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Bless the Broken Road

Chapter One: Crash and Burn

"Where is Grey?" The Nazi shouted at the three interns standing before her. Miranda Bailey would get to the bottom of this whether the little suck ups liked it or not.

"Honest, Dr. Bailey, she hasn't been home in three or four days and, as far as I know, no one's seen her at all," George stammered out. When Bailey was mad, she was furious, and not one person wanted to mess with her.

"O'Malley, patient histories. Yang, get down to the pit, you're on sutures. Karev, go find Dr. Shepherd, the female one. She needs your help. Stevens, Dr. Burke is in need of assistance today. Now MOVE!" The short woman spat out as she turned the other direction, "Chief is gonna hear about this one." She muttered.

The Nazi moved quickly to get to Dr. Webber's office. This was the third shift Meredith Grey had missed, and truth be told, the woman was a bit worried. Meredith never missed work, and with none of her friends having any idea as to where the ambitious intern could be was quite odd. Something had to be wrong, and someone had to find Grey.

Miranda Bailey knocked at the door softly and proceeded to open it when she heard a voice telling her to enter. She opened the door to find Dr. Derek Shepherd visiting with Webber and knew she couldn't say a word around him. Shepherd had been expressing his concern at not seeing Grey since the day before and it was obvious to most everyone that he still loved her. "Drs. Webber and Shepherd, what I have can wait, sorry to interrupt, sir."

The short woman turned to duck out of the room when she heard a voice, "Ah, Dr. Bailey," it was the chief, "I think you need to stay for this."

The resident turned around to take a seat. She knew exactly where this was going.

"It seems a few members of our staff have been noticing a missing intern. Where has Meredith Grey been, Dr. Bailey?"

Miranda looked lost for words, "No one knows, sir. Her suck up friends haven't seen her since Tuesday night. That's four days with no word. She's not answering her cell phone or any pages. I should have come to you sooner, it's just that I assumed everything was fine and she'd informed someone that she'd be absent."

Bailey knew her last statement wasn't at all true, but she had to try or it would look as though she hadn't been doing part of her job, "And that's actually what I had come to discuss with you, Dr. Meredith Grey is never like this."

Shepherd let out a long, exasperated sigh, "This isn't Meredith. Did any of her friends say where she was on Tuesday night?"

"Not to me, Shepherd." Bailey spat out.

"Don't yell at me for it, Dr. Bailey. I'm worried about a colleague and friend."

"And I'm worried about a child I've known since her birth!" Richard Webber stated firmly, "So let's all remain calm and figure this out, all right?"

Derek slumped into his chair, Bailey nodded and looked directly at the chief. Webber stood up. "Shepherd, go find her friends. Get information and come back to me. Bailey, get to work. I'll inform you when we need you."

The two left the room without saying a word to one another. Derek went off in search of any of the other interns that Meredith worked with. He knew this wasn't normal, and he was worried. Anything could have happened to her in the last few days. Tuesday through to Friday. Three days where no one had seen Meredith. This wasn't right, and a gut feeling told her she was hurt.

He bumped into George O'Malley and stopped, "Ah, O'Malley, good to see you."

George offered a short nod as he started walking off to the next patient. Derek stepped in front of him, "I need to ask you something."

"I haven't seen her," George muttered softly, "I don't know where she is, what she was doing, or who she's with. I don't know if one of my best friends is alive, Dr. Shepherd, and I have work to do. So, if you don't mind, I'm going to get to it."

"O'Malley, I'm not upset with you. I just needed to know if you knew anything. Where was she Tuesday night?" The older doctor had a certain tone of desperation in his voice. He was worried, and anyone would be able to tell just from the way he spoke.

George looked at Dr. Shepherd, "She went out with that veterinarian again. It was purely because you were still with Addison. Meredith is devastated that you haven't left the woman yet. She hasn't come back since leaving Tuesday. Anything could have happened. I suggest you find her, and soon, because without her, all of us are going to go crazy."

Derek nodded. That was easier than he thought it would be…but now he had to deal with not knowing where Finn had Meredith. He went to the first place he could think – the man's house. He drove like a madman, not taking the time to worry about safety. If Meredith was at that vet's house, then Derek wouldn't hesitate finding her, scooping her into a warm embrace and never letting go.

He arrived and knocked frantically at the door. His McDreamy-do wasn't so perfect and his hand was shaking. What if Meredith wasn't there? With no answer, he kicked the door and went back to his car, just as his cell phone rang. Derek answered it and a frantic Miranda Bailey suggested he return to Seattle Grace as fast as he possibly could. Derek shook his head and drove off, not knowing what was wrong.

He walked through the front doors to see a disgruntled Izzie Stevens. She saw Derek and burst into tears, "Dr. Shepherd, it's Mer. She's here. But she was…I mean somebody…I…"

Derek didn't know what the young intern was getting at, "Stevens, slow down. Where is she? And is she even alive?"

"ER. Go. Now!"

That was all it took for Dr. Shepherd to take off at a run. Something was seriously wrong with her for Izzie Stevens to react like this, and Derek would find out what it was. He made it to the ER in record time and looked around. Yang was sobbing and Derek ran over, "What? Where's Meredith? Is she okay?"

"Somebody…they…oh my god." She murmured softly, "So fragile and innocent. Dr. Shepherd, who would do something like that to Meredith?"

Still unsure of what was happening, Shepherd looked at Yang a little closer, "Cristina, tell me what happened, please. Tell me because I'm going to be family for the day."

"Someone raped Meredith Grey. And she won't talk to a single living soul."

His jaw dropped. This couldn't happen to his Meredith.

---End Chapter One---

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