Story: Come Home With Me
Chapter: Soul Mates
Author: Sarah Keller
BETA: Rasengan22
Genre: Romance/Psychological Drama
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto hence why this is a FANFIC
Warnings: Yaoi! Adult situations, violence, language, RATED R
Pairings: NaruSasuNaru
Author's note: For clarification purposes, since it isn't stated outright in the text. Sasuke and Naruto are 18-19 years old.


Even when Sasuke said his name, Itachi didn't react. He remained as still as a statue, and anyone else would have doubted what they saw, but Sasuke knew better. Itachi's sharingan eyes never wavered from Sasuke's, and the two brothers remained at an impasse for several seconds. As the shock finally wore off from Sasuke's mind, rage began to fill his being. Sasuke quickly gauged his chances against the missing nin and realized that he probably couldn't kill Itachi unless he was willing to make some severe sacrifices to his person. But as the rage began to swell and his burning hatred pushed all other thoughts out, Sasuke really couldn't find a reason to care. If it would bring about Itachi's demise, Sasuke would sacrifice whatever it took.

Itachi's crimson eyes shifted away from Sasuke and swept the room before returning to gaze blankly at his younger brother who had yet to move out of his bed. The barest twitch of the corner of Itachi's mouth belied the smirk the oldest living Uchiha made. As Sasuke had discovered recently, many people could withstand his own glares, but all it took was a minute movement of Itachi's lips to make even Sasuke shudder. Moving as carefully as possible, Sasuke slid out of bed, taking the time to note everything in the room that could be used as a weapon. Only Itachi's eyes followed the movements and only the claps of fading thunder could be heard.

Sasuke's world had shrunk to only this room, only this man that he desperately wanted to kill. As Sasuke straightened to his full height next to the bed, he noted an odd sensation and shifted in an attempt to figure out what was off. All it took was the sliding of something silky between his thighs for reality to come crashing down on Sasuke. Naruto was the one that had a thing for boxers; Sasuke always wore the snugger boxer-briefs. Sasuke's red eyes swept the room again and this time he remembered that he wasn't in his home, that Itachi wasn't standing in his bedroom.

Naruto. That one word brought about a wealth of emotions in the younger Uchiha. His jaw tightened, and his teeth began to grind as the connotations of what was happening finally broke through his anger-filled mind. Itachi was in Naruto's bedroom, which could only mean that Kisame was also nearby. They had come to take Naruto, to rip the Kyuubi out of him and leave his body to cool in some unknown place. Sasuke's stomach began to churn as he realized that his plan had worked. By having Naruto move into the Uchiha compound, they had managed to draw his older brother onto their own turf.

Sasuke knew that he had promised to let Naruto and the others help in the eliminating of Itachi, but he couldn't help but hesitate. If he alerted them, Naruto would come running right into Itachi's grasp. That is, if Kisame didn't already have the blond. Sasuke mentally cursed as his mind tried to decide what to do. It really came down to what Sasuke's goal was at this moment; kill Itachi or protect Naruto. Sasuke tried to reason that by killing Itachi he would be protecting Naruto in the long run, but even he knew that it would do Naruto no good if Kisame already had him.

A small glint across the room grabbed Sasuke's attention and his eyes narrowed as he watched Itachi smirk at him. Despite the fact that his lips had moved and that he could see a slice of teeth, the smirk never reached Itachi's eyes. Those blood red eyes never changed, they remained as stoic and dead as always. Sasuke cringed inwardly as he realized that Itachi's smirk was nothing more then a mimic of his own; it showed that Itachi could only mirror human emotion because he had none of his own.

Precious seconds went by as Sasuke tried to decide what to do. Out of the silence came a sound of clanking like something heavy falling to the ground. Even though the sound came from downstairs, it was made deafening in the tense atmosphere as well as the sound that followed. A soft voice declared 'Shit' in response to the clatter and Sasuke's eyes widened. Despite the distance, Naruto's voice was distinct. Sasuke gauged the blond to be either in or near the living room. The way he had tried to stifle his voice gave the clear impression that the blond didn't know that Itachi was in the house.

