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Title- Silver and Sand

Date- June 1, 2006

Ch. 1- Savior

Riku crawled out of bed, smacking his hand on the alarm clock to silence it. Whining, he trudged across his room to a tall dresser, and pulled out boxers, a navy blue tank top, and some swimming trunks. With a yawn, the boy opened the door to the bathroom and walked inside, his eyes being met by a messy floor and toothpaste on the mirror. 'Today is the first day of summer vacation,' a thought snapped in his mind, which woke him up happily. He smiled, and changed into his day clothes. He then brushed his teeth, pulled his hair back into a messy ponytail, grabbed a bag and left.

"Soooraaa!" Riku called as he ran into his best friend's room to wake him up, "Get up, get up!"

"Nyaaahhh..." Sora groaned and turned over, "No school for me, thanks, Riku..."

Riku smiled, and jabbed Sora in the lower back, "It's summer now, you dork," he teased.

The brunette's eyes flashed open, and he flipped out of bed, "Yes! Finally summer!"

He pushed Riku out of the room, and gave him a bagel that he found in his bathroom, "Here, eat, while I change!"

Riku just looked at the bagel, and sniffed it. 'My god!' Riku thought, disgusted, 'I gave him this two weeks ago!'

He dumped the bagel in the trash, and sat on the couch in the living room. Riku's eyes scanned the room, admiring the pictures of Sora with his family, all together. This saddened him a bit, Riku had been living with Squall since age 7, when his parents disappeared. (A/N: I refuse to call Squall 'Leon.') He had known them long enough to miss them, but he still had few memories.

Sora burst into the room wearing orange swimming trunks, a blue and white shirt, and flip flops. "So, Riku," he beamed, "what are we gonna do on the first day of summer?"

The smaller boy did a little dance when Riku suggested that they meet with Kairi and go surfing. "Sounds like fun, come on!"

Sora grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the house, heading toward Kairi's. Sora pounded on her door, "Kairiiiii! Come on, let's go surf!"

He opened the door and saw the red headed girl with a blanket around her shoulders. Her voice cracked, "Sorry guys, I have the flu, can't go."

"Aw darn," Sora said, giving the small girl a hug, "It won't be as much fun without you!"

"Ah, well you guys go on," Kairi coughed, "I'll be fine."

"Okay," Sora gave a sympathetic smile, "Feel better soon, Kai."

Riku waved and then the two were off again, this time to the shed where they kept their surf boards. "Wow, we haven't surfed in forever, huh Riku?" Sora turned to him as they opened the shed's old door.

"Nope," he replied, grabbing a long, dark green and white swirled board, and handing Sora his red one with yellow and gold stars.

Sora snatched up his board and zoomed down to the water. "C'mon, Riku, you slow-poke!" He called back joyfully.

Sora waded quickly out to as far as he could, then climbed onto his board. Riku soon followed after him. The two boys paddled toward each other, and Riku challenged Sora, "Hey, I bet you can't surf any wave I say."

"You're on!" the brunette laughed, and they waited for Riku to name the wave."There! That one!" The silver-haired young man pointed at a sizable wave, coming in fast.

"Gotcha," Sora called as he paddled away. He got up as close as he could, and then stood, and began riding the now huge wave. "Hahaha! Check me out Riku!" Sora yelled back, flashing a cheesy hand signal to him (A/N: no, he didn't flip him off...). Riku laughed back, and watched his friend surf back in.

But suddenly, Sora got sucked down into the water. He was never the best surfer, but something about his fall made it not an accident. Riku became instantly active. He jumped off his board into the water, and swam directly toward he saw Sora go under. He looked, the water was clear, but he couldn't see far. He brought his head above the water, and saw him. About fifty feet away, floating face-down in the water. Riku paddled as fast as he could, and finally reached him. "Sora!" he shouted, but there was no response.

As the silver haired boy began swimming back with his friend in his arms, he noticed his left leg was bloodied. This made Riku swim faster, in fear for his best friend's life. When they reached the sand, Riku began trying to wake Sora up. He did everything he had learned in CPR class. "Come on, come on..." he thought out loud, before giving a couple more breaths.

Sora sputtered up some water, and his eyes began leaking tears. Riku turned him on his side, in case he were to vomit, and then said to him, "Sora, my god, are you okay?"

Without waiting for a reply, he picked the boy up and ran back to his house. He pushed through the door and into his room, setting Sora on the bed. He ran into his bathroom to get some towels. "Riku," Sora said to him, and coughed, "my leg hurts so bad."

