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Chapter 4: WHERE WERE YOU!

After breakfast, Rei and Shinji both knew they had to (meaninglessly) get their assess to NERV H.Q. After a quick shower, and an experience of deja vu, they were on the train. And the whole train ride there Shinji was dreading a confrontation with a certain red-head who was going to be wondering the where-abouts of the Third Child. As Shinji and Rei got off the train, slid their cards through the slot opening the gate, got to the changing room and changed into their plug-suits and headed for their synchro-tests Shinji thought that maybe he'd get off easy today. That maybe Asuka was sick... ...and then all hell broke lose.

"SHINJI IKARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!", "oh shit." Shinji mused as the Devil's Offspring approached from the six o'clock direction. As Shinji reluctantly turned around to face the apocalypse, a.k.a everything Asuka could fit into her backpack to throw at Shinji. As it rained shampoo bottles, fierce irons flew through the air and the maelstrom of empty beer cans began Shinji thought it was a good idea to haul-ass out of there. Asuka gave chase.


All Shinji's other human senses were gone and all that remained was the primal instinct to stay alive and get away from the she-wolf hot on his heels. As he rounded the corner and opened the door to the sych-test office where yet another one of Shinji's fates were placed. Misato Katsuragi came up to Shinji, throwing her arms around him, all the while yelling,

"Shinji! You did it! I didn't think you had it in you! I can't wait to tell all those people who said you were just a meek little kid who could never grow up to be a man!" Shinji, not knowing in the Seven Rings of Hell what she was talking about, began to pry the violet haired bombshell from his neck in order to get some answers.

"Misato, what the hell did I do?" he asked. Misato just looked at her roommate with pride beaming from her face, which soon turned into a playful grin on her face as she began tracing the line of his lips with her finger while her other arm was still around his neck. "As if you didn't know Mr. All Nighter. I don't think it could have taken you 14 hours to take a card to a girls apartment, do you?" As realization washed over his face at what Misato was babbling about, a blush began to creep over his face. He then pushed Misato off of him and proclaimed, "Misato! Would you get your head out of the gutter! We didn't do anything like that! I mean, I'm not like you!" Misato's face turned sour and scrunched up into a classic pout.

"And just what is that supposed to mean, Shin-chan?" she asked. Shinji just brushed her as he headed for the door that led down to the port where the motorboat was sitting, ready to take him to his pod for the test. As he was heading for the door, he felt the feel of hands wrap around his throat in a very threatening manner. Then the fingers began to contract upon each other, closing the space Shinji needed to breathe. It didn't take 4.0 GPA to know who it was behind him.

"Shinji. I think you have some explaining to do, along with a big, delicious and edible dinner once we get home. Don't you think?" came a very angry sounding Asuka. "Ack, 'gag', 'gasp', 'choke', guh, let...go." he choked as he wrapped his hands around hers in an attempt to pry her hands from his. This only made Asuka clench tighter much like how a snake will squeeze tighter the more its prey struggles.

"Miss Sohryu, I think it would be in your best interests to let Shinji go." came a very meek sounding voice, though it had a very vague sense of authority in the way it sounded. Asuka quickly let go of Shinji's neck and turned around to face the source of the voice. Rei stood behind her, wearing her plug-suit, with her ruby-red eyes glaring at Asuka. "What was that? Are you threatening me, Wonder Girl?" Asuka asked, her temper rising.

"I am merely asking that you let go of him. And now that you have, there is no longer any reason to argue." Rei responded before brushing past Asuka to head for the door down to the boat. Said red-head stood there with steam rising off her head, growling. Shinji quickly followed suit with Rei, trying to put as much distant between him and the fiery-german girl as possible. Soon Asuka stomped off through the door and got into her boat that took her to pod #2.

Putting her hand over her eyes, Ritsuko moaned out a, "These kids are unbelievable."

Later on that day, after the test's where Asuka had gone down 6 points due to her anger and Shinji had gone down 3 because of his fear while Rei remained unchanged, the pilots headed to their sex-respected changing rooms. Shinji, glad that he got to be alone in the room, couldn't help but think about what Asuka was doing to Rei right now. As thoughts of poisons, knives, swords, nooses, torture devices and guns passed through his head, causing a chill to run down his spine, he went to dressing himself.

Meanwhile, in said ladies changing room, Rei was getting herself dressed while Asuka did come to attack, though not with any weapon Shinji could have thought of she used one far more deadly than any of those ones. She used her voice.