When Sasuke's eyes focused on Itachi again his breathing stopped. The ghastly smirk was still in place, but this time there was a slight gleam in his red eyes. Those eyes told Sasuke that his brother was about to strike, that adrenaline had already flooded his system. Most importantly it told Sasuke that he was running out of time. With an unearthly silence, Itachi struck. His cloaked figure darted across the room, slamming Sasuke back into the wall with enough force to crack the wood.

Sasuke ignored as much of the pain he could. His shoulders and back burned at the crushing contact, but years of missions and training had prepared him for this moment. He twisted in Itachi's grip just enough to slam his elbow into the underside of his older brother's jaw. Itachi's head snapped back in the same instant that his knee smashed into Sasuke's side. Sasuke doubled over in pain but had mind enough to plant his bare feet on the wall and push off enough to flip over and out of Itachi's grip. Rolling to the floor, Sasuke twisted and shot his left leg straight out behind him. His heel connected soundly with the back of Itachi's knee. Though the knee buckled, Itachi's other knee kept him standing.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's voice carried up the stairs. The blond was probably confused by the racket coming from his bedroom.

Naruto's voice spurred Sasuke on; he swept out another leg, this time it was aimed at Itachi's head. With an ease that infuriated Sasuke, Itachi caught his calf and used his grip to slam him into the bureau. The wood piece of furniture shattered. Sasuke grunted when a large piece actually stabbed him in the back. Taking precious seconds, Sasuke scanned the room. Itachi grabbed a hold of Sasuke's neck and used his grip to pick up the younger man and once again slammed him into the wall. The piece of wood embedded in his back went even deeper causing a strangled groan to come from Sasuke's abused throat.

"Sasuke!" The pounding of feet coming up the stairs followed Naruto's yell.

If Sasuke could have cursed, he would have at how idiotic Naruto could be. He couldn't believe that all the years of stealth training never sunk in the blond's head. Naruto was responding the same way he had when they fought Haku. But the one emotion overriding Sasuke's anger at how stupid Naruto could be was a blind panic. Naruto was going to walk in on his fight with Itachi, and by the way Itachi's eyes kept shifting to the door, he was going to take advantage of the situation.

It took a fraction of a second to decide what Sasuke's goal was and he did it without giving it any more thought. Sasuke's hands came up and clawed at his brother's face even as Itachi's hand around his neck tightened. Almost frantic, Sasuke got a firm hold of Itachi's scratched forehead protector and using all the strength he could muster, hurled the item at Naruto's bedside table. Glass shattered and a lamp clattered to the ground, but it was the sudden ear piercing wailing that followed that gave some relief to the youngest Uchiha. Even Itachi flinched from the sudden noise, which gave Sasuke just enough time to mold his chakra. The sound of birds chirping drowned out the siren for a few seconds before Chidori Nagashi exploded from around his body.

Itachi was instantly thrown across the room, smoke rising from the folds of his cloak. Sasuke got some satisfaction from the grunting noise coming from his brother, but then his chakra waned suddenly to the point that his sharingan started to fail. Through will alone Sasuke managed to keep his eyes red, but he knew that he couldn't fight Itachi anymore. The combined stress from fighting, being sick, and whatever medications Naruto had given him were taking their toll. A loud clanking sound drew Sasuke's attention to his right only to see that Naruto had slid open the door and was standing wide eyed in the doorway.

Sasuke actually growled at the blond but a sudden heat reminded him that he shouldn't have taken his eyes off his older brother. Throwing himself towards the blond, Sasuke shoved them both out of the room and into the hallway. Out of the corner of his eye, Sasuke saw the waves of flame engulf the bedroom. The room practically exploded as the two teens hit the floor. Sasuke unconsciously covered Naruto as flaming bits of wood rained down around them. Even as the wood and fragments fell around them, Sasuke was pushing himself off the ground and pulling Naruto with him. They ran down the hall and Sasuke was vaguely aware that Naruto was yelling but only one thought was running over and over in his head, 'get Naruto away, keep him safe.'