Riku was busy finding the peroxide when he heard this, "Hold on!" he replied, "Don't worry, I'm going to fix you!"

Sora smiled, but only momentarily, as he winced from the pain. Riku returned, and put a towel under Sora's bleeding calf. It was now he realized he couldn't fix Sora's leg all by himself. "Just hold on a sec, okay Sora?"

Sora nodded, and Riku ran off to get Squall, who was rather good with emergent matters.

"SQUALL!" Riku screamed through his house looking for the brunette.

"In here!" Squall yelled back, not paying attention. He was too sucked into playing Final Fantasy X-2, "Yes, Rikku, you change your dressphere..." he said to himself, pervertedly.

Riku burst through the door, startling Squall out of his video game induced fantasy. "What the hell, man?" the brunette questioned.

Riku replied by dragging Squall away from the screen and down the hall to his room. "Help me," he said, breathing heavily.

"Okay then," Squall said calmly, and grabbed a chair, sitting next to Sora's wound.

He began inspecting it, after he put some gloves on, and figured out it was a shark bite. "Sharks?" Riku said, confused, "This close inland?"

"Well it is their breeding season," Squall stated matter-of-factly, while poking around the wound.

Riku looked at his best friend, who was staring up at him, with a grimace. The silver haired hero took Sora's hand, and let him squeeze it. "He's gonna be fine, right?" Riku asked, concerned.

"He has to stay off it for a few days, since I'm giving him stitches."

"What!" Riku said, shocked, "Why don't we just take him to the hospital? It'd be safer, thats for sure!"

Squall smirked, "Aw, hush up. Sora's parents know I'm good with these things, they'll be cool."

'That's not what I meant...' Riku thought to himself, turning back to his friend, who was drifting off to sleep.

'How can he sleep at a time like this? Oh well, he's adorable when he's sleeping... AHH! What am I saying?'

"You okay, Ri?" Squall gave him a strange look, "It looks like your about to throw up."

Riku looked back over, "Sorry, just thinking."

Squall gave a small chuckle and said, "Whatever," and turned back to stitching.

When he was done 20 minutes later, Squall wrapped his leg in a bandage, and left the room to call Sora's parents. Riku got the boy some painkillers, and came back, trying to wake him up. "Sora, hey, Sora, wake up man," Riku shook the boy gently, until his eyes fluttered open.

"Oh, hey Riku, Uhm, why am I wet and in your bed?" Sora cutely asked.

Riku laughed a little, and told Sora to undress while he told him what'd happened. Sora stripped off his wet swimming trunks and sat with a towel on his lap. Riku was staring at his young friend's body, not paying attention to what he was saying. "Uh, Riku, I don't think you want my bare ass on your bed, so you may wanna find some clothes for me soon." Sora laughed.

Riku snapped to attention, "Hum, what is it?" he asked, dumbfoundedly.

Sora laughed again, "Clothes?" he replied.

"Right!" Riku blushed and turned back to his dresser, pulling out some boxers, a shirt, and pants.

He gave them to Sora, and turned around. Sora managed to get on his shirt fine, and struggled with his boxers, but really couldn't get pants on by himself. "Err.. Riku?"

"Hm?" Riku replied without turning around.

"I need some help," Sora laughed.

Riku blushed again, and walked over to his friend to help him out. He felt like some sort of babysitter, but at the same time, it felt somewhat sexy. He let Sora lean on him as he pulled his pants up and zippered them. Sora's arm stayed draped around Riku for a bit, until Riku realized that the younger boy was poking him in the ribs and saying, "Hey, I'll go sit in the living room while you change the sheets, okay?"

Riku nodded, and began helping Sora out of the room. It didn't take long for them to realize that Sora had more trouble walking that expected, since his right ankle was bruised. So, Riku had no choice but to carry him. When they reached the couch, the silver haired teen placed Sora gently onto the couch, and put a pillow behind his head. He handed him the remote, and smiled, "Watch some tv, I'm going to clean my room a bit, too, okay?"

Sora stuck out his tongue, "Okay, you dork," he laughed.

Riku laughed as well, and then turned to go back to his room.

While he was pulling wet sheets off the bed, Squall floated in, telling him that Sora's parents were going to stop by, but had to leave to visit Sora's aunt, who was having a court case for the next few days. For some reason, Riku's eyes perked up, and a smile was apparent on his face. Squall laughed at him and said, "Don't get too excited, lover-boy!" and ran off.

