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A/N (2): I have been getting a lot of reviews about how this is not possible. You must understand how I look at time. The way I look at time is whenever someone would change time an alternate universe would be created. As more and more universes are created all the realities start to deteriorate. Eventually they would all collapse on each other and the universe would be destroyed or it would be one hell of a messed up place. James going psycho is one of the signs that the universes are starting to unravel. Somewhere back a few jumps, Harry was the child of the real James Potter and Lily Potter. So he would be able to get into the Potter vault and Godric's Hollow. But James Potter would only have been his Great-Great-(Keep going I haven't decided how far back it should go) Grand Father, while Lily Potter is his Mother. If you still don't like my story then please don't read. I won't force you.

Harry Potter and the Paradox of Time
Chapter 10: Coming Clean

Harry awoke on the 24th of November and he could almost feel the electric charge in the air. Something was definitely going to happen that day.

With that ominous feeling in his stomach, he got ready for the day and left to meet Lily and his friends in the common room before heading down to breakfast.

Harry and Lily walked side by side with Sirius and Remus following them down to the hall. Despite the bad feeling Harry had, he couldn't help but smile at Lily as she was telling him about the Charms essay she was working on.

They slowly made their way down to the hall and entered. The hall was mostly empty. The few students in the hall looked like they were still asleep.

The small entourage took their seats and dug into their breakfast, some with more vigor then others.

Harry and Lily ate at a comfortable pace as the rest of the school began to slowly filter into the hall.

"So, what do we have this morning? I always forget these things," Sirius asked as he stuffed his fifth serving of eggs into his mouth.

"Haven't you been listening? We have Charms for an hour then a break until lunch," Lily said as she buttered a piece of toast.

"Does that mean we are going to be training then? After Charms that is," Remus asked.

Harry nodded his head.

They finished their meal shortly after and left for the Charms classroom.

Charms went by without any signs of trouble, but Harry's concern weren't lessened any by the calm. More than anything the calm made him more and more certain that something horrible was going to happen, he just couldn't remember what it could be.

All he could think of was, Why didn't I pay more attention in History Magic? I bet Hermione would know what was going to happen. But these thoughts brought on the home sickness that he had felt at night lying in his bed trying to fall asleep.

"Too bad I'll never see them again, and even I do, they won't be my…" Harry mumbled under his breath before he caught himself. He thought nobody heard him, but he berated himself mentally for the slip-up in public.

Remus, who was walking behind Harry and Lily, however, had heard Harry's comment. He developed a slight frown, but didn't say anything.

The four of them, Harry, Lily, Sirius, and Remus, made their way to the Room of Requirement in relative silence.

When they reached the room, Harry started them with some simple physical and magical warm up moves, before they started where they had left off the previous Tuesday.

Harry started seeing signs of trouble at lunch. A person in a white robe came running into the hall and whispered into Dumbledore's ear. Dumbledore jumped up from his seat and with amazing agility for his age rushed out the doors of the Great Hall, the Auror, as Harry had guessed, followed quickly after.

Harry frowned, So, I was right. I wonder what he is doing now. Harry thought watching the Auror just exiting the Great Hall.

Harry couldn't concentrate in class for the rest of the afternoon. He managed to lose 15 points in Transfiguration for hitting Sirius with a botched Pig Transfiguration (his partner was Lily not Sirius), who ended up with just a tail, ironically.

The whole gang (including Peter) was eating dinner when the night post owls swarmed into the hall. One swooped down and dropped an Evening Prophet in front of Sirius before flying back off out of the windows at the top of the hall.

Sirius picked up the paper and scanned the front page when his face went completely white and dropped his fork. Harry heard several other people give a scream before fainting.

Harry snatched the paper out of Sirius' limp grip. Harry paled as he read the headline: DIAGON ALLEY ATTACKED: 15 DEAD, 5 MISSING/INJURED.

Harry jumped up and ran out of the hall before the tears could start falling from his eyes. He ran wildly not even noticing where he was going.

Suddenly he opened a door and dashed into an empty classroom. He collapsed against the far wall and started to cry and berate himself for not remembering something so horrible that that monster had done.

Lily watched Harry read the paper and then rush out of the hall. Lily turned to Sirius confused, "What was in the paper, Sirius? Why did he just run out of the hall like that?"

"Di…Diagon Ally was attacked. There were 15 dead and 5 are missing still or injured. I don't know why James would react like this though. It is a tragedy, no a massacre, but still this is unlike him," Sirius told her shaking his head.

Lily paled; she knew why it was affecting Harry so badly. "We need to find him. Split up and try and get him to go back to the Common Room. Meet there in 30 minutes if you can't find him," Lily told them forcefully before leaving to fulfill her own orders.