In Sasuke's mind, Itachi had been reduced to just another of the other people out to hurt his blond. Sasuke knew Itachi's goals and just to what depths he would go to achieve them, but other than that, Sasuke no longer felt the overbearing need to hunt down and maim the man. As they reached the landing, they were met with a disheveled looking Sakura and Lee. A swarm of chakra around the house told Sasuke that the ANBU had finally arrived. Sasuke doubted very much that Itachi was still around, but by the sounds coming from the back of Naruto's house, he guessed Kisame had finally made an appearance. Lee sprinted past them and into the charred room. Sakura glanced at her two former teammates before going after Lee. Naruto attempted to follow, but Sasuke's grip on his arm refused to let him go.

"Let go, Sasuke, we need to go after Itachi!" Naruto tried to pull Sasuke along, back towards the remains of his bedroom, but Sasuke only tightened his grip, yanking Naruto back towards him.

"No, he's not important." Sasuke shook his head but knew that every word leaving his mouth was true. Sasuke needed to make sure Naruto was okay, that he was safe. He would protect the blond even from his own stupidity.

"What-" Naruto was cut off as even more ninja filled the house. They could see several ANBU searching the downstairs from their spot at the top of the stairs. Iruka came running up the stairs, eyeing Naruto in an attempt to make sure he was alright.

"Where's Kakashi?" Naruto asked their former teacher.

"Out searching with the others. It seems both Kisame and Itachi have fled." Iruka said as he came to a stop in front of them. He gripped Naruto's free arm when the blond twitched like he wanted to go out after the two Akatsuki members as well.

"Damnit, Sasuke! Why didn't you let me go after him!" Naruto demanded hotly. His arms jerked against both men's hold on him.

"Because I will not hand you over to him on a silver fucking platter! Sasuke yelled back, which only seemed to fuel Naruto's anger.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled to get the blond's attention. "You have to remember that it's you they're after, and if they get a hold of you, they will become a bigger threat to this village! If you really want to protect the people here, you need to know when to protect yourself and not run into a fight!"

Both Sasuke and Naruto blinked at Iruka's harsh words. It sounded more like he was delivering an order rather then giving a lesson, and Sasuke was reminded of the way Iruka would yell at Naruto back when they were still students at the academy. Naruto seemed to deflate after Iruka's outburst. He dropped his eyes to the floor in defeat, knowing that Iruka was right. He would do anything to prevent the Akatsuki from getting a hold of Kyuubi. Part of him was relieved at the amount of trust Sasuke had unconsciously shown their friends when they had come to their rescue. The fact that

Sasuke wasn't attempting to go after Itachi on his own made Naruto feel lighter, like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

As he gazed down, Naruto noticed that something was dripping onto the floor near Sasuke's bare feet. His blue eyes widened in shock as they trekked up Sasuke's legs. Blood was dribbling down the back of the dark haired teen's calves; his borrowed boxers clung wetly to the back of his thighs and butt. Naruto twisted the arm Sasuke was holding until he could turn Sasuke slightly away from him in order to get a better look at the boy's back. What he saw there made him gasp in shock. No more than a couple of inches from Sasuke's lower spine was a piece of wood that looked like it had once been part of his dresser. The piece stuck out maybe four inches and was three inches wide where it penetrated his skin. Blood bubbled out of the wound at a steady rate, dribbling down Sasuke's back and staining his porcelain skin an angry red.

"Sasuke!" The young Uchiha swayed slightly after Naruto's cry reminded him that he was seriously injured. The adrenaline in his system dropped dramatically, almost bringing him to his knees as his back started throbbing. Looking down, Sasuke noticed how a spot underneath his rib cage bulged out slightly and he realized that the piece of wood was probably only a hairs breadth away from running him completely through. Vaguely, Sasuke was aware of both Naruto and Iruka taking a hold of him at the same time he noted that his skin felt hot again. 'Wonderful' the young Uchiha thought sarcastically as his body shut down sending him into darkness a second time that night.




"Asshole." Naruto shot back, glaring at his boyfriend. Mentally the blond stuck out his tongue in disgust. It sounded so weird to use that word when referring to Sasuke, even in his mind.

"Hn." Sasuke didn't once look at Naruto, which annoyed the blond almost as much as Sasuke's response.

