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Chapter 1: Asuka Strikes...to much.

It's 5:00 a.m. and Tokyo-3 stands still for the night. All residents reside in their beds, rejuvenating their bodies for the next days activities, challenges and suprises. All is quiet... "WAKE UP, SHINJI!". Well, kinda...

Asuka Langley Sohryu, age 15 and pilot of EVA Unit-02 was fully awake and trying to force The Third Child to do the same. "I SAID WAKE UP YOU DORK!" she yelled as she yanked his blanket off of him. Shinji was curled up in the fetal position with his hands over his ears in an attempt to block out the red-headed, German girl's irritatingly loud and obnoxious voice.

"In case you've forgotten Shinji, this is how thing work around here:

1. We all go to sleep.

2. Misato sleeps for 9 hours.

3. I sleep for 11 hours.

4 You sleep for 6 hours.

5. I wake you up to make me, Misato's and your lunches.

6. I go back to sleep.

7. You make breakfast.

8. We all go do what we do during the day.

9. We come home.

10. You cook dinner.

11. We each shower(you last of course).

12 We all go to sleep and start all over again.

Any questions?" she asked after completing her list of their daily lives. All she got in response from Shinji was, "(grumble, grumble, grum-grum-grumble, grumble) " Damn loud mouthed, red-headed, hot-tempered, Nazi girl."

"What was that?" Asuka asked. Shinji simply laid there counting his blessings that Asuka had not heard him, she would have beat the shit out of him. "Nothing, I didn't say anything." he replied. "Well then, I suggest you get off your lazy ass and start on those lunches." she said as she made her exit from his room. Once, she had left Shinji attempted to get the few remaining second he could get of sleep before...

"I SAID GET UP YOU TWERP!" Asuka yelled, before she threw a shampoo at his head. Which he caught(after a few times of that, you kinda get used to it). The time was now 6:37 a.m. Shinji Ikari, 15 years old and pilot of EVA Unit-01, was quietly making breakfast. "It's supposed to be Misato's turn to cook, AGAIN!" he thought irritatingly in his head. "And Asuka's been even bitchier than usual. It's like she's on her period 24/7 or something". Shinji's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a certain Miss Katsuragi's door sliding open. Revealing the usual bed-headed, tired, yawning Misato. After he usual, gigantic, morning yawn she looked towards Shinji and uttered a tired, "Good morning, Shinji."

Shinji stared at his guardian with his usual disapproving face. As he went back to making breakfast he asked, "Misato, who's turn was it to cook today?" Misato simply walked over to the fridge, got out her usual morning beer, sat down at the table, took 6 chugs of the can(finishing it) and then letting out her after beer belch. "Um, let's see...it's your turn. Right Shinji?" she asked. "Wrong." Shinji replied without taking himself away from the almost finished meal. "Wrong?" Misato asked looking to him.

"Yes, wrong. It was your turn. I'm just supposed to make the lunches today, your job was to get off your half-sober ass and make a decent meal!" he scolded. "Then again, if I did let Misato cook, we'd all be in the emergency room by now." he thought. He was brought out of them when he felt a set of arms wrap themselves around him. He looked back to see Misato's head resting on his shoulder. "And you were nice enough to make breakfast anyway weren't you?" she asked before landing a quick peck on Shinji's cheek, making him blush. "Thanks Shinji." Misato thanked as she got off him to get another beer. "'Sigh' Misato's never gonna change." he thought with a smile on his face.

Time is now 8:05 a.m. as Asuka, Misato and Shinji made there way to NERV. Of course, they would arive at HQ by 8:07 a.m., with Misato behind the wheel and Shinji and Asuka clutching whatever they could to survive Misato's insane driving. Time was 8:07 a.m. and the trio had just pulled...drifted into the NERV personnel parking lot. Soon the two back doors open and Asuka and Shinji come out, holding their mouths and looking for the nearest trashcan. Once the target was spotted they ran for it and simultaneously chucked up Shinji's breakfast.

Once they entered headquarters Misato headed for the Central Dogma while Shinji and Asuka headed for the changing rooms to fit into their plugsuits. It is now 8:28 a.m. and Shinji, Asuka and now Rei were inside their plugs for their sych-ratio tests. In the control room Maya, Shigeru, Makoto, Ritsuko and Misato sat at their stations observing the pilots. Misato stood in the backround, bored as usual. "Hey, Ritsuko. Why is it that we keep doing these stupid tests even though we've gotten rid of all the Angels?" she asked. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi turned to her friend and answered, "You never know." "Never know what? All known Angels have been destroyed!" she spat. "Exactly. All KNOWN Angels. We can't roll out the possibility that there could be more." Rituko answered plain and simple.

Misato, knowing she was beaten stepped down. Now it is 8:47 a.m. and, for the pilots, work was done. In the woman's changing room, Rei and Asuka began undressing out of there plugsuits and into their street clothes. For Asuka it was some loose fitting supplex nylon pants, a shirt made of the same material tucked in, and a long sleeved vest made of the same material, for Rei, it was her school uniform, even though it was Saturday. Rei and Asuka still didn't talk that much, though they were on a better basis with each other.

Ever since they didn't need to pilot their EVA's anymore it seemed that the Children had become closer as friends. Though Asuka and Shinji were on hiatus right now. Just as Asuka was done getting dressed and had closed her locker, she turned to Rei, who was just buckling her belt and asked, "So Wonder Girl, what are you doing today?" she asked. Rei finished buckling herself then closed her locker THEN answered, "I will go home. There is no more to do here, so I will go home." Asuka simply slapped her forehead and said, "Jeez girl, can't you do anything else besides be an EVA pilot? 'Sigh' You need to get yourself a boyfriend." Asuka advised as she left the locker room, leaving Rei to her thoughts.

"A boyfriend? I have seen many girls with those. Boyfriend: A person's regular male companion in a romantic or sexual relationship." Rei thought. She contemplated and then picked up her bag and before exiting the room said to herself, "I am in no need of such a thing" and with that, she set her sights on home.

End of Chapter 1

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