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The Final Domain

Rikku still sat at the ocean and looked at Skyan with beautiful and enchanting eyes. Skyan saw Rikku look at her, she looked away from his sight. He smiled. I know how you feel about me he thought as he chuckled and looked back at Wakka.


"Someone important will arrive afterwards"

Those words flooded Rikku's skill like a tidal wave..


These words came to her as a harmless yet freaky monotone woman's voice. No one else dared asking about the word Nomad.

"Who would arrive afterwards...and of what importance" Rikku thought.

Wakka looked around

"We should get going ya?" Wakka said.

Rikku rejoined the group and stood next to Skyan and they walked towards the way to Guadosalem.


After the Final Domain...The Alter Dream will commence"

The voice bellowed back at Rikku. She had no clue what or where this voice is coming from. This voice sounded sweet,caring, and obnoxious all at once. One thing that made this voice just as creepy is the familiarity that it plays with Rikku. The wind started it's usual route and blew through the group giving them the extra step they need for this type of traveling.

"Pay attention to the man of holiness and betrayal...he will guide you"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" Rikku shouted but nobody turned back at see her scream. It was like she never there...like she never existed.


Yuna stood near Tidus, looked at Rikku, Rikku seemed okay as rain. However, Rikku was still hearing the voices.

"Themanofholinessandbetrayal..hewillguideyou!"the voice flew in Rikku's mind once more. Then the voice stopped at the last word,at a whisper.


The voice chilled Rikku to the closest point of insanity.

Wakka noticed the change in Rikku, and how she would mumble to herself.


Rikku stood there.

"Someone help me" She screamed.

The party looked and she looked fine.

"Please...Skyan...Yuna...Help me please" Rikku bellowed again.

Rikku saw visions and only visions. They were in color in some parts and black and white in others. She saw a sketchy drawing laying on the ground, she picked it up and it had Skyan's face on it. The drawing started to blink radically and it smiled at her.

The second vision was of her seeming normal, but one difference..The party went against her and tried to kill her.

Skyan noticed the change right off the bat. He rushed over to Rikku, Yuna followed.

"Yuna...she's dying...do something" Skyan screamed.

"Yuna rushed over and applied her hands on Rikku. Yuna can feel a disturbance in her body.

"Let her free" Yuna said.

Skyan walked causally over to Rikku and said in a whispered voice.

"Time for you to awake"

Her eyes closed and her eyes only saw snow on a dead channel

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