"I can't believe you didn't tell Sakura you where injured when she first showed up." Naruto huffed in frustration.

"And I can't believe that you walked into a room unarmed when you knew people were fighting inside. Oh no, the next great Hokage has to reserve that right for when I knock on his front door!" Sasuke practically yelled.

"Yeah well, I just figured you were falling down since you were so out of it when I carried you up there!"

"That has got to be the stupidest thing you have ever said!" This time Sasuke did look at his blond, and whacked him up side the head as well.

"Ow! You have to be nice to me now!" Naruto cradled his head as he pouted at the Uchiha.

"And why would I start all of the sudden?" Sasuke asked in mock curiosity.

Rather than answer, Naruto gave Sasuke a disgruntled look. "Geez, Sasuke, with all the hits you deal out to my head, I'm starting to believe you want me as some mindless sex toy."

Sasuke blinked his dark-colored eyes at the blond. He was fully aware that Naruto was trying to sound annoyed, but the images that bombarded his mind were strangely arousing. Sasuke swore as he cradled his own head in his hands. He mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "Damnit, Kakashi has ruined me" to Naruto.

"Eh?" Naruto's face screwed up as he tried to figure out what Sasuke meant. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the obtuse blond. "AHH, pervert!" Naruto suddenly yelled. Sasuke only rolled his eyes again.

"Spare me your dramatics, dobe. I'm sure you've had a few of your own perverted thoughts thanks to Kakashi's 'lessons.' "

"EH! How did you know about that?" Naruto demanded.

"I found his 'notes' in your house while you were gone. Plus he admitted to it when I . . . made it clear that it would be in his best interest. I also made sure he understood it had to stop." Sasuke responded simply.

"Oh." Naruto wasn't sure what to say to that. Part of him was pissed Sasuke had been snooping; the other part of him was just plain embarrassed. He turned back to look over what was left of Naruto's garden. Between the storm, Kisame and Itachi, the whole garden was pretty much ruined. Naruto was eternally thankful that his meditation room had survived intact.

"You sound disappointed, dobe." Naruto's head whipped around only to widen when he realized that Sasuke had started to invade his personal space. "Don't worry, I have every intention of taking up your lessons."

Naruto's eyes widened as he felt a hand move up his thigh. "Sasuke, your wound, you shouldn-"

"Shut up, dobe." Sasuke breathed against Naruto's ear. "I thought we decided that you would stop telling me what to do."

"No, I said I'd stop telling you what you like and dislike. I have no intention of stopping you from doing stupid things to yourself." Naruto couldn't help but smile goofily as he pulled Sasuke closer and settled the dark-haired teen into a more comfortable position – straddling his thighs.

"I don't do stupid things to myself, dobe."

"Oh really, so giving up your body to Orochimaru was a top notch idea." Naruto wasn't able to keep the anger out of his voice and even Sasuke stiffened at the mention of the snake sannin's name.

"Fine, I'll admit I haven't made some great decisions in the past." Sasuke grudgingly admitted.

"Wow, I bet that hurt to admit." That remark earned him a swat to the head. "Damnit, stop hitting me."

"Stop saying stupid things. And just so we're both clear, you and me being together is a good thing. No more second thoughts."

"Oh, I plan on having second, third and fourth thoughts. After all, you're a bastard. But I'll try talking to you first before freaking out." Sasuke rolled his eyes again but decided that was pretty accurate for the both of them.

"The whole using you as bait is over, Naruto. It seems I've decided that you're more important than revenge against Itachi." Naruto blushed a little at Sasuke's bluntness, but he nodded his understanding.

"I figured that out when you refused to let me go after him. I also know that the time will come when you will face him. I just want you to trust me enough to face him with you." Dark eyes locked with blue ones as both boys tried to come to terms with the sea of unfamiliar emotions.

Abruptly, Sasuke broke eye contact by leaning forward. Their eyes closed as their mouths came into contact, but unlike their previous kisses, this one was soft and reassuring, a promise that there would be ample time in the future for many more kisses. Naruto's hands came up to grip Sasuke's shoulders, ever mindful of the Uchiha's wound, while Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blond's back.