Riku called back out the door, "Don't say perverted things like that!"

He turned back to his room, with a guilty blush across his face, and thought, 'I can't possibly like him... He's a guy!'

He shook the feeling and started putting new sheets on the bed. They were his 'good' sheets, dark blue, satiny ones. 'Why am I putting nice sheets on?' he questioned himself, but not stopping. 'Sora loves this color,' he silently answered. His mind thrashed about, screaming at conscious Riku to put the normal sheets on, but there was no outer response. Riku just focused on cleaning his room now, and how it'd be better to help Sora get around. He went to his bathroom, and did the same. After he threw the last towel in the dirty clothes hamper, he went back out to Sora, who was giggling watching cartoons on the couch.

"Hey, it's all done now," he smiled, "do you want me to get you some clothes from your house? Your parents left a key."

Sora smiled, "That'd be cool, thanks Riku!" The brunette signaled for Riku to come closer, and put his arms around the silver haired boy, hugging him closely. Riku wrapped his arms around Sora's back, and breathed in his scent. Sora whispered, "Thank you a thousand times for saving my life." He gently kissed Riku on the cheek, and pulled back. Their eyes met, and Riku felt like this was right.

Riku pulled his eyes away, and felt his stomach ache. Inner Riku cringed, "My god, you are such a gay boy, Riku! Get your hands off of him!"

Riku tore away, grabbed the keys, and ran out the door, leaving Sora with a frown on his face. Riku's pace was hindered by the soft sand below him, which seemed to suck him in with every step. He felt hot tears run down his face, and it was getting to be sundown. He stopped under a palm tree, and slid down it, til he hit the ground. He pulled his knees to his chest, and rocked himself. He shuddered, 'Am I gay or not? I just want to know, is it okay for me to love him?'

Riku stopped rocking after about ten minutes. It was dark now, and getting cold. He stood up, and walked over to Sora's house, unlocking the door and stepping inside. That same smell as the morning hit him. It was a mix of something floral, and baking. So many memories for the two boys were in this house. He walked to Sora's room, and over to his closet, pulling clothes from the shelves and hangers. He had so many brightly colored teeshirts, and he was so happy all the time. Riku, on the other hand, never seemed as happy as Sora, and was often quiet. "I wish I were more like him," he thought out loud.

Riku picked up a pair of his shoes, and walked out of his room. His eyes caught a picture frame with a small, but cute picture of himself and Sora, before the first battle. Riku's arm was draped around Sora, who held tightly onto Riku's middle, beaming. Riku smiled, and walked out of the house, locking the door behind him.

'I think I want to tell him,' Riku pondered, 'I just want to confide everything in him, and hold him forever.' Inner Riku tried to surface, rageful and harsh, but was pushed back by every other thought in his mind, all revolving around Sora.

Riku opened the door, but didn't see Sora on the couch where he had left him. He looked in his room, and saw the boy had fallen asleep on his bed. 'How did he get there?' Riku questioned.

Nevertheless, Riku set the clothes on top of his dresser, and stripped to his boxers. It wasn't even nine, but he thought that he deserved some extra rest. Luckily, Sora had kept to one side of the bed, so that Riku didn't have to move him. The silver-haired teen crawled under the sheets, and lay turned on his side, facing Sora.

He watched his best friend sleep, his soft brown locks falling in his face. His lips were slightly parted, and just the tiniest bit of drool was at the corner of his mouth, making him look adorable, yet still human. Riku couldn't resist, he put his hand up and caressed the side of Sora's face. "Rikuuu" Sora mumbled, and Riku pulled his hand back, afraid to wake him up.

Surprisingly, Sora snuggled up closer to Riku, and buried his face in his chest. Riku froze up, 'My god, he's so cute... Act cool.'

Riku relaxed his muscles, and wrapped an arm around Sora. Sora's hand rose up to Riku's neck, and rested there. The silver haired boy thought he was blushing so madly he must've been glowing. 'I've never been one to be embarrassed, but Sora changes this all,' he thought.

Riku quickly drifted to sleep with Sora in his arms, and woke up the next morning by his friend poking him in the chest. "Riku... Riku, wake up, I have to go to the bathroom," he said, trying his best to sweetly wake him up.

"Ehhh?" Riku's eyes fluttered open, and it hit him that he was very close to Sora. He instinctively pulled away, "What is it?" he asked, flustered.

"I gotta go pee," Sora laughed.

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