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The Peach Pit bell jingled as the door slowly moved open. Brandon lifted his head to watch the incoming traffic and noticed the happy face of Dylan pushing his way through the crowd. He scanned over him as he noticed the grey suit and dress shoes he sported out of the ordinary. "Spiffy duds," he announced as Dylan took a seat at the counter. "Gotta look good for the judge," he replied. "How did the deposition go?" Brandon inquired.

Dylan shook his head, "She did great. Didn't even flinch once as she aired all of Peter Sloan's dirty laundry." Brandon smiled at him, "She is one amazing woman." Dylan nodded his agreement. "Can I get a cup of coffee?" Brandon grabbed the pot and put out a cup and saucer in front of him. Pouring the coffee, "So where is she now?" he questioned. "She had to stick around. The DA wanted to talk to her in private. She told me to go ahead. I'm guessing she'll be here anytime."

A customer yelled for Brandon as Dylan began to sip on his coffee. Brandon peered over his shoulder and then headed in the direction of the voice. Dylan sat quietly observing the steady flow of the Peach Pit customers. The bell rang behind him and he turned his attention toward the door. In she walked, clad in her pretty black and daisy flowered dress. Her hair was softly swept up on both sides and she truly looked like an angel. Brandon walked up to her, placing his arm around her back as she tossed him a smile. "I like this good girl look you're trying. Makes me wonder if you have a pistol stowed away in your garter," he smiled at her. "Better be careful, if you tempt me I just might have to break out my piece." He laughed as he kissed her cheek and made his way back to the other side of the counter.

She took a seat next to Dylan, as he finished off his coffee. "What did the DA want to talk to you about?" he asked. She sent a smile toward him then glanced at Brandon, who was fixing a burger beside the grill and then turned back to Dylan. "I have some big news," she smiled at him. She leaned into his ear and spoke as softly as she could. He listened intently. She pulled away as he replied, "That's great!"

Brandon approached them with a burger in hand, "What's great?" She giggled to herself and looked up at Brandon, "It's a surprise." "I like surprises," he shot back with the flirty look evident on his face. "Then you will love this one, but I'll tell you later. I need to head out. I have some stuff to take care of." She passed a smile between the two guys and headed out the door. Brandon looked to Dylan, "I actually hate surprises, so tell me what's going on."

Dylan shook his head, "No can do, man. But I can say this. There will be a party at my house tonight so start inviting." Brandon asked, "A party? Parties are good." A voice yelled from the back corner of the Peach Pit. Brandon quickly realized he was still holding on to the burger he was supposed to bring over as soon as it came off the grill. "Oops," he stated as he walked toward the now unhappy customer. Dylan let out a little grin and turned his attention to his now empty coffee cup.

The sound of the ringing doorbell flooded the now spotless living room of the McKay house. As Dylan ran out from the kitchen loud knocking followed the doorbell. His impatient friends were now pounding there way in. He grabbed the door handle and stared out the glass. "Who is it?" he asked. Steve shouted back, "Come on man, you know who it is. Open the door." Dylan let his sly grin escape his lips as he opened the door letting the impatient blonde in. Following closely behind, Andrea, Kelly, Donna and David entered as well.

"So, what are we doing here?" Kelly asked. Andrea, Donna and David headed to the futon with Steve heading to the kitchen. "Stephanie has some important news and she wanted to tell everyone at the same time. Besides Kel, do you really need a good reason to have a party?" She raised her eyebrow, "I guess not. So where is she?" He shook his head, "She'll be here in little while." They both turned to the kitchen door as they heard it swish open. Out walked Steve with a sandwich in hand. "Sure Steve, help yourself to anything in the fridge," Dylan remarked. "Hey, I haven't eaten all day," Steve shot back.

Kelly and Steve both walked over to the kitchen table where there were chips and salsa laid out. "If this is a party, we need some music," David added. Dylan pointed to the boom box set behind him. "That's supposed to be a sound system?" David asked. "Sorry Silver, I prefer reading to music, but you're welcomed to try it out." As David began examining the tiny tape player the doorbell rang again.

Dylan opened the door. In walked Brandon and Brenda. Dylan smiled shaking Brandon's hand as he leaned down giving Brenda a kiss. Brandon, with his sly wit asked, "What? No loud surprise for me? Some surprise party this is." Brenda drew in a deep breath and stared at him, "Very funny, Brandon." He nodded to her and looked up at Dylan, "So where's the guest of honor?" Kelly yelled from behind, "That's what I'd like to know." The music flipped on behind them as David began dancing by himself trying to get Donna to join in. Kelly rolled her eyes at the sight. Brenda headed over to the kitchen table joining the blonde couple snacking on the chips.

Dylan put his arm around Brandon's neck, "She'll be here. Patience." Brandon shook his head, "Not my strong suit." The front door opening caught their attention as Brandon turned around. He had to smile as he saw the smiling face of his new love. She stuck her head in and then turned to someone outside motioning for them to come in. Brandon watched as an older man in a blue suit entered with Stephanie in toe. She closed the door and stood as the man beside her seemed to tense up. A huge smile spread across her face.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet my Dad, Michael Sloan," she said unable to keep the smile from getting wider as she let the words leave her mouth. Brandon and Dylan soon mirrored her expression. Brandon was the first to approach him putting out his hand. Mr. Sloan slowly reached out to take it, "It's nice to meet you, sir." He looked over to Stephanie who added, "Dad, Brandon and I are," she paused, "close." He nodded to Brandon, "Nice to meet you." Next to greet him was Dylan, "It's been a long time, sir." Mr. Sloan nodded, "It has Dylan, but I'm glad to see you're still taking care of my little girl." Dylan let out a little chuckle, "Trust me, sir. She doesn't need me to do that." He grinned back at Dylan.

The rest of the gang came up one by one to greet the new edition to the family as Brandon pulled Stephanie off to the side. "I'm glad to see you're happy," he watched her eyes turn to her father and back to him. "I am," she stated. "I get another shot at a decent family. Who knows, he could turn out to be father of the year." Brandon's curiosity got the best of him, "Are you two going to be staying here with Dylan for a while?" Her smile widened once again, "I almost forgot." She turned to the group, "Pete pled guilty to the charges. He's getting five years in prison and part of the deal was we get all of his assets including the Bel'age room." Donna turned to her, "Five years doesn't sound like a lot."

Stephanie nodded. "I don't care how long he serves. I got what I wanted. Any power he thought he had is gone and I got my father back." Brenda added a "woohoo" to the mix of cheers as Stephanie turned back to Brandon. He questioned, "Are you sure you want to go back to the Bel'age?" She nodded her head, "Yes, I do. It's where I grew up and I refuse to let him cloud who I was and who I'm going to become. I know no matter what comes along I can take care of myself. I owe that to you." He stared into her eyes as he placed his hands around her waist, "Me?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded, "You showed me that there are good people out there and no matter how many hard situations I come across, there is something worth fighting for. Brandon Walsh, you are proof there is good in the world." He returned her smile, "Why thank you," he stated to her as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. Both caught in the moment, they leaned in for a long passionate kiss. The whole room disappeared and it was just them, lost in each other's arms.

The tiny boom box blared behind them knocking them out of their passionate little world. They pulled apart and each raised an eyebrow to the other. "Silver, ever heard of good music?" Brandon shouted. The two laughed separating. Brandon headed toward the music as Stephanie walked up to her father and put her arm around him as they smiled at each other. The music enveloped the room as more hoots and hollers were added to the group. The celebration of a new life was now under way.