"JUST WHAT WERE YOU AND SHINJI DOING LAST NIGHT? I MEAN, I KNOW YOU'RE JUST A LIFELESS WIND-UP DOLL, BUT EVEN YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME MODESTY! I MEAN SLEEPING WITH A BOY BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL? I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU! I MEAN HONESTLY! I THOUGHT MISATO WAS BAD, BUT YOU! YOU BRING A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO THE TERM 'DESPERATE WHORE'! AND THAT STUPID SHINJI, HOW YOU WERE EVER ABLE TO GET HIM TO DO IT IS BEYOND ME!" as Asuka continued on with her rant, Rei had gotten dressed and was heading to the door. Of course, Asuka didn't notice, she was to caught up in her raving to notice a naked man if one walked right in front of her. As Rei headed down the hall towards the exit, she came across Shinji, who was apparently looking around every corner he came across. "Hello Shinji." she said.

Shinji jumped at the sound of someone calling his name, then when he turned and saw that it was Rei, he relaxed.

"Oh, it's you Rei. Sorry I thought you were Asuka." then she stopped right in front of him and responded, "Please, do not insult me like that Shinji." not realizing that she was actually serious, Shinji began laughing, supporting himself on the wall. Rei simply looked on at him, though her face showed nothing, she was very confused.

After calming down from his giggle fit, he shaped up and looked at Rei with a look of nervousness. Fumbling for words he began, "Hey Rei. Well...um, I was ah...wondering, if you...you know if you weren't dooning, DOING I mean, doing I'm sorry. If you weren't um...doing anything later, would you want...to um...to...you know, go out or... ...something?" his throat completely dry. Rei stared at him, tilting her head slightly indicating she did not completely understand him.

"What do you mean 'go out'? Are we not currently 'out', Shinji?" Rei asked, her face never faulting. Gulping what moisture remained in his mouth, Shinji began fumbling for words. "Great! Just great! It took all my guts just to ask her! Now I have to explain what it means? Damn it, Rei!"

"Well...(gulp)...um well, going out...means to, ah...to uh...um, take someone with you and...just do stuff with them." Shinji said, sweating all over. Once again, taking a very Rei-like approach to what she was being told, turned the information over and over in her head; contemplating what to do or say.

Her silence though was very unnerving to the Third Child. The seconds turned to minutes. Minutes of just standing, awaiting her answer. Awaiting The First Child's answer. Awaiting Rei's answer. Then, after four grueling minutes of uncomfortable silence, Shinji was about to apologize and leave, when she spoke up.

"Very well, Shinji. I shall allow you to 'take me out'. Though I must first take care of something." and with that she turned on her heel and headed in the opposite direction. Feeling literally numb from the shock, Shinji stood motionless in the middle of the hallway. "Very well, Shinji. Very well. Take me out. Well. Me out. Take me out. Take me out. Take me out." the words played over and over and over in his head, as if determining if they were real or a figment of his overly hopeful mind. But as the minutes passed and realization swept over him, ever so slowly, for the first time in a long time...Shinji genuinely smiled.

Meanwhile, Rei Ayanami sat on a bench in front of the entrance to HQ, awaiting a previously scheduled rendevous. As she sat waiting for the person she was waiting for, she began re-thinking things. "Can I do this? Can I honestly do this to him? For Shinji?" Then, in a flash, Toji Suzuhara's and her own words came back to her. "You have a thing for Shinji, don't you?., ..."Maybe that is true."

"Yes. I can do this. I can honestly do this. For Shinji." Then the person she had been awaiting, finally arrived. Rei turned her head, and came eye to eye with the only living relative of the very man she had but seconds ago been thinking about; Gendo Ikari.

"Hello, Rei. Things have been well with you I hope." The Commander had said in his usual indifferent tone, but with that slight incline of the mouth that only two people had ever seen. Rei and Yui. "Yes." she answered. As his smile grew a little more he then went on to say, "Well then, shall we be off?" he asked motioning to the employee parking lot where his limo was ready to take them to their original destinations.

For a few second, Rei said nothing. She continued to stare at him, which was beginning to unnerve the stone cold Commander of NERV. "Something wrong, Rei?" Gendo asked. Then life seemed to re-enter her eyes, as she began. "I am sorry, sir. But now have other plans. I regret to say that our previously scheduled plans must be either re-scheduled or all together...terminated." she said without a fault in her voice.

To say that Gendo was taken aback would have been an understatement. He was utterly shocked. But he kept it hidden underneath his usual steely demeanor. His smile now gone. "Is that so, Rei? And what are those 'plans' that you have that are more important than what we had planned?" he asked eager to find out. While Rei may have went against his wishes of spending the day together, there was no doubt in his mind that she was still his faithful... 'puppet'.

"I will be spending the day with your son, sir." then bowing slightly, "Now, if you will excuse me, sir." and with that, she headed back inside to search for Shinji and the day they would spend together. And as the events of what had just occured sank in, it affected both differently. Rei feeling that she had somehow relieved herself of a huge weight, just a little and Gendo feeling shocked, hurt and furious. Rei Ayanami headed for Shinji with just the hint of a small smile on her face and Gendo Ikari headed for his limo. Both thinking of a certain boy they both knew.