The three boys stood dumbstruck for a moment before they too rushed out of the hall.

They split up and all went in different directions. Remus followed his nose. He slowly walked the erratic path that Harry had run without thinking. He eventually ended up on the third floor at the entrance to an old classroom.

He heard someone through the open door sobbing and mumbling. Remus heard some of the words though, "I … of known. That monster…I wish Hermione…why did I even get sent back if I can't do anything." That was all Remus got before he pushed the door open and walked in.

"What is going on, James? You have been acting strange since school started maybe even since summer. I can understand you being upset about Diagon Ally, everyone is, but why are you acting like this. It's like you were from the future or something…" Remus stopped though because Harry's head snapped up and stared in disbelief at Remus.

"W...Why would you say that?" Harry asked him stuttering. His face was still streaked with tears.

Remus' eyes got big and asked in amazement, "You are, aren't you? From the future I mean?"

Harry was too emotionally distraught to care at the moment and just nodded his head solemnly before trying to slump back down to the ground.

He didn't get a chance to though. Remus launched himself at Harry held him up against the wall with a hand grasping Harry's shirt.

"Who are you then, and what did you do with the real James?" Remus said in a rage.

Harry just whispered, "He is dead, and I killed him…"

Remus dropped Harry in surprise, and he slid to the floor limp. "You k...killed him," He stuttered before going back into a rage hauling Harry back up pinning him against the wall. "Does this have something to do with why Lily gets along with you, even though she all but despised James the last few years?"

Harry nodded, "I had shown up in her room at the end of July. The next day I had just finished with a shower, when I heard her scream. I rushed to her room and saw a man with dark-hair starting to rip her shirt off. Then I just lost control and I killed him. I should have just stupefied him. I mean it can't be right to just kill your own father can it. I shouldn't even be here should I?" Harry looked up at Remus with a lost look.

Remus had paled and stumbled back, "James did that?"

Harry nodded, "I can show you in a pensive, as long as we can find one, if you don't believe me."

"I believe you, but did you say Father?" Remus asked.

Harry nodded. "So, that is why, you look almost exactly like him, but who was your mother? Wait, your smell, and the real color of your eyes I can sometimes see. Your mother is Lily, isn't she?" Remus said really quickly.

Harry nodded somberly, "Don't tell her, please. I haven't told her yet. I just wanted to get to know her before I told her. The time I am from I didn't have her or James. I don't even remember seeing them outside of photographs."

"So they were dead in the future you mean," Remus asked saddened at losing his best friend and learning even a fraction of the plight of his best friend's son. He could tell he wasn't lying. It was something he learned how to do with his werewolf senses.

Harry nodded again. Then he started to tell Remus about his life up to that point. Remus heart was torn apart as he heard about what had happened to this young man. Losing his parents at such a young age and growing up with his hateful Muggle relatives. Then everything he went through during his years at Hogwarts. Dealing with Voldemort year after year and then seeing his god-father murdered (which had torn Remus apart even more) and then his mentor a year later murdered by the boy that had been The Marauder's throne in the side for many years. He also understood why Harry had been so cold towards Wormtail all year.

By the time Harry had finished his story, Remus was also in tears. "You couldn't have known Harry. We all fall asleep in Binns' class. Even if you did remember, what could you have done?"

Harry nodded and dried his tears. "I bet everyone is worried about me, aren't they?" Harry said after a short period of silence.

Remus dried his own tears and stood up, "Ya they were expecting us back in the common room forty minutes ago. They will probably think I found you, but we should probably get going. I also think we should tell Sirius some time, too. He will probably figure out eventually, him and James were really close. The only reason I figured it out first is because of me being a werewolf."

"We'll see, but promise you won't tell Lily, not yet at least," Harry begged him.

"I promise I won't tell her, but you are going to have to eventually. The longer you wait the worse she is going to react. You should have told her immediately," Remus warned him.

"I'll tell her eventually. I just want to get know her before she starts to ignore me," Harry said gloomily.

"I doubt she would just ignore you, but we really should be getting back now," Remus said.

"Thank you, Moony," Harry said quietly.

"Don't mention it, and don't even begin to think I blame you for killing James. I know you lost control, and I think James lost it after his parents were killed. Now stop stalling we need to get back to the common room," Remus said chiding him a bit.

Harry nodded and silently followed Remus out the door and back to Gryffindor Tower. Lily pulled Harry to the side as soon as he entered. She whispered soothingly into his ear. Harry nodded and gave her a tight hug. She then backed up and gave him a quick peck on the lips. The two of them quickly looked away from the other and blushed deeply.

The next days were rather subdued in the castle. Everyone was in a state of shock. Such a loss was huge. Many of the stores had been completely destroyed and most of the dead were employees. It would take a while to rebuild the stores, but it would never be the same.

