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Chapter 1


Charlie's POV

I knew a party at the end of the year would be fun, but having it at Adam's house made it a million times better. The place was huge, and I'm not talking normal huge, I'm talking about Adam has a whole part of the house to himself huge. His parents weren't home and neither was his brother, so it was just us Ducks. Everyone, even the Ducks who didn't live in Minnesota showed up. They'd called their parents and asked for a few more days to stay with us for the party. We were going to be seniors after all so we had to start the summer off right.

We all showed up in jeans and t-shirts after Adam insisted there was no need to dress up. When I knocked on the door Adam opened it and I felt my jaw drop a bit. I'd never seen Adam in jeans and a t-shirt before and I'm sorry I didn't see it more often. We'd been playing hockey together for years and I don't think any of us had seen Adam in anything but nice pants and a button up shirt or polo shirt.

"What's up Charlie?" he asked, stepping back to let me in. I was the first one there but within five minutes the entire team had shown up and somewhere along the way Connie had figured out the stereo system and put in a CD she'd brought. We all sat around talking and laughing when someone said we needed something to do. Suggestions flew through the air but all were shot down.

"Why don't we go back to seventh grade and play Truth or Dare?" Russ said. No one objected so we all sat on the floor of the Banks' living room and looked around waiting for someone to start.

"Jesus, I'll go since all of you are afraid," Portman said. He looked around the circle and his eyes landed on me. Oh Christ. "Conway, truth or dare?"

Damn. "Truth," I said taking the easy way out.

"Okay. Why'd you break up with Linda? She wasn't bad looking at all," he said.

"Bad kisser," I responded. Okay, maybe she wasn't a bad kisser but she didn't attract me like someone else did, so by all standards she was a bad kisser for me.

The game went on, Dwayne being dared to swallow some concoction Fulton made, Connie having to admit that she wanted to sleep with Guy, Julie having to go skinny dip in Adam's pool, and Goldberg having to relive his most embarrassing moment.

"Okay, okay, Banksie, truth or dare?" Goldberg asked.

"Truth," Adam said before taking a sip of his water.

"Okay, don't take this the wrong way man but I've never seen you with a girl, I don't think any of us have, so do you even like girls?"

Everyone fell silent. Adam's sexuality had always been a secret topic of conversation for the rest of us. I know I'd wondered about it a lot because how many years can you be a guy's friend and not see him interested in a girl before you start to wonder?

Adam took another sip of his water and without shying away or backing down he answered. "Yeah I like girls but I like guys too. Girls can get too prissy at times, no offence," he added looking at Connie and Julie who just smiled.

I was floored. So was the rest of the team. "So that makes you…" Averman began.

"Bisexual. Though like I said girls can be too much so some people might want to simplify me and call me gay but I don't care."

Portman laughed and clapped Adam on the shoulder. "Welcome to the club man," he said laughing a bit more. Now everyone stared at him. "What, you try living with two gay brothers and having men hit on you and tell me you don't start seeing guys that way too," Portman said. "Though, unlike Banks, I swing more for girls, only a few guys can get me."

"Well, now that everyone's talking about sexuality, anyone else want to come out?" Dwayne said in his southern drawl.

I swallowed. I wasn't sure of my sexuality yet but I knew Linda didn't interest me, and most girls didn't. But I wasn't sure so I stayed silent. I looked around the group and saw Fulton who looked to be thinking along the same lines as me. Was anyone straight anymore?

The silence held for a few more moments before Adam spoke up. "My turn." He looked around the circle and I had to admire him for a moment, he'd just come out to the team and you could see a bit more confidence coming out of him now. "Portman, truth or dare?" he asked.


"Which guys on the team would you go for? Sexuality not an issue."

"Well you, Conway, and Fulton. Though it seems out of the three, you're the only one I've got a remote chance with, eh Banksie?" Portman said not batting an eyelash as me and Fulton's heads snapped towards him.

Adam laughed and nodded. I felt a blush creep up my neck as the game continued. Eventually only picking one choice became boring so everyone got a truth first and a dare second, the dare usually having something to do with the truth.

"Okay, Fulton," Guy said. Fulton just nodded, not needing to choose anything. "Truth…what were you thinking when Portman included you in the list of guys?"

Portman turned to Fulton, staring at him closely. Fulton just smirked. "Well to be honest it's flattering. It's not everyday your best friend finds you attractive."

Portman smiled a bit, glad that Fulton hadn't been disgusted. We all knew that had to be his biggest fear cause he could give a damn about Adam or me but Fulton was his best friend.

"Okay. So on that note, I dare you to kiss Portman," Guy said staring Fulton in the eyes. That was a huge step on Guy's part, no one would want to dare either of the Bash Brothers to something so extreme, but Guy just did. Fulton held Guy's gaze before looking around the room. Portman's head was ducked before he lifted it and stood stone faced once more.

Fulton shrugged and turned to Dean and took a few steps to get close enough to him. Portman shrugged, showing his acceptance of the situation and giving his permission. Fulton nodded and leaned forward a bit until he was half an inch from Dean's face before letting their lips touch. The second they did I felt my stomach twist in knots, not in disgust but something else, an emotion I couldn't place. Watching the Bash Brother's kiss should have been by all rights, completely weird and disgusting to me, but it wasn't.

No one said anything and Dwayne even catcalled when they didn't pull apart right away, which was shocking because out of everyone he was the one I'd figured would be the most homophobic. Fulton and Dean pulled away and just looked at each other before Fulton moved back to where he was originally standing, neither of them saying a word.

"My turn," Fulton said after a few minutes of silence. The game went on with more ridiculous dares and halfhearted truths, no one daring to try and top Fulton and Dean's moment; except Dean himself.

"Banksie, for the truth I want you to give your list of the guys you'd go for."

Adam shrugged. "Same as your list Dean. Same exact list but you're on mine and I'm not on my own."

Everyone laughed. "Okay for the dare, why don't we both try and turn a straight boy tonight. Go kiss Captain Duck."

If I hadn't been sitting on the floor I'm sure I'd have ended up falling to the aforementioned floor at that moment. Adam stared at Dean before slowly turning to face me. I shrugged, just as Dean had at Fulton's dare and stood to meet Adam half way across the floor. We stared in front of each other for a moment and I couldn't help but smirk at the situation. "Glad I made your list Banksie," I said my smirk growing.

Adam just smiled before kissing me lightly. Once again my stomach twisted but I couldn't pull away. Instead I pressed my lips into his more, feeling Adam smile into the kiss. We stood like that for a few moments before pulling away. Adam just smiled more and whispered to me, "Top of the list Charlie."

I felt myself blush a bit as we stepped away and went back to where we had been. After that, I lost interest in the game.