"I trust you, Naruto, because I love you." Sasuke whispered against Naruto's lips. The blond's eyes shot open in shock. His eyes gazed into Sasuke searching for the truth in them. Sasuke wasn't sure what Naruto saw in his eyes, but he was shocked when Naruto's eyes teared up. "Fuck, Naruto, that's not a reason to cry."

"Well, I apologize, teme. It's just that you're the first person to say that to me." Naruto attempted to stop the tears, but a few escaped and Sasuke sighed as he clumsily helped to wipe the tears away.

Sasuke shifted off of Naruto's lap only to pull Naruto to sit between his own. It didn't take much to coax the blond into leaning back into Sasuke's chest. Part of the Uchiha actually ached at the fact that Naruto had never had someone to tell him that he was loved, but the other part couldn't help but sigh at how Naruto turned everything into a drama.

"Sakura tried to explain to me what love was, but I don't think I understood it very well." Naruto paused, but Sasuke stayed silent; he'd wait for whatever his blond had to say. "But I do know that I have always wanted you in my future. I would do anything to give you whatever you want, and I feel guilty when I realize I can't. I'm not really sure if that's what love is, but if it is then I've loved you for a very long time."

"I'll happily take whatever you're willing to give me. And if you ever tell me to go out on a date with someone else, I will beat you into a coma." Sasuke stated simply as he tightened his arms around his blond's waist. Naruto snickered in response.

"Trust me, that will never happen again."

"Awwww, don't you two look so adorable." Both boys glared as Sakura walked over what had once been a piece of the wall surrounding Naruto's garden. "Strangely, your glares are pretty cute, too."

"Did you need something Sakura?" Sasuke said even though he wanted to yell at her to leave them alone. By the twinkle in her eyes Sasuke was pretty sure that she knew what he was thinking.

"Well, it was a pretty eventful night all around, but I wanted to run an idea by you before I left to go play doctor in the surrounding villages."

Naruto's blue eyes lit up in interest at Sakura's statement.

"Really? What's it about?" Naruto asked energetically.

"It actually has to do with you two. I know you two have enough problems, and I'm aware that Sasuke's, uh, date, was spurned from the whole children factor. So as a doctor I wanted to make sure you two were aware that not only is the option of adoption open to you two, but you can also have children through a surrogate mother. Now, now, both of you stay quite," Sakura said when both Sasuke and Naruto looked like they wanted to say something. "As a friend, I'm letting you know that you won't have to look far if you decide to use a surrogate mother." Both boys blinked at the pink-haired nin while sporting matching blushes.

"What about Lee?" Naruto asked quietly. A look of surprise crossed Sasuke's face when he realized that his blond had actually followed what Sakura said.

"Oh Lee was so excited that I was willing to help you two in your, and I quote, 'endeavor to fill the world with beautiful youth and the joy filled laughter of chibi shinobi.' Needless to say, he's ok with the idea. And I'm not saying that I'm going to sleep with either of you (1) or ignore my husband or any children Lee and I have. If you guys want me to be a surrogate, I will do it but only if you understand that the children will be your responsibility."

"But they'll still be your family." Naruto spoke up. Sakura smiled sweetly at the blond.

"Of course they will be, just like you two are already a part of my family." Sakura said.

Sasuke groaned when he realized that Naruto had started shaking in an unmistakable sign that he was crying again. Deciding to diffuse the water works, Sasuke slapped his blond upside the head. Naruto's head whipped around, and he glared at the dark-haired teen.

"Thank you Sakura, you've given us a lot to think about. But for right now, we'll put off any more talk of children." Sakura nodded in response to Sasuke's words, grinning when she noted that Naruto was still pouting about the cuff to his head.

"So how long do you think it'll take to repair Naruto's house?" Sakura asked as she surveyed what was left of the garden and back of Naruto's house.

"I suspect not long. After all, there wasn't much damage." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"What? My bedroom is practically gone!" Naruto shrieked in outrage.

"Oh really and how do you figure that?" Sakura said, ignoring the blond's outburst. Sasuke ignored it too.

"Because he's going to come home with me."


The End

(1) She's implying that she'll go through in vitro fertilization.

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