The week after the attack all the teachers took it moderately easy on all the students giving them, and themselves, the time to grieve for such a loss.

After the first week things slowly returned to a relative state of normalcy, though it seemed a cloud of gloom hung over the castle.

Harry eventually did tell Sirius about how he had traveled back in time and all about his life thus far. He took it a lot better than Remus had at first, but that was probably because Remus was there assuring him that Harry wasn't lying.

The three of them pulled almost completely away from Peter after Sirius had finally been told. Lily was baffled at the behavior, but didn't question it. They still tolerated him and were civil to him, but just barely so.

They also picked up their training schedule. Lily and Harry no longer had to hide all the more dubious things they had learned the past summer. Remus and Sirius also picked up their training schedule now that they knew exactly what could happen someday. They finally understood why Harry was training so hard that year.

The final weeks of the term went by in a blur of mid-term exams and training. At last it was the Friday before they would be leaving for Christmas break.

"Ok, let's make sure we have this right. You, Remus, will be going home and be meeting me at the Leaky Cauldron the day after Christmas," Harry said. Remus nodded his head. Harry continued. "Good. Then you, Sirius, will be doing whatever it is you do on your breaks and meet me Christmas Eve at the Leaky Cauldron so I can take you to the house."

Sirius nodded, but spoke up before Harry could continue, "Why can't you just tell us where it is, and we can apparate there instead?"

"Because the house is warded that only those that are of the Potter bloodline or have been specifically keyed to the wards can apparate there. Is that all the questions or can I finish now?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow at Sirius. Sirius just shook his head. "Good. Lily and I will be at Godric's Hollow training and enjoying our break. Just send us an owl telling us the time you want to meet and I will be there to bring you to the house."

"I bet you to will be doing a lot of 'enjoying break' won't you?" Sirius said raising his eyebrow suggestively.

Harry blushed, "Shut up, Sirius. You very well know that she is my m…friend. And, if you don't I swear I will hex your mouth to your ass!"

Sirius grumbled but did quiet.

"Alright, let's all get some sleep. See you in the morning, Lily," Harry started to make his way over to the boy's dormitory stairs with Remus and Sirius in tow, but Lily quickly ran over and pecked Harry on the lips before dashing up the girl's stairs.

Harry was dazed, but Sirius grabbed him and started drag him up the stairs, "C'mon lover boy. Let's get you up to bed."

Harry came to his senses at Sirius' comment, "I thought I told you drop that. Next time it won't just be a warning." Harry growled before he marched up the stairs, Remus following in his wake.

The three boys finally settled into their beds.

The next day they got up and gathered their stuff. They all shrunk it down and stuffed it into their pockets. Dumbledore had informed everyone yesterday that all students of age that had their Apparation license would be allowed to apparate home instead of taking the train.

The four of them went down to breakfast, and ate quickly. Them and the rest of the leaving students (which weren't many, most decided that the castle would be safer) made their way to the entrance hall where Filch was checking off names as they left.

"Will you four brats be taking the train or apparating?" He asked sneering at them.

"We will be apparating," Harry replied shortly.

"Then you will be walking. The carriages are only for those taking the train," Filch then moved onto the next students.

Harry and Sirius glared back at the man's back before being pulled out the doors by Lily and Remus, respectively.

They made their way quickly down to the gates pulling their cloaks tightly to themselves.

"Well we will see you two in about two weeks," Harry said to Remus and Sirius.

"Now, you two behave yourselves," Sirius said mischievously before disapparating before Harry could hex him.

Remus shook his head stifling laughter. Harry glared at him. "Well, see you in two weeks Harry, Lily. Have a good Christmas," Remus then disapprated.

"Well are you ready to go? Would you like me to bring you along or are you fine to go yourself?" Harry asked Lily whose teeth were chattering rather loudly.

"Take me please. I don't know how you can concentrate with it this cold," Lily told him.

"Didn't I ever tell you about my first time apparating on my own? I had to take a passenger along half-way across Britain, when we were both injured and exhausted. This is nothing compared to then. All right c'mon, let's get out of here," Harry said as he grabbed her shoulders with his hands before they both disappeared.

The two of them apparated into the entrance hall of Godric's Hollow. Lily fainted at the sudden change in temperature. Harry picked her up carefully and carried her up to her room.

Lily woke up right as he placed her down in her bed. She slowly opened her eyes, "Thank you, Harry, for everything," With that she pushed herself up and gave him a kiss that lasted several seconds longer than her previous ones.

Harry blushed furiously before he dashed out of the room.

Lily chuckled, and then said out loud to herself, "I wish he would stop that. He is cute and all when he blushes, but it's hard to kiss him if he runs out every time." Then she promptly fainted again falling into blissful dreams.

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