to not move for an instant. This will be the last time he'll rest comfortably again..

Prologue End

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