Chapter 10

Sora stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. Stripping off his clothes quickly, Sora stepped under the spray of water, thinking of earlier that day. Kairi and Riku had informed him that they would be returning to Destiny Island at the end of the week. Sora was saddened at the news. They had just gotten here, and they were already planning to leave him behind again. This time, though, he would still be with people who cared about him.

Rinsing off the soap, Sora stepped into the bath and relaxed with a sigh. It felt like a lifetime had passed for him, and it had only been a little over two weeks. He could only hope that the next year wouldn't be so stressful. But then again, he had two masters to appease, so who knew? Speaking of his masters, Cloud had been upset earlier.

Aerith had pulled Cloud aside and told him she was leaving that afternoon. She couldn't deal with the fact that she had almost killed Sora because she knew that Sephiroth had only been able to gain control of her because of the darkness that had formed in her heart from her resentment and anger towards Sora. Sephiroth hadn't caused her to feel that way; he'd just made the already present feelings stronger.

Cloud was both relieved and upset at the news. He was upset because Aerith was his friend, and he still cared a great deal for her. But he was also a little relieved because at least one threat against Sora would be removed. In the end, though, he had little choice but to accept her decision.

Sora sighed again and settled deeper into the water, leaning his head back against the rim. He didn't hear the door open and nearly drowned in surprise when someone slid into the bath with him. Blinking water from his eyes and coughing harshly, he was astonished to see a familiar blonde in front of him.

"Cloud!" he gasped hoarsely. "What are you doing in here?"

"Taking a bath," said Cloud calmly.

"Sorry, I didn't realise I'd been in here that long," said Sora apologetically, reaching for his towel. "I'll get out now."

Cloud simply took the towel away from Sora and tossed it aside before pulling the brunette into his lap. "Stay," he said simply, holding the teen against his chest.

Sora was confused at the usually composed blonde's open affection, but he slowly relaxed in Cloud's arms, content to enjoy the feeling of being held so lovingly. He relaxed even more when the blonde began stroking a hand across the back of his neck. He was on the verge of dozing off when the hand stroking his neck swept down his back to rest on the curve of his hip. A sudden shifting of his bed, hands turning him so that he was straddling the body beneath him, had Sora's eyes popping open in surprise.

"Cloud?" he asked bemusedly, staring into the blonde's blue eyes curiously.

"I did promise to show you how much I loved you, Sora. All you have to do is enjoy," said Cloud, leaning forward and covering Sora's mouth in a kiss.

Sora instantly responded to the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Cloud inside, and wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck. As Cloud explored Sora's mouth with rapacious delight, Sora purred happily and buried a hand in Cloud's blonde hair, pulling the other man even closer. The kisses quickly consumed them, making them hungry for more, and Cloud broke the kiss to trail his lips across Sora's jaw and down the line of his neck.

Cloud suddenly stood up in the tub with Sora still held to him, legs wrapped firmly around his waist and arms clinging to his neck, and stepped out of the water. Completely disregarding the possibility of running into someone, Cloud walked out of the bathroom, dripping water everywhere, and carried Sora to his bedroom.

Sora couldn't believe that Cloud had carried him from the bathroom with both of them completely naked. What if someone saw them? Blushing furiously, Sora buried his face in Cloud's neck, desperately praying that nobody saw them. Fortunately, Cloud's room was just down the hall from the bathroom. Unfortunately, however, Sora's prayer wasn't answered.

Yuffie heard the bathroom door open and opened her bedroom door to make sure the bathroom was free. Her nose began to bleed, dripping down her chin unnoticed, as she watched a very naked Cloud carry an equally naked Sora down the corridor. Fucking hell! She felt faint when she saw Cloud's impressive erection bouncing against Sora's delectably pert arse with every step he took. Images of Cloud and Sora making hot, sweaty, passionate love assailed her mind, and Yuffie passed out from the onslaught to her senses.

Cloud heard a dull thud shortly after he passed and smirked. Yuffie was such a fan girl. Shouldering his door open, Cloud kicked the door closed, carried Sora to the bed, and tumbled onto the mattress, keeping Sora beneath him.

"I can't believe you just did that," said Sora, blushing in mortification. "What if someone had seen us?" With his face buried in Cloud's neck, he hadn't seen anyone else in the corridor, but he also hadn't heard anyone, either.

"Yuffie did see us," said Cloud calmly, grinding his hips against Sora's teasingly. "The little pervert got a nosebleed and passed out."

"Oh my god," moaned Sora embarrassedly. "I'll never be able to look her in the face again."

"Don't worry, Sora. By the time I get done with you, you won't even remember that it happened," said Cloud confidently.

Sora didn't see how that could be even remotely possible. He'd never been so embarrassed in his life. As he opened his mouth to refute Cloud's claim, the blonde covered his lips in a deep, hungry kiss. Once again, Sora found himself instinctively responding to the other man's voracious tongue, foraging greedily with his own.


Sora collapsed weakly against Cloud, his arse throbbing from the pounding it had just received, and grimaced at the semen drying onto his skin. "Ugh, now we need another bath," he said softly, burrowing into Cloud's chest despite the mess.

"We can do that," said Leon cheerfully, climbing off the bed and pulling Sora into his arms. Like Cloud had done earlier, Leon casually opened the door, stepped into the corridor, and carried a furiously blushing Sora into the bathroom.

Yuffie, who had just regained consciousness from her last encounter with two naked gorgeous men, saw Leon step into the corridor with Sora in his arms, and her nose started gushing once more. A moment later, she hit the floor in a dead faint as her imagination supplied all the details to the two men's extremely disheveled state.

"So that's what happened earlier," said Leon offhandedly as Yuffie's body hit the floor. "She's such a fan girl."

364 days later

Cloud and Leon refused to let Sora out of their sight. That collar would come off any day now, and they were deathly afraid that Sora would leave them once he was free. Sora had tried to reassure them numerous times that that would not happen, but they seemed to think the collar was influencing his decisions for some reason.

That night, Cloud and Leon made love to Sora with a desperate hunger that left the teen pleasantly sore and stiff, barely able to walk the next morning. It took Sora a whole two hours after waking to realise that the collar had come off during the night. One he noticed, he whooped delightedly and ran to tell Cloud and Leon.

"Cloud, Leon, the collar came off last night," said Sora excitedly.

"That's great, Sora," said Cloud dully, dreading the moment when Sora decided to leave them.

"Yeah, great," said Leon bleakly.

"You know what this means, don't you?" asked Sora cheerfully.

"You're leaving us," said Cloud dismally, knowing the time had already come.

"Don't be daft, Cloud. I wouldn't leave you and Leon. I love you both too much to do that. What this means, my dearest loves, is that the spell is broken. We now have a life to live without Xanthus' interference," said Sora calmly.

"You still love us? The collar wasn't influencing your feelings towards us in any way?" asked Cloud hesitantly.

"Nope," said Sora happily.

"In that case, we should celebrate," said Leon smoothly, pulling Sora into his arms.

As Leon and Cloud started pulling off Sora's clothes, Sora cried, "I thought we were going to celebrate."

"What do you think we're doing?" asked Leon smugly, pushing Sora down onto the bed.

Right. Celebrating. 'He could go along with that,' he thought with a smile.

The End